Marketing Automation Ideas and Case Studies

Are you not getting the expected outcomes even after implementing multiple marketing automation techniques?

Haven’t you added automation marketing in your B2B inbound strategies?

Would you like to know the best marketing automation tactics that really worked for your peers?

If you’re experiencing any of these now, then it’s time for you to take practical inspiration from some established businesses of your niche. But, from where will you get real-life examples?

Here is a small riddle for you to answer.

  • It’s one of the effective inbound tactics – Gives you insights into how your peers/competitors have taken measures to circumvent a downfall. It’s not a blog/article
  • To exactly know the end-results obtained in real-time, going through these can never disappoint you. No! Not an e-book either.
  • If you’re a kinda person learning from others’ mistakes, then you can definitely look into it. That’s not a testimonial page too

Yes, you’ve guessed it right. The answer is case studies! 🙂

Our digital marketers at Colorwhistle planned to put up a B2B marketing automation case study blog to educate about a few real-time challenges faced by organizations, measures they strategized to come out, and the outcomes they accomplished.

Refer to these B2B marketing automation examples when devising your digital marketing automation ideas.

So without further ado, let’s jump into the collection of B2B marketing automation use cases.

1. Travel and Tourism Marketing Automation Case Studies

1) Removal of Inactive Contacts

Copa Airlines wanted to reduce the time, work, and KPIs on ongoing and new marketing tasks by targeting only the active contacts in the list.

As a result, their conversion rate, revenue, and open rate got boosted. To get detailed information about the case study, click here.

Challenges Faced

  • Manually typing emails to active contacts ate up a lot of time
  • There were spelling errors, user-addressing, and personalization issues

Solutions Implemented

  • Delete the inactive contacts from the email list
  • Develop dynamic content for emails
  • Deliver personalized emails with amount, route, dates, and real-time fare updates
  • Create a retargeting email series for abandoned users

Results Obtained

  • Email sending time was decreased by 50%
  • Open rate got boosted from 15% to 17%
  • Conversion rate got increased from 8% to 10%

2) Highly Relevant Social Media Ads

Icelolly faced a bit of slowdown in conversion on their social media channels. So, they added the Facebook extension to its Engagement Cloud.

On account of this, their relevancy-based ads increased their Facebook conversion rate higher than general social media ads. To get a detailed version of the case study, you can check out this page.

Objectives Set

  • Target the travelers on social media channels

Efforts Taken

  • Applied omnichannel approach to integrating data from one social media channel with the website
  • Send targeted ads notifications on social feeds to users who have signed up for destination price alerts

Results Obtained

  • Conversion rate was generated by 17% through Facebook
  • Retargeting ads was increased up by 3%
  • Open rate was generated by 35%
  • CTR was increased by 201%
  • Conversion was increased by 45%

3) Personalization in Marketing

Elegant Resorts were able to deliver a personalized touch to its travelers by automating its previous manual campaigns in just six weeks. Click here to learn more about the case study.

Objectives Set

  • Offer bespoke marketing approaches to travelers

Efforts Taken

  • Automated the manual campaigns that were hosted previously
  • Integrated with booking platforms and API communication channels

Results Obtained

  • Email engagement got boosted
  • Conversion rate was maximized
  • Customer retention rate was increased

2. Education and E-learning Marketing Automation Case Studies

1. Distinct Sales & Marketing Approaches

Swiss Education Group wanted to improvise its lead nurturing techniques through automation and expand the collaboration between sales and marketing teams. As a result, they were able to narrow down quality leads across all channels, acquire new students’ sign-ups from India, Nigeria, and Kenya.

To know more about the case study, click here.

Challenges Faced

  • Maintaining the demand from sales with limited resources seemed daunting

Solutions Implemented

  • Focused on closing deals instead of running behind dead-end leads
  • Delivered quarterly newsletters via email to hundreds of potential learners who have shown interest in their courses
  • Sent follow-up emails on account of any special events like birthdays, wedding days, etc.

Results Obtained

  • Read rate was increased by 28%
  • Number of students availing courses has increased
  • Marketing revenue got boosted
  • Collaboration between sales and marketing was enhanced

2. Channel-based Engagement

Navitas’s manual lead capturing at times lacked the engagement with the enrolled students.

To overcome this, Navitas embarked on personalized automation, which enabled them to enhance students’ progress and reduce dropout rates. If you love to read this case study in a detailed way, then click here.

