Website Redesign Complete Guide

Are you planning to do website redesign for your business?

Is your existing website or online business ready for 2024?

Think of a website redesign strategy that helps you discover more online business opportunities and the next generation audience for your products and services.

A website revamp is not just about design overhaul. There are many important things, that needs attention in a website redesign process other than just a design change.

Having a list of must-have website design features for 2024 will help you align your website redesign strategy and process.

Here are some of the custom website redesign questionnaire that talks about website redesign process in detail. In this website redesign guide, we recommend you to ask these questions to your website redesign services provider.

  • How to select a domain name and website hosting?
  • Why you should consider brand differentiation when redesigning your website?
  • How important is website architecture in website planning?
  • How to select your next CMS platform or software to build your website?
  • What is the recommended process for website redesign and development?
  • Why your website redesign plan should include a SEO Strategy?
  • How to build a content marketing plan with website redesign strategy?
  • How to build lead generation channels along website redesign?
  • What are website redesign checklists? Where can I find website redesign examples?

If you have answers for all the above listed categories, your website redesign will be meaningful and fruitful.

Website Redesign Complete Guide (Download-PDF) - ColorWhistle

How to select a domain name and website hosting?

Selecting a domain name and hosting for new website

Be it a new website or website redesign, the purpose is to use the digital presence of a business to gain reputation and increase sales through branding. On the web, it starts from selecting a domain name. It’s a primary and very old method but still appropriate.

Search if you could get good premium domain names from below guys – If it’s old and not a spammy domain, you will have full advantage of using it for your business. Use Moz tool to check for spammy backlinks to that domain.

If you are not interested with premium domains, use GoDaddy or Google to book your new domains. When you consider TLDs for your new domains, do check the new TLDs available in the market. Check new TLDs in below websites.

Here are couple of YouTube videos about how to select a domain name for your business.

Selecting a web hosting service for redesigned business website

If you are thinking about changing your web host, let’s do the inventory first.

  • What kind of web hosting services you currently use?
  • Are there any downtimes frequently?
  • Is the support good?
  • Is there a good scalable option?
  • Are you in shared hosting?

Ask yourself these questions and decide whether you need to continue with the same hosting provider.

Below are some of the website hosting server considerations

The amount of website traffic

When you revamp your website, make a quick projection about website traffic for the next 12 to 24 months

Progressive Web Application support

Do you have plans to redesign your highly functional website into Progressive Web Application (PWA) for future website performance and UX trends

As always, security for website data and files

Blockchain and cyber security applications are dominating the business transaction arena. So you have to give importance to data security when revamping your website.

Web hosting provider’s support TAT

For 2024 internet community, time is everything. The purpose of website redesign should include getting quick support on server infrastructure if there are dynamic changes

Recommendations for WordPress website redesigning

  • SiteGround – Economic, good support and performance..
  • WPEngine – Expensive but good performance, staging environment and backup options..
  • – Very expensive but great performance, high security and many WP features.

Recommendations for high performance website redesigning

  • Kinsta – Powered by Google Cloud Platform. Recommended only for high traffic WordPress websites
  • DigitalOcean – Developer friendly platform, so performance is always high

Why should you consider brand differentiation when redesigning your website?

Your brand is your business identity. Even though there are a lot of reasons that helps to keep your brand new, and fresh, you should definitely consider, and work on brand differentiation during a website redesign.

At ColorWhistle, for every website redesign services we do a brand revamp study. We give a redesign proposal on how brand differentiation make a difference to the business, digitally. The brand differentiation impact includes logo design, logo improvements, stationary graphics, marketing and sales materials.

Benefits of brand differentiation during website redesign:

  • Brand reputation can be revamped to blend in the digital era
  • Brand reach becomes easy with different communities, regions, and gender groups
  • Social values and responsibilities can be attached to your brand
  • Branding and redesigned website helps each other to move forward

Also, this blog talks about why branding is essential for digital marketing. Do take a look to know more.

How important is website architecture in website planning?

Website Redesign Complete Guide (Website Information Architecture Guide) - ColorWhistle

Website sitemap helps the user and search engines to navigate easily on your website. An organized way of showing website links, categories and hierarchical structure allows the search engine to crawl links, pages and content easily.

What are the problems which a website sitemap can solve?

  • Website indexing
  • Giving clues to search engines about pages and it’s purposes
  • Understanding machine oriented content pages
  • UX is redefined with website redesign

How to select your next CMS platform or software to build your website?

One of the main reason to start a website redesign project is to get rid of old softwares that can’t help you stay relevant with modern day features.

Before you make a decision, consider these points.

Are you planning to rebuild a content-heavy website?

  • If you are planning to revamp a website with lot of content then we recommend to select a CMS platform. WordPress CMS website development with professional website maintenance plan is recommended. We recommend Drupal CMS for business who concentrate more on security and less on the marketing friendliness .
  • If you are planning to redesign a website that enables good technical functionalities and manages lots of user data, then we recommend to build a website using any modern day JS frameworks like React JS, Angular JS, Vue JS & PHP frameworks like Laravel, Symphony.
  • If you planning to redesign your eCommerce website, consider your website traffic, products scalability, secured payment options as high priority. We recommend WooCommerce and Shopify for initial stage eCommerce website redesign. For medium to large scale eCommerce systems, we recommend Magento and BigCommere platforms.

Below are some of our blogs that talk about website design and development platforms. Read them if you like to know more. :

Building your first website is just the first step of learning with your online business. Definitely there are tons of improvements possible on the go. This is why you can’t be objective about your own web design.

As soon as you feel the first online business is working for you, the next immediate step is to think about a website redesign.

