Key Factors of Successful Email Marketing Campaigns

Email marketing is considered to be one of the growing marketing tools that can generate higher revenues. Nearly 80% of the professionals say, email marketing drives customer acquisition and retention. Email marketing services, when implemented in the right way, the ROI generated is almost double when compared to marketing channels.

In this article, we are sharing some important factors of an email campaign service, which would help you to execute this email strategy in the right way.

What is Email Marketing?

Any email from a company, other than the one sent for order confirmation, can be considered as a part of the email marketing services. Email campaign service can include newsletters, updates from the company, personalized emails for subscribers and more. This targeted email marketing is implemented to promote the products and services of the company and to simultaneously develop a strong relationship with the customers. 

Marketers who use segmented campaigns note as much as a 760% increase in revenue.

Email marketing services when worked at its best would keep customers informed about your services/products and would also bring in more customers with the personalization emails. When the email blast service is not implemented in the right way, it would drive away customers from your business due to continuous annoying emails.

Benefits of Email Marketing

  • Increases brand recognition
  • Builds credibility
  • Sends targeted and personalized content
  • Builds strong relationship
  • Sends scheduled campaigns
  • Increases traffic and leads
  • Produces cost-effective campaigns
  • Adds value to your audience
  • Improves sales
  • Increases customer base

The Common Types of Emails

The statistics say that there are 4 billion daily email users, and it is also a known fact that emails are marketers’ best friend. An email is the standard way of communication with your subscribers/customers. Before the launch of various marketing techniques, email was the traditional method of maintaining a good relationship with customers. 

Though there are businesses who implement digital marketing strategies, the traditional mode of communication is always via email. There are many types of emails that businesses send to communicate with their customers. It could be a welcome email, first purchase email, cart abandonment email, acquisition email, newsletters and more. Let us have a look at some email types,

Newsletter Emails

These emails are sent on a consistent schedule and often contain a company’s blog, upcoming events or any update regarding the company. This would help your subscribers to know more about your services.

  • Builds a good relationship with customers
  • Increases brand reputation
  • Increases brand visibility
Retention Emails

Retention emails are sent to the existing customers with an intention to increase engagement and satisfaction. This would bring back customers to your business frequently. If you feel that your existing customers are quite inactive for a while, you can implement this email strategy to bring them back to your business.

Acquisition Emails

These emails are sent with the intention to grow the customer base. The acquisition emails are sent to customers who are interested in your service. The acquisition emails can be processed based on the subscribers’ behavior in their past response or from any demographic information. Understand your customers and target them in the right way, this would increase the customer base of your company.

Promotional Emails

Promotional emails are quite common in the email marketing strategy. Companies usually send these emails with the intention to promote their services/products. It is the usual format of sending “We offer 20%”, instead add some valuable content to your promotional emails. In promotional emails, you can highlight the products/services on offer, which would add more value to the email.

Key Factors of Successful Email Marketing Service

1. Know Your Audience

Sending your campaign to the right audience at the right time is very crucial when it comes to email marketing. If this is not planned in such a way, then the probability of the campaign becoming vain is more. There are many email campaigns that are non-segmented during an email blast service. Analyzing and understanding your audience would help in a proper segmentation, which would help in improving the campaign results and reducing subscriptions eventually.

Key Factors of Email Marketing (Know Your Audience Email Marketing Factor) - ColorWhistle
An email campaign that was triggered to a returning customer

You can also gather data from Google Analytics and your social media accounts for a better understanding of your audience. This data work would make you understand and know what your customers are interested in and would help you in crafting email campaigns as per your audience’s interest.

2. Quality Content is the Key

Creating valuable content for your email campaign service is one of the strategies of email content marketing. Content is something that needs to be concentrated as it is considered to be the visual design of what you are conveying to your subscribers. Understand your audience and ensure not to send irrelevant content to them. 

Key Factors of Email Marketing (Quality Content is the Key) - ColorWhistle
Be crisp and deliver quality content

Deliver the message that your subscribers are interested with a consistency in your email design. Ensure, to create personalized messages to increase the open rates and also make it mandatory to link your privacy policy to all your email campaigns. Make your subscribers feel appealing and valuable about the content you are sending them through your email campaigns.

3. Subject Lines

To grab your readers’ attention, the subject line can do it effectively. Subject line is what your recipients would first see before they open your email. Ensure your subject line is appropriate and optimized so as to capture the attention of your subscribers to open and read more. Adding a personalized touch to the subject line, by including the recipient’s name or company name would make your subscribers feel appealing and urge them to open the email.