Challenges Faced

  • Lack of interactions with students and manual lead generating practice made the enrollment process not fulfilling the marketing efforts of making the engagement process crisp

Solutions Implemented

  • Automated the lead generating process inorder to maintain the lengthy enrollment procedure and complex sales cycle
  • Each trainer was given a digital database to upload student’s details during in-person sessions
  • Create personalized email content for young-aged parents, old-aged parents, and students

Results Obtained

  • Captured information from 60,000 prospective students in a year and keep the enrolled students engaged all through the journey.
  • Retention rate was increased by 10%

3. Real Estate Marketing Automation Case Studies

1. Modernized Outreaching Campaigns

Altisource lacked a modern marketing system that is capable of supporting various marketing activities. So, the team had to revamp its marketing technology stack.

As a result of integration with marketing automation software, the company was able to bridge the communication gap between the sales and marketing teams and paved the way for the digitalization of their business. To learn more, do visit this page.

Challenges Faced

  • Marketing becomes a challenging process due to its complex and diversified organizational structure. They didn’t have a modern marketing strategy that supports all their 12 different business units
  • There are over 12+ steps involved to create a campaign with the previous outreach templates

Solutions Implemented

  • Used an automation tool for the ease of creating outreach campaigns
  • Target the right prospects who are genuinely interested in your services across all their business units

Results Obtained

  • Was able to launch two to three email campaigns monthly across all the channels
  • Number of campaigns hosted in a month currently is 36 times higher than previous campaigns

2. Boost Acquisition Rate realized that investment on outbound paid acquisition for conversions was not working for long-term retainment and was costly as well. So, they shifted toward inbound marketing approaches which boosted website traffic by 100% in the first three months, increased leads by 1,500 per month, and maximized their revenue by 600% in just ten months.

Click here to learn more about the case study.

Challenges Faced

  • There was no sustainability & affordability in the outbound paid advertising approach
  • Lacked a clear call-to-action and campaign tracking capabilities

Solutions Implemented

  • Automated the marketing team’s process of sending internal alerts to the sales team when a new lead turns up
  • Marketers were asked to generate reports on the number of leads generated through landing pages and campaigns

Results Obtained

  • Organic traffic reached 100%, 1.5K+ leads were generated per month
  • Revenue got boosted up by 600%

3. Resolve Duplicate Data

Data insights are the lead magnets that drive potential customers to the next level in property management software companies like Appfolio. Their sales reps were only cleaning particular duplicated data whereas some duplicated ones remained unresolved.

They wanted an intermediate automation solution that connects their Marketo & Salesforce accounts. After implementation, they were able to get rid of duplication records. To get a detailed version of the case study, do visit the page.

Challenges Faced

  • Due to duplicate records, duplicate leads & contacts were built crippling the sales
  • Marketing team was not able to run any outreach campaigns or lead scoring because of duplicate data
  • Unsegmented contact list and inaccurate user information were barriers to personalization delivery and led to manual research which consumes time

Solutions Implemented

  • Integrated with a data management tool and prevented their database from duplicate records
  • List was segmented with accurate contacts automatically

Results Obtained

  • Saved 1-2 minutes that were wasted in the manual process
  • Prevented the entry of 100-200K duplicate data
  • Evacuated 300K duplicate data from storage mediums

4. Targeted Approach

Considering the impacts of the pandemic on traditional industries like real estate, APM Property Management, decided to invest in marketing automation tools to eradicate manual processes. It saved a lot of time and gives a 360-degree view of what’s happening in the campaigns.

Click here to explore more on the case study.

Challenges Faced

  • Since they had a long-listed BCC, there was a slowdown in email delivery and also spam issues
  • Manually updating data by one team left the other team uninformed about the changes made

Solutions Implemented

  • Consolidated the scattered contact fields in the Excel sheet into a single centralized database
  • Integrated with HubSpot’s marketing automation software

Results Obtained

  • Manual data management process got reduced by 50%
  • Were able to send welcome emails, onboarding emails, memos, and updates in just a few clicks
  • Got a broad view of how clients are reacting to the outreach emails

4. E-commerce Marketing Automation Case Studies

1. Segmentation

CaseMate in order to understand customer behavior on pop-up forms, browsing activity, and shopping history was looking for a marketing automation platform. To know more about the case study, click here.

Challenges Faced

  • Segment contact lists to deliver personalized emails

Solutions Implemented

  • Integrated with Klaviyo, which has features like analyzing the customer behavior
  • Retargeting users on Facebook

Results Obtained

  • Email open rates increased by 50%
  • Revenue increase up by 50%

2. Boost Sales Conversion

PennStation faced difficulties in engaging their customers because of the huge competition. So, they decided to opt for marketing automation that facilitates sales efficiency. As a result, they experienced higher ROI and conversions.

