How to Select a Web Design Agency for Education Website Development

February 20, 2019
education website development

If you’re planning on launching an education website development, then you need to make sure you work with the best website design agency possible.

The right web design can not only ensure that your website looks great but will also help to make it more engaging and more user-friendly for your students. This in turn will mean they’re more likely to spend more time on the site and to enjoy learning from home.

If you’re using the website to promote your educational institution meanwhile, then the right Education website design can ensure that your organization looks the part and that you attract as many students as possible.

So how precisely do you go about choosing the right web design agency and what should you look out for when making a decision? Here are some tips that can help:

Education Website Development’s Responsiveness

When looking through the company’s previous work, you should look for examples of responsive web design. What this means is that the site is able to adapt to different displays and to look great on all of them.

Responsive design is important because it means your site will work well on mobile.

As over half of traffic on the web comes from mobile devices these days, that’s incredibly important for your business!

Make sure that your educational site supports students who want to revise on the go and that you can promote your institution via mobile too!

Interactive Functionality

If you intend on running courses and exams through your website, or if you want students to be able to submit papers online, then you need a website with interactive, web 2.0 elements. This means that your site won’t just be a static page with information and images but should support forms, uploads, comments etc.

Capabilities and Expertise

When comparing web design agencies, always ensure that the companies offer some form of portfolio of their previous work.

A website design agency that’s proud of its work should be eager to show off the work it has created in the past and this will allow you to look through and to see if the website design company is suited to your organization.

Look for examples of educational sites they’ve built in the past and whether or not these meet the requirements you’re looking for.

Take particular notice of the user interface on these sites.

Do you have a proper logo design for you brand?

Is it intuitive?

Will students be able to find their way around the site easily?

Is the typeface big and easy to read?

Does the page load quickly?

A good website design agency should be able to offer this and should be experienced working with WordPress plugins as well as more advanced CMS platforms.

A ‘CMS’ is a ‘content management system’ and that is what will be used to design and upload elements of your site. While WordPress is the most common option for business sites and blogs, you might want to use something like Joomla!

if you need to support lots of files being uploaded, collaborative work etc.

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