Top 13 Websites Built With Elementor Builder

Elementor is one of the powerful WordPress website builder with over 1,000,000 active installations since the day of its launch. It has an advanced front-end drag & drop feature through which you can create websites in no time.We have also written a detailed blog that explains all the features of Elementor.

There are a lot of websites built with Elementor page builder. In this blog, we have picked and listed some of the best functioning Elementor websites.

There are a lot of websites built with Elementor website builder. In this blog, we have picked and listed some websites that use the power of Elementor website builder. All the websites have incredible features that will give you more inspiration.    

Let’s dive in.

Best Websites Built With Elemenetor Builder

1. Jumpin


Jumpin is an Israel-based digital marketing college that provides training and placement for those who are looking for a job in the design & digital marketing industry. We definitely have to tell you about their website – Right from the logo design, blue & orange color choice, micro animations, navigation, and UI professional.       

Their brand message on the homepage implants their brand message in users’ minds. They’ve incorporated human faces all through the site which enhances the reliability of their services. Their smart usage of whitespaces gives in a breathable UX.     

2. Passionates


Passionates is a full-service digital agency specialized in design, development, marketing, and hosting solutions for startups, small, & medium enterprises. The modern and unusual design elements give an elegant look-and-feel to their website.  

As you hover the logo, believe us, the playful animation effects will excite you. The elegant white-and-grey background. On top of it, they sell web designs integrating with WooCommerce.

3. Four Stripes


Four Stripes is a creative digital agency that helps organizations in branding and design aspects. No matter you launch a new brand, rebuild an existing one, or optimize marketing materials, Four Stripes can support you all through the journey 

The usage of Sans Serif fonts gives a contemporary feel. Moreover, the jQuery and micro animations used all through the site breath-in life to the website. The turquoise scroll bar and popup menu look in contrast to the dark canvas capture the viewer’s attention easily. Overall, the site looks modern with the best-in-class design elements.

4. Creative Core

creative-core - Top Websites Built with Elementor Page Builder

Creative Core, an in-house marketing agency that gives a way for businesses to focus on their clients. They take care of the branding and marketing side of a business. The recent works that they have made on their homepage make it even more powerful.

This website uses all the effective features of Elementor page builder like wavy dividers, branding colors, attractive fonts, etc which gives a creative look to the site.    

5. Shake Design

shakedesign - Top Websites Built with Elementor Page Builder

Shake Design is a design agency that allows businesses to build creative and brand designs. The website includes different colors, artistic look and has a neat design which we love the most.

The portfolio page is well used and the team members are displayed in containers. They have made use of all the Elementor’s features in an effective way.

6. Agency Mavericks

WP-Elevation - Top Websites Built with Elementor Page Builder

Agency Mavericks is one of the consulting companies in Australia. The website of agency mavericks includes a color scheme of yellow, blue combination and this choice is related to the company’s logo. We also observed a proper alignment and typography throughout the website.

7. SupaDezign

SupaDezign - Top Websites Built with Elementor Page Builder

SupaDezign is one of the web design companies in China. This website follows consistency and uses a perfect color scheme. The gorgeous look of the website is given by red with black color combination. We also love the banner which occupies the entire screen with 3D hover effect.

8. Mason & Mega

masonandmegan - Top Websites Built with Elementor Page Builder

Manson & Mega are a married couple and a good team of wedding photographers. The homepage of this website gives the feeling of a wedding via its pleasant white background and mild color usage.

9. Michael Casado

michael - Top Websites Built with Elementor Page Builder

Michael Casado, a producer, and a music composer started his own brand in 2013. The images and videos used in this website will develop a thirst to scroll more. It has a banner with a full-width background and a sticky header. We love the perfect alignment and color combinations used in the website.

10. Ofia Seghaou

Ofia - Top Websites Built with Elementor Page Builder

Ofia Seghaou is a women’s hair salon in Denmark. The website has a banner with a full-width background and includes buttons with shadow styles when hovered. It also has a light design which makes the website load faster.

11. Aircraftking

aircraftking - Best elementor website

Aircraftking is a website through which you can buy or sell airplanes or airplane parts. In the website, the search bars within tabs looks good. We like the color combination, clean background, and effective content on the website.    

12. 990 Sells

990sells- - Top Websites Built with Elementor Page Builder

The 990 flat free program is a real estate company in Arizona. The website of 990 Sells has testimonials that are displayed in sliders and has a banner with a full-width background. We love the simple and impressive color combination.

13. Rejuvenating Vegan Spa

Rejuvining spa - Top Websites Built with Elementor Page Builder

Rejuvenating Vegan Spa offers vegan skincare treatment. The website has a color that reflects an organic feel. We love the clean background and all the realistic images that are added to increase people’s belief and business growth.

Top Third-Party Elementor Addons to Boost Your Website Building Experience

Elementor itself is an easy to use website builder with many attractive features. But, if you want to further unlock the potentials of Elementor, there are many free and paid third-party addons that can help to further extend the core plugin. Some of these addons will give you new functionalities or design options. 

  • WidgetKit for Elementor – Free and Pro version 
  • Premium Addons for Elementor – Free and Pro version 
  • Livemesh Addons for Elementor Page Builder – Free and Pro version
  • HT Mega – Absolute Addons for Elementor Page Builder – Free and Pro version
  • Happy Elementor Addons – Free and Pro version

What Are the Benefits of Elementor WordPress Website Development?

Apart from the Elementor website builder, there are other DIY builders where you can create websites without using code. All the steps are done online. You have to log in to the DIY site in question and manage your website there. If you want, the DIY provider can take care of other requirements like hosting, domain name, etc. 

Some of the popular DIY website builders are Wix, Weebly and Squarespace

However, DIY website builders are not completely perfect. Some website builders can have 

  • Customization limitations because that is the price you pay for structure and convenience
  • Also, most of the DIY builders share resources with other sites (shared hosting) which may slow down the speed of your website
  • Another major drawback is that these DIY builders don’t allow you to backup your website. In case you want to move to another platform in the future, this can make things very difficult. Plus, if you have plans to expand your website, DIY is not an ideal fit

With Elementor website builder,

  • You don’t have to face any limitations. Elementor utilizes the WordPress ecosystem and has more professional tools. Also, you are not forced to use the shared hosting option, you can buy your own individual hosting. Additionally, this solution has the capacity to work the same way even when your website gets bigger

If you need any help to build your WordPress website with Elementor, you can hire Elementor WordPress Developer from ColorWhistle. Our developers are skilled enough to provide amazing services and take your website to a new height of success.

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Elementor Website Builder – Final Thoughts

The flexibility of Elementor website builder influence most people to create a wide range of websites. The possibilities in the Elementor page builder is endless. With no doubt, including Elementor page builder to your website enhances the look and feel of your website.  

Make your website a stunning one with Elementor website. At ColorWhistle, we provide custom WordPress design and development services coupled with Elementor. You can connect with us anytime to create your next Elementor website development dream project.

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