HubSpot for Travel Sales & Marketing Automation

Improving your travel marketing & sales strategy with a tool like HubSpot will help you meet challenges and allow you to provide personalized services to manage traveler’s expectations.

For instance, your travel agency may receive a lot of inquiries daily. You will send out trip budgets to all those potential customers. Some may not respond immediately or purchase the trips. If you send follow-up e-mails, you can get more responses. According to Woodpecker, the first follow-up email is the most effective, as it brings over 40% of the response rate when compared to the initial email.

If this process is manually done, you have to employ a specific person which will increase expenses. Plus, there may be failure points in a manual process.

One of the major reasons you should consider using a tool like HubSpot is because of its automated follow-up process and amazing CRM features.

In this post, we are going to discuss the HubSpot tool and the tasks you can automate through this platform in order to manage your travel sales & marketing activities.

Ways to Manage your Travel Marketing & Sales With HubSpot

Below are some major automation tasks that can be performed through HubSpot. We have covered only the main ones, there are various other tasks this tool can manage. You can take a look at all the functionalities on the official HubSpot website.

1. Customer Segmentation

HubSpot for Travel Sales & Marketing Automation (Customer Segmentation) - ColorWhistle

Customer segmentation allows you to group your customers based on certain criteria such as personality, interests, habits, income, and more. It is an easy way to manage and organize your travel agency’s relationship with your customers.

Such types of segmentation will help you organize your contacts who are interested in booking through your travel agency or travel website. You can also keep track of travelers who are interested in the destination packages you offer and other data that can be used to segment your contacts. This way you can personalize your marketing and sales efforts to the needs of specific groups, boost customer loyalty, and conversions.

2. Deal Pipeline

HubSpot for Travel Sales & Marketing Automation (Deals Pipeline) - ColorWhistle

The HubSpot CRM can be used to manage the client pipeline and deals of your travel agency. A deal pipeline will help you identify roadblocks in your selling process and the approximate revenue you are likely to generate.

A deal pipeline will also show your sales team that a travel lead is moving towards the point of closing. By keeping track of the deal pipeline, you will also be able to get a detailed picture of the revenue you have generated in a given period.

Through this travel automation feature, you can keep track of travelers who are interested in your services, create custom deals for clients in specific pipelines, and assign deal owners.

3. Send Website Visitors Limited-Time Offer

HubSpot for Travel Sales & Marketing Automation (Website Visitors Tracking) - ColorWhistle

Do you want to know if a contact is planning to book a trip through your travel agency? Would you like to reach out to contact to know that booking travel is already on their mind?

You can figure this about by sending limited-time offers. This loss aversion psychological phenomenon could be an excellent tactic to drive sales for your business. Through the HubSpot tool, you can send deals for travel upgrades, entrance into a giveaway, discounted flights, and any other deal that will make a contact make a booking through your travel agency.

4. Focused Sales Drip

HubSpot for Travel Sales & Marketing Automation (Focused Sales Drip Tracking) - ColorWhistle

With HubSpot, you can reach out to customers who are interested in purchasing your service. As soon as you figure out a contact who is interested in your travel services, you can add them to your e-mail drip campaign (sequence of e-mails sent to contacts at specific date & time).

By sending such type of focused e-mails, you can score and track the interest rate of the travel services you provide. Through HubSpot, you can also create beautiful e-mails without touching a line of code. This is a win-win situation.

5. Client Cancellation or Change Request

HubSpot for Travel Sales & Marketing Automation (Client Tracking) - ColorWhistle

If you are struggling to handle client cancellation requests or want to set a better process, you can handle it effectively through HubSpot.

This type of automation will keep the team in your travel agency informed about the cancellation and change requests. Your team can reach out to the client and coordinate accordingly.

6. Guest Re-engagement E-mail Series

HubSpot for Travel Sales & Marketing Automation (Guest Re-engagement E-mail Series) - ColorWhistle

HubSpot gives you the option to re-engage with the guests who have not booked a trip with you for quite a while. This feature will allow you to re-engage with inactive clients and send them a deal focusing on the destinations they might like. Re-engagement e-mails also known as win back e-mails will remind users to make a booking through your travel agency.

You can run some of the most popular re-engagement campaigns such as birthdays, surveys, and special promos. With HubSpot, you can send clever campaigns to rekindle the relationship you once had with your clients.

7. Loyalty Program: Add Points After Purchase

HubSpot for Travel Sales & Marketing Automation (Loyalty Program Add Points After Purchase) - ColorWhistle

When a customer makes a booking through your travel agency, you can add points to their loyalty score or encourage them to join your loyalty program. Through HubSpot, you can easily manage this and even maintain a point-based loyalty program.

As a travel agency, you know that it costs less to keep a customer than acquiring a new one. So creating a loyalty program can help to increase retention and save money.

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In a Nutshell

The HubSpot tool allows streamlining your marketing & sales operations so you can focus your energy on proving travel expertise. The above ways show how any of your marketing and sales processes can move intricately.

You can also take a look at the travel case studies that will give you an idea of how travel agencies have used HubSpot to grow their business.

If you are still in the planning stages and not sure how to implement such type of automation, you’re in luck. ColorWhistle is a dedicated HubSpot marketing partner.

Our marketing automation specialists can provide your travel company with everything you need Through HubSpot, we can transform how you attract, engage, and delight customers. Get in touch or call us (+1 (210) 787-3600) to discuss more.

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