Best seo case studies List

Best SEO Case Studies That Actually Worked

Updated : August 16, 2018

Over the years, marketing and advertising have changed substantially. The internet has given entrepreneurs and businesses a chance to market their product/service to millions of users.

Despite the fact that SEO has a high ROI, most businesses settle for social media and paid ads for promotion.

SEO requires effort up front, once you rank, your sales will skyrocket with no recurring expenses.

That’s an overview but, doesn’t the idea make you drool?

If you’re looking to hire an SEO expert or a digital marketing company or want to get your hands on some proven SEO strategies, this blog is for you.

So grab a coffee, lock the door and settle in.

These amazing case studies on SEO will help you understand what works best in SEO.

Best SEO Case Studies List

1.Improve traffic and organic visibility

Industry : Food


  • Create a search-friendly website
  • Maximize visibility
  • Improve user experience
  • Increase visitors website


  • Develop an integrated site-wide keyword strategy
  • Uncovering user intent and organizing the site’s content
  • Create URL strategy to take advantage of established value
  • Remove and merge sections of the old website to support keyword strategy
  • Post website launch, SEO monitoring to fix issues


Best SEO case studies


seo tip 1

  • SEO-first approach and website maintenance goes hand-in-hand
  • Site architecture and content development is key to improving visitor experience and SEO
  • A URL strategy can help with SEO, user experience, and boost current marketing incentives

Source : Rise Interactive

2.Increase organic traffic by 450%

Industry : Education


  • Improve traffic from organic search
  • Improve ranking for main keywords
  • Increase sign-ups
  • Build global awareness


  • Long-tail keyword research
  • Website structure refinement
  • Optimizing the site for mobile


Best SEO case studies


seo tip 2

  • Long-tail keywords have amazing benefits including increased search volume, higher click-through-rate, higher conversion rate, easier and quicker ranking
  • We’ve all heard mobile is the ‘next big thing’ and it is here to stay, so it’s no big secret that website owners need to think about mobile users as well
  • Structuring a website is indeed a crucial element of SEO as it helps to generate more traffic and receive more internal links

Source : Koozai

3. Driving traffic to a localized website

Industry : Hotel


  • Increase traffic to Arabic language website
  • Convert visits to bookings
  • Organically increase non-brand related traffic


  • Technical audit to optimize website for non-branded keywords
  • Changes to custom CMS
  • Combined content outreach and social media sharing to increase non-brand traffic
  • Publishing fresh content and sharing it on social media


Best SEO case studies


seo tip 3

  • Performing a technical audit improves the overall growth of a website. It is done to make a website flawless and more search engine friendly
  • Content outreach and social media sharing ensures direct visibility of your content and developing valuable relationship in the process
  • Constant flow of fresh content keeps your community engaged, more indexing, and helps the website to rank well in search engines

Source : Latitude Group

4. Organic traffic increase through blogs

Industry : Laboratory


Create a blog strategy to focus on solving customers pain points to increase qualified traffic


  • Post blogs relating to industry questions
  • Including keywords in content that target audience search
  • Adding call-to-actions(CTA) in each blog
  • Promote across social media platforms


Best SEO case studies


seo tip 4

  • If you write blogs that are relevant to your audience, it will give you an opportunity to drive back traffic to your website
  • Quality content is great, but it won’t improve your SEO efforts if relevant keywords are absent
  • CTA’s are so powerful that conversions, revenue, business, and profit rely on it
  • Even though there are many ways to promote content none of them are as good as social media platforms

Source : TopRankMarketing

seo ad 2

5. Drive local inquiries

Industry : Waste management


  • To be found at the time when users want to hire them
  • Increase awareness of their service
  • Focus on the locations they serve


  • Develope a detailed local SEO campaign
  • Optimizing visibility in ‘Google My Business’
  • Improving on-page local optimization
  • Generating high-quality mentions and links


