HubSpot As Enterprise Website Platform – Developer & Marketer Advantages

The primary decision to choose the best content management system (CMS) platform to drive your business growth will first depend on fulfilling the needs of various stakeholders in your organization –

  • Your IT might demand a CMS that fits with their current infrastructure stack.
  • Marketing might want something that instantaneously plugs in with their marketing tools.
  • Sales, on the other hand, would want CRM integration.

Keeping them all happy can be a potential minefield. In fact, a certain survey conducted a few years back noted internal corporate politics for the failure of most web content management system initiatives.

A lot has improved in redesigning a business website today. Marketers all across the industries are focused on creating personalized content and offering a great user experience online.

One of the main reasons to start a website redesign project is to get rid of old software that can’t help you stay relevant with modern-day features. But naturally, the demand for CMS solutions is soaring high. We are seeing the growth of various CMS solutions in the market for business web development. We now have on-premise CMS solutions, cloud-hosted CMS solutions, and SaaS CMS solutions.

It’s usually recommended to select a website platform with a CMS that would allow you to create and update website pages without having to code “from scratch”.

As a registered HubSpot Solutions Partner and a digital agency with a certified team of developers, marketers, and sales experts, we are in the best position to share our work experience with HubSpot CMS as a platform to build your enterprise website.

HubSpot CMS For Enterprise Marketers – rely on developers as much or as little as you’d like

HubSpot as a CMS offers a lot to marketers – a call-to-action tool, a content strategy, an SEO tool, and a responsive preview to make sure visitors and search engines get attracted to your website content.

When it comes to the management of content, it’s an exceptionally easy platform to master. Certain features enable your team with no technical aptitude or background to create, publish or update the site pages.

  • Asset Marketplace: It is powered by developers who are creating beautiful and easy to use themes, templates, and modules. Themes are coded files that are built up of customizable templates, modules, global content (say, navigation bar or footer), and style settings that anyone can use to create an entire website. It saves a lot of time!
  • Drag and drop editor: Using the themes and drag-and-drop editor, marketing teams can easily create landing and website pages, even without the need for coding. Further, the teams can concentrate on creating blog posts with the standalone CMS for better engagement.
  • Improve SEO: All sites created using HubSpot CMS are automatically provisioned with a standard SSL certificate. It helps create trust and thus acts as an important criterion to improve the website’s SERP on Google.
    Other SERP factors like mobile device optimization, page load speed, etc. are already in place, thus simplifying the SEO strategies. Various tools make it easier to manage multiple language domains and optimize each one for SEO.
  • Front-end development by Marketers: HubSpot’s pre-built website themes with the option for custom development help build a cohesive site without worrying about mismatched designs, logos, or navigations.
  • Marketing Analysis: HubSpot CMS analytics dashboard makes it easier for marketers to analyze which content types, sources, and campaigns are driving the most leads. With A/B testing, SEO recommendations, and contact attribution reporting, users can continually monitor site performance, optimize for results, and impact their most important business metrics.

Mike W, Digital Head of a certain Tech Enterprise remarks HubSpot CMS as an excellent tool for companies large and small to grow their business. He seems surprised to see a number of customization options- designing emails or landing pages, Design Manager, automation options – everything seems easy.

He further says, “From UX point of view, HubSpot is a long way ahead of other tools. I’ve run everything from simple nurture campaigns, through to hosting entire content hubs and running year-long further streams via HubSpot. It’s easy to see what’s working and what isn’t through the detailed reporting and make corrections to continually optimize campaigns.”

HubSpot CMS is an all-in-one-platform that now seamlessly connects your CMS platform with your Customer Relationship Management system (CRM). It can ensure that your content strategy is aimed at a specific audience’s psychographic and demographic factors.

Here are our top three picks on the most popular themes for business websites on the assets marketplace.

1. Act 2.1

It has to be the top purchase with over 1500 purchases and a full 5-star rating.

Act 2.1 comes with 82 different page templates and all kinds of additional built-in features. This includes:

  • A password prompt template
  • 56 website page templates
  • 17 different landing page templates
  • 2 blog templates
  • And so much more!

Act 2.1 also offers lots of other features, like a hero banner, sliders, an advanced gallery, pop-ups, a background image, a sticky sidebar, and lots more. There are countless ways to mix and match features and templates to create a site by means of customization.

2. Briefcase

Briefcase theme is a relatively easier way to develop a custom website. There are also 4 hours of training, including onboarding after the purchase. With over 1000 purchases, it includes:

  • 3 blog templates
  • 49 website templates
  • 1 email template
  • 10 landing page templates
  • And various customization options

3. CLEAN 6.1 Premium

CLEAN 6 is regarded best for no-code use. Along with the purchase, you are offered 2 hours of a template customization service. With nearly 1000 purchases, it offers 72 different templates:

  • 16 landing page templates
  • 38 webpage templates
  • 2 blog templates
  • 1 subscription preferences template
  • And more.

Get inspired by 50+ Enterprise websites built on CMS Hub.

HubSpot CMS For Developers – empower marketing team to make last-minute updates easily

Web development typically refers to web markup and coding. It includes all related development tasks, such as client-side scripting, server-side scripting, APIs, and network security configuration, eCommerce development, and content management system (CMS) development.

Now, why should Enterprise Tech Companies / IT Enterprises / SaaS Enterprises choose a CMS over coding “from scratch?”

Well, a CMS is easier to use, in a sense, it would eliminate the need for housing a dedicated team for both front-end and back-end development. Most CMS often have tools for hosting the site.

However, CMS can be rigid in control and design, thus giving businesses less hold over their front-end web development. Here is where a partnership with a certified solutions provider like ColorWhistle comes into play.