If you want to study more about it, click here.

Challenges Faced

  • Relied completely on the inefficient outbound sales efforts

Solutions Implemented

  • Cross-selling to current customers
  • Promoted newly launched products
  • Re-engaged passed out customers
  • Targeted with drip marketing & other specialized campaigns
  • Analysis of campaigns that worked and that failed

Results Obtained

  • Lead generation increased up by 10%
  • Social engagement boosted up by 30%
  • Sales got hiked by 50%

5. Finance Marketing Automation Case Studies

1. Tailor-based Campaigns

RATESDOTCA faced challenges in managing the clients’ data, segmenting the email lists, hosting personalized campaigns. You can click on this link to study more about this.

Challenges Faced

  • Email service provider lacked segmentation, personalization, data management for effective email marketing

Solutions Implemented

  • Analysing the customer behavior data on the website and from third-party vendors, and then segmenting the list accordingly
  • Integrated with Act-On’s Automated Journey Builder

Results Obtained

  • 20% of CTR
  • 15% increase in revenue

2. Targeted Cross-selling Campaigns

Centra Credit Union had difficulties in identifying and communicating with a segmented target audience, delivering engaging campaigns, and promoting valuable content. To learn more about the case study, click here.

Challenges Faced

  • Lacked advanced drip campaign module

Solutions Implemented

  • Integrated with Act-On marketing software
  • Segmented the contact list from engaged and unengaged contacts
  • Send personalized emails

Results Obtained

  • Email open rates were 35%
  • CTRs were boosted by 5%
  • .01% increase in unsubscribe rates

3. Segmentation

It was highly difficult for Madrona at promoting investment solutions to the persona-based target audience and segmenting outreach campaigns for targeted lead nurturing. So, the team planned to opt for marketing automation.

To get a detailed version of the case study, click here.

Challenges Faced

  • Difficulty in promoting investment services to tailor-based audience
  • No segmentation of target audience
  • Lacked report insights of customers engaged

Solutions Implemented

  • Segmented the list and created intentional email campaigns
  • Implemented real-time engagement alerts
  • Collect and analyze engagement data based on demographics and customer behavior using Tracking Beacon

Results Obtained

  • Open rates were increased up by 33%
  • 20% of click-through-rate (CTR)

6. B2B Marketing Automation Case Studies

1. Lead Nurturing

Korn Ferry wanted to use their deep insights to increase brand awareness, emphasize their position as an industry thought leader and generate new leads. For this, they kick-started marketing automation. To learn more, click here.

Objectives Set

  • Wanted to boost the brand awareness and nurture quality leads

Efforts Taken

  • Built an automated nurture program that facilitates in delivering personalized emails and landing pages

Results Obtained

  • 110,000+ subscribers
  • Almost 5+ regions got expanded

7. Professional Services Marketing Automation Case Studies

1. Quality Lead Nurturing

IE’s previously used marketing platforms & tools were not driving positive results. So, they integrated with marketing automation tools. To further know about the actions taken and their outcomes, do check here.

Objectives Set

  • Previously integrated platforms caused loss of data insights
  • Couldn’t nurture leads

Efforts Taken

  • Set up a workflow with the new automation software through which targeted emails were sent to prospects

Results Obtained

  • On-site traffic and dwelling time got boosted by 35%
  • Conversion rate was increased by 50%

2. Real-time Analytics

Karlene Moore faced challenges in picking the right topic, gathering insights from the consultants, choosing the content type – articles or newsletters, videos, infographics, and so on.

To learn more about the efforts taken and the results obtained,

Challenges Faced

  • Though there was a strong content marketing practice, the team didn’t have ideas about whether their audience was interested in their content or doesn’t

Solutions Implemented

  • Based on the preferences and requirements, a framework for the current operating model was laid. With that in-hand, a bespoke automation tool was launched
  • Modified the tool that facilitates report generation, enhances email deliverability, and provides information about users accessing the content

Results Obtained

  • Got deeper real-time insights on the users accessing the content, which leads to being nurtured further.
  • Get automated real-time analytical reports

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Summing Up Our Marketing Automation Ideas and Case Studies

Every business is unique. So, the above-listed case studies are just examples, according to your requirement, you’ll need to make changes in the strategies when applying for your business.

If you’re new to marketing automation and don’t know how to implement different strategies, you can avail some professional help. At Colorwhistle, we are experts at creating custom B2B marketing automation plans that will ramp up the engagement level of your customers and prospects.

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Which case study was your favorite? Why? Do share your thoughts in the comments below.

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