  • Services were fully booked for three weeks
  • Increased visibility in three targeted cities
  • Increase in website traffic and leads


seo tip 5

  • A local SEO strategy is effective for improving customer experience, obtaining a higher SERP position, and pushes you ahead of your competitors
  • Staying on top of ‘Google My Business’ listing is a continuous process but, one that will be worth your effort as it increases your search engine visibility
  • On-page SEO not only gives you a better visibility but also helps you run successful internet marketing campaigns

Source : Hallaminternet

6. Rank for four competitive keywords in 8 months?

Industry : Online marketing


To get a first-page ranking for 4 competitive keywords


  • Guest posting
  • Editorial link building
  • Skyscraper blogging and link outreach
  • Blogger outreach for links


  • Generated a total of 80 conversion
  • Doubled organic traffic
  • 113 new referring domains


seo tip 6

  • While many are still at crossroads on whether guest posting works, doing it within Google’s guidelines is good for SEO
  • Guest posting and editorial link building are different. You can earn a link via guest post but, in editorial link building, you have to earn it naturally. If you somehow find a way to earn one, it is even more effective than guest posting
  • Small to big brands across the industries all swear by the skyscraper tactic to get amazing results
  • Link outreach plays an important role in increasing the awareness and visibility of your brand
  • If you just want to connect with other bloggers or reach out to industry influencers, outreaching for links will amply your brand’s visibility. For that, you have to create truly exceptional content

Source : Outreachmama

7. Show up for keywords searches relevant to your service

Industry : Software


Difficulty in showing up for keyword searches relevant to their services and features.


  • A thorough technical, technical optimization, and recurring audits to find out new and existing problems
  • Detailed keyword research
  • Content audit to find out keyword rankings of the content
  • Steady blog publishing
  • Off-site audit to find out noteworthy content to get PR based articles in place to increase domain authority and get a better ranking


Best SEO case study


seo tip 7

  • Technical audit- Link building, content creation, content distribution, web design, etc is vital to successful SEO. But, all these “front end” SEO tactics won’t work if the “back-end” isn’t optimized. A basic technical audit includes finding broken links, proper usage of H1/H2/H3 tags and bolded words. It also extends into territory of servers, IP addresses, DNS services, web hosting, and all other kinds puzzling hi-tech terms
  • Technical optimization- If there are on-site factors hindering your SEO efforts, technical optimization is a must
  • Recurring audits- It will help you track your progress and whether your efforts are paying off
  • Offsite audit- It is the activities you do on your website to improve your ranking like manual link building, social media marketing, and guest blogging which will get a reference to your website in different places of the web
  • Keyword research is figuring out what the people are looking for in order to be at the right place, at the right time, with the right content. It should always be an ongoing process as the competition and trends keep changing
  • The aim of the content audit is to provide a qualitative analysis of all the content on your website. It will help you to develop an effective marketing strategy. Plus, you can also find out what worked and what hasn’t
  • Search engines love fresh content but you must know how to balance between quality and frequency

Source : Simpletiger

8. Deliver leads through LinkedIn and PPC advertising

Industry: Education


  • To drive quality leads to their new open programs
  • PPC (Google, Bing), LinkedIn used as advertising mediums
  • LinkedIn ad such as sponsored updates, InMails, and dynamic Ads was tried
  • Advanced data-led approach to target the courses to the right people


  • 94.7% increase in brochure downloads
  • 744 leads generated totally out of which 473 from LinkedIn and 271 from PPC
  • 6.39% average conversion from LinkedIn Ads


seo tip 8

  • There are many advantages of PPC advertising via Google and Bing. Some of the major ones are PPC is measurable and trackable, quick entry, incredible targeting options, provides loads of useful data, and gives quicker results.
  • LinkedIn consists of business people, business owners, students, and teachers. It provides a multitude of options through which you can target the right audience for your product and services.
  • Dynamic LinkedIn ads help deliver messages that can be relevant and customizable according to each member.
  • Data-driven ad campaigns deliver creative messaging and help the targeted people to see the real value. The ads allow you to offer ‘read-value’ to consumers. By exploring more in this area, you’ll get some serious rewards in return.

