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January 3, 2022
Curated List of Top Travel Web Apps - ColorWhistle

The digital era is enabling businesses to adopt new technology and new ways to offer their services. Many businesses build web applications for their development and to increase visibility. The development of a web app for any industry plays a vital role when it comes to the communication and engagement between the customer and the business.

In a similar way, the travel industry has moved firmly to the 21st century with nearly 82% of travel bookings around the world being done through web apps.

The breakthrough in technology makes it perceptible for business to have a web app for its betterment and users look for opportunities to do things virtually.

When it comes to the travel industry travelers/tourists look for a medium that can organize the essentials for their travel. Below are some of the benefits of developing a web application for your travel agency,

  • Compare and book flights, accommodations, and more under a single roof
  • Reviews and visual content (photos, videos, and images) attracts more attention
  • Reduces paperwork as all transactions are done online
  • Great source of information for travellers
  • Provides credibility to your business

If you are running a travel agency then, it’s time to enhance your travel business by developing a web application for your business. The following write up would help you with some ideas in establishing a web app for your travel business as we have curated a list of top travel web apps.

Popular Travel Web Apps

Below is the list of the top travel websites that could help while building a web app for your travel business,

  • SkyScanner
  • TripAdvisor
  • Airbnb
  • TrailWallet
  • AirHelp
  • HostelWorld
  • HotelTonight
  • LoungeBuddy
  • Google Flights
  • All Trails
  • TripIt
  • Hopper
  • Culture Trip
  • PackPoint
  • HEHA! Holiday Extras

1. Skyscanner

Skyscanner Best Travel Website

Skyscanner helps in finding the cheapest flights by searching and comparing flights from around 1,200 sources. It displays the best available options for flights, hotels, and even car rentals. The colour-coded calendars and graph chart suggest the best time to travel, for maximum savings. The application is also equipped with features that can display ongoing offers from airlines and alters whenever the prices change.

2. TripAdvisor

Best Travel Websites - Tripadvisor

TripAdvisor provides recommendations, allows to bookmark all the details of the places that the traveler is interested in. The reviews, photos, and other details of the saved places can be viewed. TripAdvisor allows scheduling a personalized trip plan which you can either keep private or share with all. Along with the hotels’ availability, it displays attractive places in the nearby local areas which may enable travelers to find the rooms of their own preferences.

3. Airbnb

Best Travel Websites - Airbnb

Airbnb is one of the popular apps for homestay. It is a medium that connects people who want to rent their homes with people looking for accommodation. It allows the guest to rent a room or entire apartment from the localhost. It even allows the guests to add rooms to their favorites. Using the application, travelers can search through the neighborhood, price, nearby amenities, and more.

4. TrailWallet

Best Travel Websites - TrailWallet

Trail Wallet helps in tracking expenses for people who travel often. The expenses can be organized by trip, by month, or set a daily budget. A bill or receipt added to the application will adjust your budgeting calculations updating with a new balance. Trail Wallet is intrusive and hassle-free to handle but currently available only for iOS.

5. AirHelp

Best Travel Websites - AirHelp

AirHelp is one of the largest flight compensation companies that helps travelers in situations like delayed/canceled flights, luggage issues, unexpected disruption, and uncooperative airlines. The application helps travelers to get their compensation during awful situations like cancellations, delayed flights, unexpected disruptions etc.

6. HostelWorld

Best Travel Websites - HostelWorld

HostelWorld has all the required features for an accommodation app. The application has descriptions, filters that help in searching at the traveler’s convenience. HostelWorld can help with accommodations anywhere nearby or at the place the traveler wants to be.

7. HotelTonight

Best Travel Websites - HostelTonight

Source: hoteltonight

HotelTonight offers incredibly last-minute hotel deals. The application is easy to use and allows the user to check the photos and reviews submitted by other travelers. HotelTonight has excellent 24/7 support and helps travelers with a flexible schedule or looking for hotels at the last minute.

8. LoungeBuddy

Best Travel Websites - LoungeBuddy

Source: DUFL

LoungeBuddy allows travelers to access airport lounges which may help out for relaxation before departure. Complimentary food and drinks, Wifi, plentiful power outlets, and a secured business center are offered to keep travelers engaged and relaxed before the journey.

9. Google Flights

Best Travel Websites - GoogleFlights

Google Flights, helps with booking flights, hotels, rental accommodations, travel packages, and even in scheduling travel when signed into the Google account. The application has everything that is required to plan trips. Google Flights displays recommendations for hotels, restaurants, and more depending upon the traveler’s destination.

10. AllTrails

Best Travel Websites - AllTrails

AllTrails helps in trying out new routes at unknown places for outdoor explorers with recommendations. Whether it is trekking, hiking, road biking, or anything, AllTraits would be a perfect option. The Pro version of the application allows the explorer to download the route- maps and access them offline.

11. TripIt

Best Travel Websites - Tripit

TripIt is an organizer for traveling plans. The traveler just needs to send a confirmation email regarding hotel, restaurant, car rentals, and flight. The application automatically transfers these details to the master itinerary and allows the user to view all the upcoming plans. The pro version of the app alerts the passenger with a reminder/notification regarding the booked flights and also sets an alternate route whenever the flight gets delayed or canceled. Organizing a lot of bookings is much easier with TripIt.

12. Hopper

Best Travel Websites - Hopper

Hopper predicts future flight and hotel prices with 95% accuracy and recommends top savings. travelers can experience a flexible trip with Hopper’s flexible dates and refundable ticket plans. The app allows rebooking tickets instantly when a flight gets canceled or delayed using its rebooking services. The color code calendar spots the cheapest days to travel and notifies whenever there are any changes in pricing plans.

13. Culture Trip

Best Travel Websites -CultureTrip

Source: Lever

Culture Trip helps in exploring things around the destination and gives an incredible experience to the traveler. The app comes with recommendations for places to stay and explore.

14. PackPoint

Best Travel Websites -PackPoint

PackPoint, is a web app that helps in fuss-free packing for your travel. Depending upon the length of the travel, the place, weather, and many more aspects the app helps in creating a customized packing list for the travel.

15. HEHA! Holiday Extras

Best Travel Websites -HEHA

Source: Holidays Extras

Wrapping Up

Applications that take care of flight bookings, accommodation, restaurants, and more are Skyscanner, Airbnb, TripIt, Google Flights. Features of TrailWallet help in tracking traveler’s expenses. If you are planning to help travelers with booking travel extras like airport parking, lounges, and more HEHA, LoungeBuddy can be supportive.

The above applications can help in the implementation of some ideas to your travel agency application in your way. It’s not too late to start developing your web application. Establish your travel web app to develop your business and reach globally.

If you are looking for assistance in developing a web application for your travel agency contact ColorWhistle by sending us a message or call us at +1 (919) 234-5140, we’ll get

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