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A CMS is a Content Management System (CMS Website Conversion Services) and is what webmasters use in order to easily update and manage their websites.

The best CMS will ensure that it’s as quick and easy as possible to add new pages or content so that you aren’t wasting any time fiddling with HTML.

CMS Websites

WordPress is the most popular CMS because it has such a large amount of support online and provides a simple-yet-powerful back end for webmasters to easily control the content on their websites.

If you’re not already using WordPress though, you can use our services to help convert your site and move all of your existing content to the platform. Your visitors won’t experience any interruption in service but you’ll now find updating your site much quicker and easier.

We can convert custom sites to WordPress but we also offer Joomla to WordPress conversion for small online business and can work with any other CMS as well. Of course we also offer full WordPress web development and development for all other platforms.

Alternatively you might decide you want to move away from WordPress and create your own custom CMS. Or you might want to move to and from other platforms. In short, we offer the full range of CMS conversions including:

    • PSD to WordPress
    • PSD to Joomla
    • PSD to Drupal
    • PSD to Magento
    • Joomla to WordPress
    • Drupal to WordPress

And back again! If you’re not sure, just ask us and we’re sure we’ll be able to help you.
In any case, we can help to move all your files across and can build you a new control panel from scratch that includes all the features you need to optimize your workflow.

Tech-Based Companies

For other online businesses looking to outsource their services, we provide white label web design, marketing and more which you can sell on to your clients. We work tirelessly behind the scenes and offer a highly reliable and professional service that you will be proud to pass on. And because we offer such low rates, you’ll be able to make a nice profit as well.

Small Businesses

No business is too small here at ColorWhistle so no matter who you are we’re eager to work with you and help you grow.

Our small business website development is one of our flagship products and we offer the best value for money on the web for a range of other options too.

If you’d like to learn more about our website development or any of our other services, then see the respective pages or feel free to get in touch.

Start-Ups and Online Business Professionals

If you’re just starting out or you’re a sole trader then a great web presence can make or break your business.

We can help you to create a website that will look highly professional and bring you more visitors and customers, or we can help to spread the word with our web marketing skills.

We are affordable businesses partners and online advisors who can help you to drastically increase your turnover.

Established Businesses

If you have an established business then you can still benefit from a range of our CMS Website Conversion services whether you’re looking for a site redesign or some extra marketing.

We are savvy professionals with a lot of expertise and those are skills that you can use to give your organization a great boost.

All the while we will make sure to work within your pre-existing branding and to represent your interests as your digital ambassadors.

Show Your Business in the best possible light!

Show Your Business in the best possible light!

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