Below is an example from Myntra where they most often use attractive subject lines that would create a curiosity to open their emails.

Key Factors of Email Marketing (Content Quality Email Marketing Factor) - ColorWhistle

4. Personalized Content

Sending personalized emails is one of the best ways to make relevant content to your readers. This would make your subscribers understand that you know something about them. Personalization must be something beyond addressing the reader’s first name. You can include demographic information and behavioral data about your subscribers into the emails. Ensure that you’re creative and make them feel that you are customizing your message for them.

Below is the example from Dollar Shave Club, they conduct a set of questionnaires on their website. The questions to the visitors are like how often they shave, their skin type, hair texture and more. From there, they calculate and start recommending the best products accordingly.

Key Factors of Email Marketing (Unique Content Email Marketing Factor
) - ColorWhistle

5. A/B Testing

This is the best method to determine which works well for your audience and to make changes based on the results. Aimless testing is not going to bring you impactful insights which would further be difficult to determine the changes to make your email campaign a valuable one. Ensure to test the functionality that would give conclusive results so that you can make changes accordingly.

For instance, you can test the subject line, preview text, CTA buttons and similar ones to determine the changes required for an effective email campaign service. Through this A/B testing, you can be more creative by clearing understanding the results and how to relate them to produce better results.

4 out of 5 marketers said they’d rather give up social media than email marketing.

6. User Accessibility

User accessibility focuses on making your email campaign accessible and to interact with the content. The intention of sending an email campaign is to make your subscribers open the email that has been sent. Hence, making your email accessible will make it easier for the readers to understand and respond to your emails. To improve the user accessibility of your emails,

  • It is essential to follow a logical structure, which also means that your emails need to be responsive.
  • Ensure to choose an accessible typeface that looks simple and easier to read
  • When it comes to CTA, the button color and the text color should be contrast
  • Avoid using text in images
  • Ensure that the links and buttons are visible and easily accessible
  • Emojis in subject line is acceptable but, it is better to avoid in your emails

7. Prioritize Active Users

There are subscribers who respond to your email campaign service and there are some who ignore. You can keep track of everything like, who opened and clicked, bounce rate and more. These measurable marketing insights can help you to prioritize active users.

Prioritize your funnel, segment the active users and keep engaging them by sending different and interactive content every time.

8. Don’t Get Spammed

If you are struggling with low rates, even after contributing more on your email campaign services. This could be one of the reasons for not reaching the expected results. Roughly, 1 out of 6 emails are either spammed or blocked, and they miss reaching the audiences’ inboxes. In this case, you are losing out profits that you could have earned if they have reached the audience. To avoid this scenario in your email campaign service,

  • Ensure you are targeting the right audience
  • Tell subscribers to whitelist your email
  • Avoid using spam trigger words
  • “From” information should be accurate
  • Never use misleading subject lines 

9. Marketing Automation

Marketing automation is treated in such a way that your subscribers may consider your emails to be auto-generated. Marketing automation would send the right content to the right people at the right time (scheduled) when all the information is updated correctly. If you are running successful marketing automation techniques for your business then, it is time to switch to AI for email marketing.

10. Mobile Optimization

Design your emails in such a way that they get adapted to any device. The usage of mobile optimization templates would help in creating a better user experience. As a lot of users check for their emails on the go it is essential that your emails are mobile responsive. By this way, you will not miss any chance of conversion.

Key Factors of Email Marketing (Mobile Optimization Email Marketing Factor) - ColorWhistle
Optimize your email for all possible screens and browsers

11. Measure and Monitor

This is something necessary if you are running an email campaign. You must measure and monitor the email analytics such as opened, clicked, unsubscribed and forwarded emails. This will help you to evaluate what is working and what is not working in your email blast. User Sender Score to evaluate the reputation of your emails, and find out if there are any red flags that would stop your emails from reaching the subscribers’ inboxes.

Key Factors of Email Marketing (Data Analysis Email Marketing Factor) - ColorWhistle

By measuring and monitoring, you can keep yourself on track. It also helps in segmenting both active and inactive subscribers, which is more efficient when you are trying for lead nurturing.

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Implement Email Marketing Services in the Right Way

Understanding the key factors of an email campaign would help you to figure out what is to be done and what is to be avoided. Just sending out emails will not bring you the expected results. If you are struggling to get the maximum open rates for your campaigns then, groundwork is very much essential to make it successful. Hope, this article has educated you on the key factors that are to be considered while planning for an email blast. 

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