WordPress Development Outsourcing Checklist (PDF Included)

The concept to outsource WordPress development services is getting quite popular these days.

It is certainly doable to create a WordPress site by yourself. But with a professional team, you’ll be able to get your own custom theme, ensure the site is optimized for SEO, performance, and add in lots of more advanced plugins and features.

Moreover, when compared to an in-house team, the work can be done at a reasonable price through WordPress development outsourcing.

If you are looking to create your own WordPress website, then you’ll likely need to outsource to a WordPress web development company that you can rely on.

To make sure you have the correct business association, you must have a WordPress development services checklist.

We have put together a comprehensive outsourcing WordPress development services checklist to remember the points you need to consider for successful offshoring.

Checklist to Consider When you Outsource WordPress Development

1) Decide What Type of WordPress website You Want

The first thing to do is to figure out the type of website you want. Based on your requirements, you can select the best company to outsource WordPress development.

What type of sites is there? For instance, a website might be a static scrolling page that simply highlights the many services and products you offer as a business. Alternatively, though, you may instead opt to have a strong content marketing strategy. Some popular forms of websites are brochure websites, blog websites, and e-commerce websites.

An excellent step at this point is to look at some other sites for inspiration and to collect a collage as a Pinterest board or a folder. Later, this will come in handy for showing your website development company.

2) Decide Your Budget for your WordPress website

This is also going to be important when it comes to determining who you work with and deciding how many features you want. Many of the WordPress development outsourcing companies have an attractive pricing structure.

Before you collaborate with the company, it is important to recognize your needs so you can get the expected WordPress website within your budget. A typical WordPress development outsourcing company will follow engagement models such as fixed cost model, time & material based model, hourly based model, and package based model. You can also take a look at our engagement model page to learn more.

3) Decide on Features

Next, you just need to think about the precise features you want. This is something that you can discuss with your WordPress development outsourcing partner. But it certainly doesn’t hurt to have an idea of the kinds of things available to begin with.

Some of the features you can have on your WordPress website are,

  • A content slider – To show your featured content and an image and to scroll through multiple different stories
  • Social sharing buttons – These let your users share your content with their social media pages at the click of a button
  • Hover menu – A hover menu is a menu that follows users down the page, allowing them to more easily navigate to other parts of your site once they’re done.
  • AdSense integration – This is one form of monetization for a blog, and integration makes it very simple to use.
  • Optin form – An opt-in form is a sign-up form for a mailing list, ebook, or something else. Generally, it will live in the right-hand column of your site as a widget, or be embedded into your page.
  • Shopping cart integration with something like WooCommerce along with payment gateways integration
  • Other areas include WordPress conversion, WordPress theme customization, and content management

Here are some more resources you can go through to know the type of features required for a travel website, restaurant website, charter school website, and e-learning website.

4) Find a Reliable Company to Outsource WordPress Development

Now it’s time to pick the right company to outsource WordPress development. You can then get a quote from multiple companies to see which one is best. Make sure that they can add all the features and the design you want. See if they can give you feature suggestions based on the nature of your website. Don’t forget to take a look at their portfolios to see the quality of their work. It’s also worth considering aspects of IT industry development in certain industry. Nowadays technology in Colombia, Mexico, and Poland are actively growing and attracting international investments.

You also need to be sure that they offer everything you will need to be successful. Some requirements that you absolutely need include.

Once you’ve done all these checks and compared which services can offer you the best rates, you’ll be ready to go. Don’t forget to give ColorWhistle a try!

Checklist to Outsource WordPress Development (ColorWhistle) - ColorWhistle

5) Check for Good Communicators

When you outsource WordPress development to a company, communication is one of the most important factors to keep in mind. The best team to collaborate with are not just the best-in-class designers or developers, but they are the best communicators.

Make sure to figure out how you’ll communicate with the WordPress development agency services. An ideal team will offer various communication options such as PM tools like Asana, phone calls, Zoom calls, or Skype calls. They will also appoint an account manager who can directly interact with you.

Checklist to Outsource WordPress Development (Asana) - ColorWhistle

Asana helps streamline project management tasks effortlessly. Trusted by industry leaders, Asana simplifies task allocation and monitoring, ensuring teams stay informed about roles and project status.

You can communicate seamlessly with outsourced teams by consolidating feedback and messages on one accessible platform. Asana provides the tools you need to streamline communication, ensuring everyone stays on the same page and projects progress smoothly.

6) Start Small

If you are new to WordPress outsourcing, we suggest you start with small projects. It will take time to understand each other’s requirements and capabilities. If you are satisfied, outsourcing WordPress development will become easy and you can start to build a long-term relationship with that company.

What Type of WordPress Development Work Can Be Outsourced?

Here are some examples of WordPress Website Development works that can be outsourced.

Custom WordPress Development

  • Bringing a unique user experience to your WordPress website
  • Custom WordPress plugin development requirements
  • Custom post types for your education or travel or restaurant website
  • Custom booking plugin built specifically for your WordPress website
  • Custom header design to look and feel like the website you like
  • Custom fields with specific relations in your portfolio page
  • Integrate an LMS (Learning Management System)

WordPress Theme Customization

  • Need custom menu look in your template
  • Menu to have a different look in mobile and desktop
  • Blog page customization

Performance and Security Optimization

  • 90% score on Google Page Speed for your client’s WordPress website
  • Conduct a regular security checkup and performance leaks

Converting To WordPress

  • Create templates with Elementor page builder
  • Build the landing page with Jupiter X WP
  • Convert Figma design to WordPress
  • Convert Adobe XD to WordPress

Maintenance, Migration, and Content Management

  • Migrate from Drupal to WordPress
  • Migrate from Divi to Elementor
  • Regular WordPress website maintenance checkup
  • Regular WordPress website content updates on the website
WordPress Development Checklist PDF Download

When Should you Consider White Label WordPress Services?

White-label is suitable if you have high volumes of work on a regular basis and you want to outsource it to someone you want to trust. Some WordPress white label agencies will give your own permanent team of experts who will work specifically on your projects.

You can pitch a long-term agreement with the white label WordPress development company that will be beneficial to all the involved parties. For example, you can ask for a discount if you provide a specific number of projects every month.

Looking for WordPress Development Services?

Seize and experience the transformative impact of WordPress solutions with ColorWhistle.

In Conclusion

According to a Clutch survey of 529 small business owners and found out that 37% of small businesses are already outsourcing at least one business process. 52% are planning to outsource. They outsource mainly to get support for accounting, IT services, and digital marketing services.

Here’s what Lexology predicts, ‘’Although COVID-19 has had a significant impact on outsourced arrangements in the short term, we expect to see strong and sustained demand for outsourced services in the longer term as part of accelerated digital transformation activities within organizations.’’

So, outsourcing WordPress development work is an excellent option.

We hope that our WordPress development services checklist would lead you to the right company for outsourcing web development to India or any other country.

Now that you know what to ask when outsourcing WordPress web development to India and the type of answers to expect, we hope that you’ll be more confident to outsource your web development work.

If you’re a WordPress agency considering outsourcing WordPress development services, then you can get in touch with ColorWhistle. We offer high-quality services at surprisingly good rates. Send a message or give us a call at +1 (210) 787-3600 to discuss your requirements.

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