Use HubSpot for E-learning Sales & Marketing Automation

For your e-learning business to grow, HubSpot offers a plethora of tools.

We are in a technology-driven era in which right from teaching students, conducting parent-teacher meetings, hosting seminars, organizing students in a classroom, and everything happens over the internet.

Owing to the benefits and opportunities in online education websites both students and educational institutions have turned toward e-learning. Since the year 2000, the growth of the e-learning industry has been 900% and still, the graph is not flattened.

Through HubSpot – marketing automation services, you can take care of marketing your e-learning services, creating valuable content, maintaining close proximity with learners, advertising on social media, and other promotional activities that contribute to your e-commerce business development.

In this blog, you will gain insights into how HubSpot works effectively for your e-learning business and what all you can do by integrating with this powerful tool.

Let’s get started.

HubSpot’s Lead Nurturing Workflows

It’s common that at the initial stage, your target learners will have so many questions about your e-learning services and will be uncertain in choosing you. Through inbound marketing activities, you can easily convert them into qualified leads.

This strategic inbound marketing approach of lead conversion is known as lead nurturing. Here, we have covered certain HubSpot workflows that involve the entire process of nurturing leads to your e-learning business.

1. Update Lead Nurturing Workflows to Promote Online Courses

With HubSpot, you can create a variety of workflows to host your lead nurturing campaigns successfully. For example, here we have covered one such workflow through which you can spread the word of your course.

Step 1 –  Identify the goal of your campaign, whether it’s quantitative or qualitative

Step 2 – Find out the right audience you want to nurture

Step 3 – Educate the prospects based on your students’ behavior

Step 4 – Setup the campaign using HubSpots lead nurturing workflows like subscriber or welcome email workflows, topic workflows, engagement workflows, and others

Use HubSpot for E-learning Sales & Marketing Automation(Lead Nurturing Workflow) - ColorWhistle

2. Build Program-Specific Workflows Using Marketing Automation

It’s good to follow lead nurturing workflows, but going a step further, you can build personalized workflows. Based on your learner’s interests, you can design the workflow. HubSpot can help to identify the interests of your audience.

These are some areas that you can manage while creating your own email marketing workflows.

  • Setup your workflow enrollment triggers
  • Choose your workflow actions
  • Clone and move workflow actions
  • Use delays in your workflows
  • Manage your workflow settings
  • Use if/then branches in workflows
  • Test your workflows
HubSpot for E-learning Sales & Marketing Automation(Program-Specific Workflows) - ColorWhistle

3. Use Education Marketing Automation to Promote Your Events

Emails play a vital role in exactly conveying your message to the right audience. Create email workflow and send it to learning aspirants after complete analysis on their behavior, likes, and dislikes.

HubSpot for E-learning Sales & Marketing Automation(Education Marketing Automation to Promote) - ColorWhistle

4. Promote Online Courses Through Remote Learning Software Workflows

Owing to the flexibility and 24/7 availability, learners prefer attending online courses. Therefore, promote your online courses among the right audience. HubSpot offers various learning software workflows through which promoting your online courses becomes a piece of cake.

HubSpot for E-learning Sales & Marketing Automation(Promote Online Courses) - ColorWhistle

5. Create Reminder Workflows Built Around Deadlines

Reminder workflows are a great asset of HubSpot through which you can keep your learners stay updated about their class timings. For events, webinars, and other gatherings, you can just send a reminder to your audience.

HubSpot for E-learning Sales & Marketing Automation(Create Reminder Workflows) - ColorWhistle

6. Create Workflows for Applicants Using Education Marketing Automation

Many prospective students who are applying for colleges, schools, and universities will not stop when applied in one institution but will apply to multiple schools. Hence, your recruitment work is not over once a prospect has clicked the ‘submit application’ button. You need to show them why your institution is the best choice.

A great way to do this is by creating an email workflow that is triggered when an applicant submits the application form. This workflow helps you to persuade and drive prospects to conversion.

HubSpot for E-learning Sales & Marketing Automation(Education Marketing Automation) - ColorWhistle

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Creating and optimizing email workflows for your online courses requires ample attention to detail, but the time you spend and effort you take to each campaign will undoubtedly pay off.

Moreover, the more targeted, segmented, and strategic your email workflows are, the closer your e-learning business will get to this mark.

HubSpot has a variety of tools to build your own email workflows, we have covered only the major operations. It’s a user-friendly software, however, to handle the tools and operations, you need experience and knowledge.

If you don’t know how to optimize the platform for your e-learning business, then it would be at risk. Therefore, partnering with an professional education digital marketing company who can work with HubSpot would be an ideal move.

At ColorWhistle, our digital marketers have got profound knowledge and experience in optimizing the HubSpot platform. If you like to partner with our team, call us at +1 (210) 787-3600 or drop us a message.

Do you have any more questions regarding HubSpot’s benefits for e-learning businesses? Let us know in the comments below. We are here to clear your doubts.

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