HubSpot for Healthcare Sales & Marketing Automation

With HubSpot for healthcare, you can access a range of tools, integrations, and services to help you achieve your business objectives and impress your patients, ensuring they return for future treatments.

Through HubSpot, you can send regular updates about the health conditions of your patients and reminder messages about their appointments. This way, you can maintain a lasting connection with your patients.

Before integrating the HubSpot platform, exploring each feature that benefits your healthcare center is crucial. Here, we have covered everything that you can do with HubSpot. By the end of the blog, you will get a better understanding of making the best use of this platform for your e-commerce business.

Let’s get started.

1. HubSpot’s Appointment Booking Scheduler

Traditional or manual appointment booking methods eat up a lot of time and require an individual to monitor whether there were any repeated bookings on the same slot, cancellations, appointment shifting, error-free reporting, etc.

With an easy appointment scheduling system from HubSpot, you can wow your new patients and encourage them to come back to you for further treatments. This system sends automated reminders to your patients about their appointments, this way, you can reduce the number of no-shows of patients.

For all these to happen you have to rely on HubSpot’s appointment & meeting scheduler. HubSpot CRM works well with Gmail, G Suite, Outlook.

  • Sync the meetings scheduler to your Google account or Office 365 Calendar
HubSpot’s Appointment Booking Scheduler - Healthcare Sales & Marketing Automation
  • Send group meeting links or set up a round-robin meeting link through which your prospects can connect with your team
HubSpot for Healthcare Sales & Marketing Automation example 2
  • Embed your calendar on your healthcare website also send your calendar link through emails
HubSpot for Healthcare Sales & Marketing Automation example 3

2. Minimize Appointment Form Drop-Offs

Minimize Appointment Form Drop-Offs - Healthcare Sales & Marketing Automation
HubSpot for Healthcare Sales & Marketing Automation example 6

To increase existing patients retention and new patient acquisition rates, you can make the best use of this feature. For instance, reduce drop-off by sending appointment reminders, hospital location with links to maps, doctor reviews, etc.

3. Automatically Send Post-Diagnosis Notes and Suggestions

Automatically Send Post Diagnosis Notes and Suggestions - ColorWhistle HubSpot for Healthcare Sales & Marketing Automation example 7

In some cases, patients cannot keep everything at their fingertips. Also, there are chances for them to throw away the prescription papers. The best way to fix this issue is by sending the patient’s details to his/her email, phone, or portal. Moreover, HubSpot enables you to send these emails automatically to patients right after the consultation.

4. Educate Patients to Take the Next Step

Educate Patients to Take the Next Step - HubSpot for Healthcare Sales & Marketing Automation example 8

Educating patients play a vital role in the healthcare field. When you start educating patients about their body condition with loyalty and effective tips to maintain their health, patients will start trusting you.

For instance, after the closure of an appointment, you can send the details of the next appointment date along with tips to manage their health conditions. With HubSpot integration, messages would be triggered automatically with pre-built automation workflows.

5. Send Recurring-Event Reminders

Send Recurring Event Reminders - HubSpot for Healthcare Sales & Marketing Automation example 9

For recurring events, you can build healthcare automation workflow, thereby increasing the engagement level of patients. For instance, if you already have the date of the first-year health checkup of a patient, then remind him/her of the health checkup next year automatically by using date-based triggers.

6. Automate Patient Feedback

Automate Patient Feedback - ColorWhistle HubSpot for Healthcare Sales & Marketing Automation 10

Once the appointment is over, collect patient feedback. These feedbacks help potentials assess the quality of your service, doctors, and facilities. If the patient doesn’t fill in the feedback after the appointment, it can be emailed and texted to them.

7. Integrate With your Other Patient Management Tools

 Integrate Patient Management Tools - ColorWhistle HubSpot for Healthcare Sales & Marketing Automation example 11

To provide a better user experience to patients you can also integrate with certain patient management tools that include hospital information system, patient management system, appointment scheduling software, EMR systems, medical billing software, practice management software, and healthcare call center systems.

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If you want to fix the issues that arise in your healthcare centers’ CRM, CMS, marketing, sales, and services, then HubSpot is the right platform to invest in.

Though HubSpot is an easy-to-use platform, it requires experience and knowledge to handle the tools and operations. If you find it hard to work with HubSpot for healthcare business, then feel free to partner with our team for developing a healthcare website development services to all kinds of healthcare digital marketing services.

ColorWhistle is one of the active partners with HubSpot. Our digital marketers have got profound knowledge and experience in optimizing the HubSpot platform to help you make a mark in the online space. Call us at +1 (210) 787-3600 or leave us a line. We are ready to collaborate with you!

Do you have any more questions regarding our HubSpot healthcare integration services? Let us know in the comments below. We are here to clear your doubts.

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