Yoga Website Design Ideas and Inspirations

Are you a yoga teacher looking to build your student base? The one tool through which you can really attract students is through a yoga website design.

According to statista,

  • There were nearly 37 million yoga participants in the country in 2015. This figure is forecast to rise to 55 million by 2020
  • Revenue of the yoga industry in the country is forecast to jump from about seven billion U.S. dollars in 2012 to about 11.5 billion U.S. dollars in 2020
  • Classes are the main source of revenue for the industry. Over 50 percent of the revenue was generated from yoga classes in 2015

As with any enterprise today, especially for a small business, if you’re not having an online presence you will miss out on a large segment of potential customers. You just have to look at the trends among the population to understand how critical an online presence is.

They show the below characteristics,

  • Upwardly mobile
  • Settling into well-paying jobs
  • Smartphone consumer
  • Social media consumer
  • Almost continuous internet connectivity
  • Health conscious
  • Open to all types of fitness options

Also anywhere in the world today, this is a segment that forms a significant proportion of the buyer demographic. Therefore, as a yoga teacher, the opportunities are plenty for you to develop a customer base. You just need to identify the best method for capturing the audience, which is beautiful yoga websites.

How to engage customer?

By being a master in Yoga you have just won half of the battle. Roping in customers is the next thing. Getting a yoga website puts you online, but you still have to compete with others in your line of business. How to differentiate yourself?

The Appeal Points of a Yoga Website Design

It takes a swipe at a Smartphone screen to know where a yoga studio is located or how to contact a yoga trainer. A simple Google search will likely throw up dozens of Yoga websites. So what will set you apart and appeal to the user?



Only by providing the right information, users will be able to make an informed decision. Some of the critical information every yoga website must have are,


Mostly people search by location. So make sure you have a full address and a Google map entry.


Details like telephone number and email id for users to contact you easily.

Courses Offered

List out all the types of yoga you teach. If you have separate classes for women, men, working professionals or children mention it too.


It will give users an idea on how others benefited from your programme.

Yoga Website Design

Of course, that’s natural. Eye-catching, yet pleasing designs are going to be critical.

Layout, Look and Feel

It should have your signature element and information should be easily accessible.


A picture will easily convey the type of yoga studio you have, what kind of classes you run, what kind of results people can expect. Unless you have no other option, use stock photography. Otherwise avoid it.

Integrate Payment Options

Make sure that payment and registration options are all online (remember the audience is almost always online)

Keep Information Up to Date

Regularly update offers, schedules, and fees on your website.

Get Social

Make sure that social media is readily accessible from your website because that is the new word-of-mouth

WordPress for Creating Beautiful Yoga Websites

When creating a yoga website, you’d obviously want these attributes,

  • Low-cost solution
  • Mobile responsiveness
  • SEO benefits
  • Ease of use
  • Choice of functionality

For yoga studios, WordPress has opened a world of possibilities. Cost-effective and with dynamic packages, WordPress are ideally suited for yoga websites. It takes care of the critical information without burdening your budget or the search engines.

Yoga Website Design Inspiration

Following are few yoga website design inspiration that are well-organized, focus on current design trends and are just beautifully done.

Yoga Website Templates

As the importance of yoga websites are becoming more important, you cannot present standard set of pages. Luckily, networks like WordPress offer theme that will perk up your website. Keep in mind that these are standard themes and if you don’t like certain features, you cannot remove them.

If you want a theme according to your needs, then custom theme development is the best option. A customized WordPress theme will give you all these and offers a lot of flexibility to yoga studios. It is also becoming the go-to solution for trainers who want to create yoga websites.





Create Your Very Own Yoga Website Design

Once you have decided to go online, you have to choose who is going to get you there. You can do it yourself, but given the number of things you need to do to get your website competitive on the web, a third party is always a good option.

The best option for you is to go with a professional website designer. The advantages are plenty. From timely delivery to a package deal on SEO and social media management to mobile device compatibility, professional designers are your best bet.

Our team at ColorWhistle specializes in Yoga website design work with you to get the website most suited for you and also take care of it to ensure that you get the maximum benefit from it. You may also want to check out tips on the critical pages for your website.

What’s Next?

After absorbing the insightful blog, what comes next? What action can be taken to further progress and success in this field of study? Take a moment to consider your steps forward.

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