Source: passion digital

9. Optimizing existing campaigns to increase revenue and reduce cost

Industry: Entertainment


Assistance with PPC, and SEO. Plus, wanted to generate more revenue and improve the existing brand campaign.


  • Auditing their AdWords account to optimize existing campaign
  • Using historical data analysis to determine how people search
  • Structured Adwords campaign around these terms


  • Cost Per Click – 58% decrease
  • Click-Through Rate – 138.9% increase
  • Average Order Value – 10.9% increase
  • Return on Ad Spend (ROAS) – 92.2% increase
  • Cost Per Acquisition (CPA) – -42.2% decrease


seo tip 9

  • An Adword audit is auditing the Adword account to evaluate its effectiveness. It helps to identify issues and improves overall health and performance of the account. Once you’ve done it, you can better focus on your target audience and get the desired outcomes from your PPC efforts.
  • Historical data is nothing but looking for what worked in the past and implementing it. Once you get a hold of it, you’ll be able to start your new campaign with a fresh and confident mindset. By using this method, you can easily predict your future efforts and stop wasting time on areas that don’t work. It’ll help to increase your ROI on each campaign.

Source: cost Digital

10. Increase ROI during holiday season

Industry: Food


Increase online sales during peak season


  • Comprehensive SEO audit to remove constraints in indexing
  • Improve organic traffic through online promotion
  • PPC search campaign to increase ROI


  • 25% increase in organic search traffic
  • 298% increase in ROI
  • 550% decrease in cost per acquisition


seo tip 10

  • Typically, a competitive SEO audit includes toxic link analysis, content keyword analysis, backlink competitive analysis, website speed analysis, duplicate content analysis, Javascript test analysis, and content audit. After the audit is done, you can determine SEO weaknesses, identify strengths of your competitors, and improve your SEO strategy.
  • With online promotion, you can reduce cost, measure every activity, increase brand engagement, target specific demographic, get more exposure and hold attention for a longer time.
  • With PPC you can get fast and measurable results, reach the right audience and you needn’t depend on SEO or algorithmic changes.

Source: 9thCO

11. Get 25% of keywords on your homepage within 60 days

Industry: Equipment supplier


  • Improve online presence
  • Optimize digital marketing strategy to cover B2B and B2C marketing


  • Adding keywords to attract the right type of audience
  • Website enhancements and Mailchimp integration was made
  • Social media content was created to engage with audience


  • After 2 months 25% of the target keywords were on the first search result, and 50% appeared on the 2nd page of the search result
  • 15.1% traffic increase within first 2 months
  • 568% increase in social media traffic


seo tip 11

  • You have to know how people are looking for your products or services that you offer. Once you figure it out you will be able to add the right keywords and attract the right audience.
  • Technology and design trends change quickly, so businesses have to stay current to get more online opportunities. Redesigning your website has benefits like more exposure, trust from search engines, faster loading time and improved user experience.
  • Social networks are one of the fastest growing industries in the world. The only way to resonate with people on social media is to add useful content.

Source: Arrow Digital

12. How to remove penalty?

Industry: Information and resource sharing for the online community


Needed to quickly remove a penalty that was causing problems with organic traffic


After doing a thorough research, root cause of the penalty was found. Issues were due to outbound links and deactivated hyperlinks


Once the penalty was revoked, organic traffic was increased by 61.79%


seo tip 12

  • As SEO experts you probably know that links are the foundation of Google’s algorithm. Poor outbound linking practices will hurt your website. Identify the harmful links and remove them.
  • Broken links are a terrible nuisance as it makes it difficult to find information and cause problems for search engine crawlers. So your website won’t be indexed properly and will affect your SEO efforts.