We highly recommend you to reach a professional web design agency for best consulting discussions and outstanding results. Also, outsourcing website redesign will help you to keep budget in control, and allow you to work on business critical factors like, pricing strategy, digital marketing strategy, sales strategy etc..

We follow the below process for website design and recommend the same to our clients too.

  • Identify the existing website problems. Few examples are UI, UX, look & feel improvements, performance improvements, digital marketing and lead generation pages etc
  • Find an outsourcing agency for website development. This article talks about how to choose between freelancer or boutique web design company
  • If you have a heavy traffic website and blog attracting several hundred visitors daily, think of making the redesign process in phases
  • We recommend you to redesign your website blog first, create content marketing plan before you start revamping the website pages and functionalities
  • Website redesign is a continuous process if your online business is dynamic and follows current trend. If you don’t have an in-house team, find the right website retainer packages to carry out the continuous website updates and maintenance works smoothly

Below are some of our blogs that talk about website design ideas and selecting an agency for different online business purposes.

Why your website redesign plan should include an SEO Strategy?

Once you start working on the website redesign process, like we discussed, you can discuss about what works and what doesn’t. You might not have a clear understanding of whether SEO helps you or not. But, you should include a good SEO strategy when planning for a website redesign.

Whether you outsource SEO services or do it in-house, start analyzing all the factors we’ve discussed so far. Take a full SEO report that includes full on-page SEO items that already exist in the website followed by a local SEO setup.

Here are some of our blogs that will help you get a real time picture about SEO.

How should you view SEO in 2024 along with website redesign process?

Plan for a good local SEO strategy

Do in-depth local keyword research

Plan a keyword strategy

Plan an on-page SEO strategy

  • On-page SEO is not only about Meta title, Headings, Links, Alt and Keyword cloud. It starts with good user experience. If you’re able to grasp the content easily, it’s a start
  • Another important aspect of On-page SEO, which is given the least importance during website development is Semantic HTML coding. Do you want to know if your website redesign process will include semantic coding practices of HTML5? Ask your website development company or hire a WordPress developer.
  • Review, revise and update your On-page SEO tactics frequently. Find a best SEO retainer pricing package that fit your business and outsource them.
  • Setup website analytics tracking and use tools to get insights on what is working, what is not working and what needs immediate attention.

How to build a content marketing plan with website redesign strategy?

Content Marketing has become more significant. In 2024, if you don’t re-look your website content, you are losing opportunities and fading your business from the crowd. That’s why your website redesign strategy should include content marketing plans. Hire a content writer today and start this process.

After you take a backup of your existing content inventory, start looking for a website content to suit your 2024 website visitors.

Who are your primary website visitors?

Know your customers, website visitors prior than they know about your products and services. Your content intention defines who your primary visitors are in this search dominating digital age.

Where are your visitors from?

Your website redesign process should think of modern age groups, their tradition, culture and language. Your content development plan should address these factors.

What interests your target audience?

This can be defined in your content plan either intentionally or socially. If your looking for intentional customers, your content marketing plan should be planned to target them. If you want to socially connect with everyone, your content development should focus on social education too. Keep this thought process in your website redesign brainstorming sessions.

What different content types should be present in your newly redesigned website?

  • Web page content type talks about products, services
  • Blog page content type that share your knowledge and educate the community
  • Visual content type including images, charts, presentations and infographics
  • Audio and Podcast marketing content types
  • Video content types
  • News, events publishing media content types
  • Social media content types
  • Marketing and sales with business oriented content types

Here is a cool infographic that explains about content marketing strategy.

How to build lead generation channel along with website redesign strategy?

Worldwide IT spending is expected to total $5 trillion in 2024, an increase of 6.8% from 2023, according to the latest forecast by Gartner, Inc.

Source: IDC

Website redesign guide - IDC forecast on IT spending 2024
Website redesign guide – IDC forecast on IT spending 2024

Every business needs a strong digital lead channels. Business without digital presence will find it difficult because the competition is also growing exponentially.

Here are some of the strong digital lead generation channels for the future

  • Website – Your digital face to the world
  • Social Media – Connecting people socially in digital age
  • Mobile Apps – Easing people’s living quality with communication technology
  • IOT Apps – Easing the business intelligence with technology

Some of the digital lead generation channels that can produce solid results quickly

SEO – Search Engine Optimization

Read the above points that explains the SEO strategy to utilize this lead generation channel with your website redesign process.

SEM – Search Engine Marketing. paid advertising on Search Engines

Google PPC ads are most popular. Outsource PPC services if your business is looking for continuous lead generation.

Social Media Marketing – community engagement through social education and awareness

Facebook posts, Pinterest boards, Twitter feeds, Linkedin business posts, Instagram photos sharing are best community engagement factors

Social Media Advertising – paid ads on social media platforms

  • Facebook Ads give good lead generation results for B2C and small businesses
  • Linkedin Ads works well for B2B lead generation process
  • YouTube Ads works for lead generation process in the entertainment industry

Webinar and special campaigns

Conducting webinars, virtual conferences attracts specific interest groups and lead generation process saves lots of money for large enterprises

Looking for Website Redesign Services?

Seize and experience the transformative impact of Website Redesign Services & Solutions with ColorWhistle.

What is a website redesign checklist? Where can I find website redesign examples?

Following a checklist will help you align and achieve your goals. Here are some of the website redesign checklists, examples, ideas, case studies, tools and resources.

We believe our blog will help you to build an amazing website redesign strategy. All of the above points are from our own experience. Do share us your comments if any.

ColorWhistle, a web design and digital agency in India, provides website design and web development services all over the world.

Partner with us for your next website redesign and development.

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