Best Tour Operators and Travel Agencies in USA

Being the third-largest country, the United States covers a huge area of 3.8 million square miles where you have got a lot of places to travel and explore!

The wide range of landscapes, climates, biotopes, tropical swamps, arctic mountains makes America one of the best travel spots.

Today, the travel industry has boomed to a greater extent. All the top travel agencies in the United States are trying to offer the best service to its travelers. A good travel agency will make the ordinary trip an extraordinary one!

As we work with many different travel clients, we have tons of experience in creating travel & tourism portal websites. Our experiences and research both coupled together supported us in curating these top 5 tour operators and travel agencies in USA. By the end of the blog, we hope that you will be able to understand what makes these agencies the most preferred ones for travelers.

1. GAdventures – Since 1990


Achievements in Adventures

GAdventures, one of the best-serviced travel companies that have taken its travelers on more than 700 adventures. It has 28 offices with 2,200 travel agents worldwide. Every year, around 200,000 travelers are experiencing the real world through the trips offered by this agency. For the quality of business achievements and adventure tours, the company has been awarded consistently!

Website Features We Like in This Travel Agency Website

  • Travelers can easily book their trips using the ‘book now’ option available on the website
  • Necessary details about accommodation, food, transport, and itineraries are displayed on the site for visitors’ kind notification
  • Visa documentation for travelers is processed within the website instead of making travelers wait in long queues for visa confirmations
  • The company segregated the trips into different types and styles such as classic tours, active tours, and much more. We have included the screenshot of these styles below
  • Deals and offers regarding the different travel styles are wonderfully arranged on the website for travelers to pay for the best deal!
  • Instant replies can be received for the queries posted on the chatbots

Places They Have Explored

  • Asia, Africa, Europe, South America, Central America, Caribbean, MiddleEast, North Africa, Australia, New Zealand, and North America
Ratings & Reviews
  • The company has a rating of 4.6 out of 5 over 5,940 reviews according to Google search

2. Intrepid – Since 1989


Achievements in Adventures

The company has taken its travelers to 1000 different trips across every continent. It actually has 2,100 local staff around the world. Also, keeping the safety of its travelers in mind, the company is partnered with Allianz Global Assistance, to provide insurance during travel and trips.

Website Features We Like in This Travel Agency Website

  • Offline chat facilities that are available on websites for 24/7, where travelers can get instant replies for all their queries
  • Vacation spots that travelers wanted to explore in the future can be moved to the ‘wish list’ section
  • Food menu, transport, accommodation, itinerary, and anything and everything related to travel are included on the website
  • Also, travelers can make the best use of travel deals and offers before booking the trip. There are many different trip styles, click here to know more about the different trip styles

Places They Have Explored

  • Asia, Europe, Africa, North America, South America, Central America, Middle East, Antarctica, Artic, Australia and Oceniao
Ratings & Reviews
  • According to Google search, the company has got a rating of 4.6 out of 5 based on 7,556 reviews

3. Extranomical – Since 2002


Achievements in Adventures

Extranomical tours actually appoint tourist guides & drivers only after proper training and verification. So, travelers can feel safe and secure. Also, the company is exclusively famous for arranging domestic trips to its travelers. Moreover, Extanomical has been awarded the certificate of excellence in 2019 from TripAdvisor.

Website Features We Like in This Travel Agency Website

  • Using ‘book a private tour’ & ‘book now’ options on the website, travelers can book a trip that requires details that include name, email, phone number, and other basic details
  • Details about cancellation fees, travel timings, and much more helpful information are listed on the website
  • FAQ section on the website includes frequently asked questions by the travelers to make other website visitors get knowledge about the travel-related information
  • Travelers are eligible for a 20% discount on making the use of online booking services. Also, websites update many more promotions codes and deals on a regular basis
  • Chatbot facilities help travelers for asking quick questions and easily get connected with the travel team

Places They Have Explored

  • National park Yosemite, wine country, lake Tahoe, Alcatraz, San Francisco, Silicon Valley and more
Ratings & Reviews
  • According to Google search, the company has got a rating of 4.5 out of 5 based on 2,764 reviews

4. Butterfield & Robinson – Since 1966


Achievements in Adventures

Butterfield & Robinson is an adventurous travel company that offers more than 100 refreshingly thrilling trips all over the world. They are particularly noticed for their innovative travel ideas. Additionally, they have partnered with companies such as cavalry travel insurance, CIBT visa & passport services, and others to provide excellent amenities to their travelers.

Website Features We Like in This Travel Agency Website

  • ‘TripFinder’ section on the website supports travelers to view a list of attractive travel destinations
  • ‘Book now’ option makes the booking experience simple. It asks for details of the travelers’ name, email-id, and other simple details to register the trip during preferred dates
  • FAQ section can be helpful for travelers to read and get more ideas about the agency
  • Individual travel plans can be shared with the company for arranging trips on those particular dates

Places They Have Explored

  • North America, Latin America, France, Asia-Pacific, Africa, Middle East, Europe, Italy, and Spain
Ratings & Reviews
  • According to Google search, the company has got a rating of 4.9 out of 5 based on 117 reviews

5. Worldexpeditions – Since 1975


Achievements in Adventures

Worldexpeditions offer a variety of authentic adventures from multi-day treks and cultural journeys to cycle journeys and mountaineering expeditions. It holds an outstanding brand name for providing awesome services for cultural trips.

Website Features We Like in This Travel Agency Website

  • ‘Book now’ facility on the website can be made the best use for booking trips. The website answers all the questions that travelers have regarding the company’s travel booking services
  • Details about accommodation, food, activities, and duration are listed separately on the site
  • Chatbot services help travelers to ask any queries to the travel team regarding travel and trips

Places They Have Explored

  • Asia, Antarctica, Northern, Southern & Central America, Central Asia, Himalaya, Europe, Africa, Australasia, Middle East, and Indian SubContinent
Ratings & Reviews
  • According to Google search, the company has got a rating of 4.9 out of 5 based on 999 reviews

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Of course, it is an accepted truth that each traveler has unique requirements and expectations while planning for trips. A travel agency receives the appreciations and standards in the market only when it meets the traveler’s requirements and choices.

We hope that our blog has given you some ideas on how to fulfill the expectations of your travelers to the fullest. If you like to discuss how to promote your travel agency more effectively, contact us anytime. Our team is always ready to support you.

Which travel agency did you like on our list? Do share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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