Source: Seo UK

13. How to renew an e-commerce company’s search engine ranking?

Industry: Fashion


  • To get a good search engine ranking and increase sales
  • To identify the gaps in the SEO, a six-month execution plan was strategized
  • A new keyword research was followed which is known as ‘Thematic keyword research.’ This technique was used to optimize the website, to let search engines identify new products for long tail keywords, increase website visibility and number of clicks
  • Created strategic internal backlinks from high authoritative pages to increase page authority and domain authority
  • Fixing the endless redirect loop that confused search engines to improve website speed optimization


  • 93,823% increase in organic traffic
  • Number one ranking for high volume, high converting keywords in 120 days
  • 3,505 total targeted keyword placement growth
  • 675 new keywords ranked


seo tip 13

  • No matter what you’re trying to achieve with SEO, you have to devote a minimum of six months to get results
  • Thematic keyword research is a new concept that lays the foundation for SEO dominance. The process involves mimicking search engines, identifying purchase intent keywords, and selecting the highest value keywords
  • Getting quality backlinks from high authority websites in a natural way will result in the ranking surge, increased referral traffic, get a whole set of new audience, and most of all sales boost!
  • Page redirection affect a visitors browsing experience, especially mobile users. They also cause significant performance and speed issues. So make sure you remove unnecessary redirects to make your pages load super fast

Source: Victorious

14. How to improve on-page technical SEO?

Industry: Software


  • Increase indexation
  • Improve traffic and ranking
  • Strategy
  • Comprehensive technical SEO audit
  • Change on-page SEO elements


  • 111 of 190 target keywords improved in Google US rankings
  • 109 of the target keywords rank on the first page of Google US
  • Historical backlink profile increase


seo tip 14

  • Conducting a comprehensive technical SEO audit will identify issues that may be preventing your website from getting visibility in search engines. By doing one, this company found gaps and formulated a plan to improve traffic and increase backlink profile. So it is advisable that an audit is conducted every year to find out issues in-order to make changes according to the new SEO trends and updates
  • If you want people to find your website quickly, it is important to form an on-page SEO strategy. It will increase traffic, give more accessibility, and improve page load speed

Source: Internet Marketing Inc

15. Tips to recover from Google’s Penguin Penalty

Industry: Real estate agency


  • Significant decrease in website traffic
  • Loss of organic search
  • Unable to find the reason behind the dramatic ranking drop


  • In-depth website audit which included reviewing internal site architecture, content, and link profiles
  • After the website audit, it was found that they were hit by Google’s Penguin Penalty
  • Tactics such as social media and Google Local were followed while waiting to come out of the penalty


  • Penalty was lifted
  • Increase in organic traffic by 91%
  • Good ranking in local search
  • 400 visits via social media channel


seo tip 15

  • Even though they do not clearly mention the strategy they follow, we can understand the importance of website auditing. Proper website audit will help you find where your website lacks and SEO issues
  • They have mentioned that recovering from Google’s Penguin Penalty takes a lot of patience and hard work. And sometimes you may not recover from the penalty. Go through this detailed article from Search Engine Journal to find out how to recover and avoid this penalty
  • Social media marketing increases inbound traffic and you get to reach more potential customers outside of your loyal customer circle. It serves as an amazing platform to connect with different types of people with varying backgrounds

Source: searchenginepeople

Concluding our best SEO case study List

In summary, all these SEO case studies show how different business sectors can be improved by the right use of SEO.

Increased numbers of visitors, improvement in organic traffic, growth in total sales, improved rate of conversion are all proof that SEO is an effective business investment. However, you have to get the right professionals to do it for you.

seo ad 1

SEO is one of the most misunderstood forms of marketing on the internet. Without having much knowledge of SEO, many companies guarantee a top ranking. Such type of companies will only be after your money and will not be interested to grow your business. You must know how to separate the wheat from the chaff.

If you want right results, you must hire the right people. Before you start your search, check out our blog, Hiring An SEO Company? Ask These Questions, which will help you hire a trustworthy company.

The above case studies are some of the effective SEO case studies we’ve come across. Of course, you’ll have to adjust and tweak the process according to your requirement.

I hope you take these key points from them and apply it to your own strategy.

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