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School Website Design Ideas And Inspirations

Updated : October 1, 2018

Great designs are not only limited to smartphones and laptops but encompass website designs too. Creating a school website design isn’t about flashy photos, presentations, and bright colors. It’s about how well the website works for visitors, staff, parents, and students invested in the school. To break it down,

  • Can visitors find the information they want?
  • Does it persuade conversation?
  • Can the staff manage it easily?

Everyone’s got an idea of how a school website design must be, including us at ColorWhistle.

We have constituted some effective school website design ideas and inspirations you have to keep in mind when designing yours.

School website design ideas

Check out these amazing designs which will guide on where your focus should be for designing a school website or when doing a school website redesign

Private school website design examples

Summit Country Day

private school website designThis private school website design takes a business-like approach in narrating their story. They have pages that show off fulfilled results from both students and parents. It also has a well-organized video library, overviews of different grades, and pictures of parents, staff and current students.

School information

Gilman School

Private school website design 2

This all-boys school website has bright photos, information on upcoming events admission, fundraising, and alumni community news on their homepage. Also, their school website design has vibrant drop-down menus which makes it easy to find more information.

School information

The Blake School

Private school website design 3
As branding is an important factor for private schools, Blake does a great job by showcasing its unique position. In the home page, they have portrayed their cross-cultural education mission clearly. Like every good private school website design, their website is uncluttered and looks great on mobile devices.

School information

The Archer School For Girls

Private school website design 4Their school website design has simple design elements combined with bright colors which makes viewing pleasant. The school gives importance to family, so they have a separate page just for grandparents. They have also shared the school head’s social media profiles for fast communication.

School information

School Website Design

High school website design examples

Haas Hall Academy

High school website design 1The drop-down menus and primary links are clearly defined in this high school website design. There is also a label named “parents” where you can find all the resources parents will need. The whole website is easy to browse and their typography is simple to read at a glance.

School information

Bellarmine College Preparatory

High school website design 2

This high school website design has a nice blue layout with an attractive logo. The main navigation menu has an ubermenu (WordPress plugin), it means that it has content on the menu rather than plain items.

School information

Holderness School

High school website design 2Everything about this high school website design is professional. By just giving a glance, you can clearly tell that the website is well-organized. Typography of the entire website is arranged in a clear-hierarchy. The size and position of fonts on the page is also clean.

School information

Wesleyan School

High school website design 1Wesleyan website features a slider that has high-quality images. The content of this school website design is in an engaging structure that is complemented by beautiful typography, image border and widget styles.

School information

School website design templates


School website design templates 1Fable is a colorful school website template for children. It has vibrant colors and animation that makes the template fun to view. Carousal navigations have an interesting design choice as it is created like a building block.



School website design templates 2KidsCare is an interactive and attention-grabbing school website template. The animations effects and other visual elements are designed in a way where a kid will love it. Plus it is a multi-faced website template that has all the default pages pre-arranged.


Learn Plus

School website design templates 3Learn Plus is a multipurpose template that is suitable for schools, universities, colleges, academics and even course providers. It has a rich modern looking template with trendy elements and bold colors. The instinctive homepage will help you give an idea of all the courses you offer.



School website design templates 4
Education Discipline is a multipurpose website template that has plenty of customization options. It has an advanced search option where users can easily find what they are specifically looking for. The contact section has interactive maps to help users easily locate your school or university.



School website design templates 5

Education is a clean school template which has multiple pages that are pre-designed. It has features like carousels, parallax effects, animated counters and neat custom icons. With this template, you can easily embed videos as well.


Importance of school website design

Your school website is your first impression and primary point of communication with parents and students.

These days’, websites are not only expected to look professional but well-designed i.e. smooth user experience and navigation. It should be up-to-date on staff directories, calendar events, and even on lunch menus. More than ever, it has to be mobile friendly.

All in all, your school website is communication hub.

ColorWhistle, a professional school website design company, develops powerful designs for private and independent schools. Our highly experienced team can create designs that communicate the unique values of your school. With our education website design services, you can get high-performance designs that are affordable and mobile-friendly.

Whether you have a private school, faith-based school, charter school or a kindergarten school, we can create stunning designs.

Features of our school website design services include but not limited to:

  • Flexible layouts
  • Simple and easy to update features
  • Easy slideshows and galleries
  • Parental notice board
  • Term dates and calendars
  • Staff directory
  • Feedback page
  • Responsive designs
  • Touch-friendly navigation

Must Have School Website Features


school website design features

Wrapping up school website design ideas and inspirations

If somebody who knows nothing about your school visits your website, what would it tell them? Before that user goes through the content, they will form an impression based on what they see.

Whether the parent lives 1500 miles away from your school or lives right beside your school, everyone is presented with the opportunity of viewing your school website online. It gives a great opportunity to make a first great impression on visitors.

School Website Maintenance

Your school website design must capture the true spirit of your school. Only through attractive designs, users can get an accurate sense of what it would like to be a part of your school. So use great designs on your school website to let people know how great your school really is.

Please talk to one of our team member to get information on our school website design and to find out what we can do for you.


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