ColorWhistle is delighted to endorse HubSpot CMS which is a hosted solution designed to scale with your business. We offer various custom web development services on HubSpot CMS, thereby using its powerful, flexible platform to create beautiful websites, blogs, landing pages, lightweight apps, and emails.

With the launch of CMS Hub in two tiers: Professional and Enterprise, the team at HubSpot are focused on providing the best design experience for their users.

Developers now have access to limitless options with many layout possibilities and styling options. As more and more enterprise businesses, corporations are relying on SaaS-based solutions, HubSpot’s Asset Marketplace and the App Marketplace provides many solutions to choose from various HubSpot CMS integration partners. Further, developers have access to the HubSpot API to create custom integrations with your applications.

One Administrator working in Financial Services said, “What I love about using HubSpot CMS is that you can easily launch landing pages and blog within minutes, customizing, adding style and animation is really easy, also you can reuse the styles. The developer community is really helpful. They answer your questions in a short amount of time. I like the way HubSpot manages the assets of the webpages to improve performance.”

Although, many struggles with page caching issues with the content (stylesheet), a naive piece of code can avoid it. With HubSpot, you can have a fully-featured CMS, with marketing tools included, it is easier to move one implementation or design to another without hassle.

In fact, the developers from across the business community have appreciated HubSpot CMS for aspects like:

  • Serverless functions: Add interactive elements to websites like event registrations, price calculators, etc. without configuring an external server, SSL certificate, or data transfer processes.
  • Database driven content: Build dynamic content with HubDB to update multiple pages at once. Best suited for calendars, product catalogs, pricing data, and more.
  • Easy diagnosis: Easily identify infrastructure or design bugs that could cause a page to fail, slow site speed, or a bad customer experience via errors in syntax, HubL, missing tags, etc.
  • Marketing team plays the role of developer: Create a site-wide content editing experience that empowers your marketing team to manage and update the front-end of the website. The CMS comes with default themes and offers various other theme options you can purchase via the asset marketplace.

HubSpot promises a 99.99% up-time and ensures websites remain active through the global Content Delivery Network (CDN). The Enterprise plan of CMS Hub comes with a custom CDN configuration.

Enterprise CMS Hub – a comparative analysis over WordPress CMS

CMS Hub – a product from HubSpot – was launched for developers to build great websites using flexible themes and content structures; for Marketers to easily edit and create pages on their own; and for Customers to get a personalized, secure experience.

The Enterprise tier of CMS Hub includes all of the discussed features, in addition to:

  • Better workflow management: With activity logging, content partitioning, and permissions functionality, users can control who has access to specific website pages, sections, and reports.
  • Personalized web app experience: With CMS Hub Enterprise, users can build membership websites fueled by customer data in the HubSpot CRM, enabling them to deliver delightful, personalized experiences to every visitor.
  • Manage different domains from one place: Marketers can easily create microsites for specific campaigns and manage and report on multiple websites within the same, secure CMS portal.

WordPress is a popular open-source CMS that gives users a platform to build on with custom solutions. While we have already discussed the power of WordPress as Enterprise CMS building and managing a website for Enterprise business using CMS Hub has its own advantage. Comparing CMS Hub with that of WordPress CMS may help you understand our viewpoint better.

Here are our reference metrics:

HubSpot For Content Creation: Major advantage over WordPress is that HubSpot requires no plugins or extra software to serve great-looking content – blogs or landing pages – across various devices and optimized for search engines.

CMS Hub is a true marketer’s delight!

Mary H, Marketing Content Writer at a Tech Enterprise, reviews CMS Hub:

“HubSpot keeps all of our contacts, customers, and prospects organized, and makes it so easy to publish blog posts and website pages, and track the analytics for each. Thanks to using HubSpot’s Pillar Page feature (which is amazing!), I was able to publish a blog, create backlinks, and get it to the first page at the number 6 search result in just one week.”

HubSpot For Website Creation: CMS Hub is built on top of a single unified database, HubSpot CRM, which includes all the data you need to tailor the customer experience is available at your fingertips and aligns with sales.

While the same is possible with WordPress, it would require an additional subscription or software and therefore, more prone to vulnerabilities and other security issues.

Certain Senior Developer at a Digital Agency writes,

“CMS Hub gives a stellar out-of-the-box experience. Other content management systems sometimes feel disjointed and it can be hard as a developer to get what you need quickly. CMS Hub is easy to understand and gives the power and flexibility that modern web development expects.”

HubSpot For Multi-language Websites: WordPress doesn’t natively help create or manage multi-language content. However, a number of compatible plugins can come to use. On the other hand, CMS Hub is built to manage complex global websites. From translation integrations to automatic insertion and management of SEO tags, like HREFLANG, it’s all managed for you within HubSpot.

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CMS options often include plugins or integrated tools that remove the need to write a complicated back-end to deal with databases and server-side code.

Popular content management systems include HubSpot, Joomla, Magento, and WordPress – which has over 60% market share – have one or more things in common to offer, i.e., building scalable websites without technical know-how.

However, for enterprise applications, CMS options need to be customized, presented, and maintained in a way that matches the business goals. Therefore, the need for CMS certified developers to handle website development, marketers, and sales experts for consultation services.

We speak so confidently about the HubSpot platform because everything you might experience with HubSpot, we as an agency have been through ourselves. Our partnership with HubSpot as their registered Solutions Provider has helped us gain technical CMS know-how and a good understanding of how to fit all the pieces together.

If you’re likely to scale up your business website and set it up on the HubSpot CMS Hub, give us a call at +91 (944).278.9110 or head over to our contact page.

We offer seamless services such as Website Redesign, CMS Website Conversion, Marketing Automation, etc. Check out all our other design, development, and marketing service offerings here.

You may connect directly with Sankar, founder of ColorWhistle, over Skype for a scheduled business call.

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