6 Successful Online Marketing Techniques for Travel Industry

Now is the right time to learn about smart & successful marketing techniques to flourish in the booming travel industry.

As the travel & tourism industry is admired by a vast group of people it can be listed in the top 10 industries. According to Statista, travel is one of the world’s largest industries, contributing US$7.6 trillion to the world economy.

In a way to please travelers and to be ahead in this swiftly moving society, it is essential to find effective marketing techniques and strategies.

Our digital marketers from ColorWhistle have done complete research on the successful ways for travel marketing and sorted them below.

Let’s dive in

1. SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

6 Successful Online Marketing Techniques for Travel Industry (SEO) - Color Whistle

To run a successful online travel business, the fundamental part that you must be vigilant is on finding successful SEO techniques that drive more traffic to your travel website.

To acquire huge traffic to your travel website you must first optimize your website for search engines. Visibility in search engines seems to be the leading priority for travel agencies and operators.

Inspiring Statistics About SEO in Travel Marketing

  • Search is the starting point for 60% of travelers – Search Engine Watch
  • 95% of natural clicks come from page one of Google, Yahoo and Bing 3% of clicks came from page two, and 2% came from page three – Stikkymedia

How to Optimize Your Travel Website for SEO?

Search engines like Google, Bing alters their algorithms on a regular basis in order to place the travel website with relevant content on its results page.

Therefore, it is of crucial importance, that along with the search engines, you must also keep updating relevant content regularly on your website instead of filling content just for keywords purpose.

Moreover, user experience and SEO come hand in hand. To make it clear, search engines rank the websites depending on the user’s gratification level. Have a smart website that grasps the user’s attention and thereby obtain perfect recognition by the search engines.

2. Paid Ads

6 Successful Online Marketing Techniques for Travel Industry (Google Ad words) - ColorWhistle

For the past few decades, travel and tourism industries have emerged as one of the most lovable industries.

By utilizing the social media channel and search engine platforms optimize your marketing practices and stand unique from your competitors.

Interesting Statistics About Ads That Promotes Travel & Tourism Industry

  • 46% of attraction marketers say that delivering personalized ads and offers in real-time is their top challenge. Source – Sojern
  • 80% of destination marketing organizations’(DMO) Facebook ads send visitors to their website. Source – CrowdRiff
  • 86% of social media marketers used Facebook ads, as compared to only 18% for Twitter ads. Source – Social Media Examiner
  • 75% is the average conversion rate for Google Ads Source – WebFx

How To Create Effective Paid Advertisements?

  • Informing tourists about everything that tourists need to know about the destination
  • Persuading tourists to visit a travel destination
  • Reminding tourists to engage them to previously visited touring spots

Though you may be a veteran travel agency or a newbie to the travel industry, the attractive ads that you publish will help you to make a mark in the online business world.

3. Metasearch Engines

Metasearch engines like Webjet, Tripadvisor and Trivago have developed into a stand-alone marketing medium that has supported many travel agencies to stay competitive and to maximize their digital presence.

Interesting Statistics on How Meta Search Engines Support in Travel Marketing

  • 82% of digital marketers from various travel agencies saw high returns from metasearch. Source – Koddi
  • 72.5% of travelers use metasearch engines in their search process. Source – EyeForTravel
  • 39% of Millennials use metasearch sites and in the US alone 57.46% of people use metasearch engines. Source – Hotelchamp

How Travel Agencies Can Benefit From Metasearch Engine Marketing?

  • Update dynamic pricing budgets on travel booking on a daily, weekly, monthly pattern
  • Encourage travelers to send feedbacks, reviews about the travel agency
  • Provide a quick response to any negative comments given by travelers

By having a strong presence on metasearch engines your travel website can acquire more travel bookings from millions of travel aspirants.

4. Google Hotels

6 Successful Online Marketing Techniques for Travel Industry (Google Hotels) - ColorWhistle

Travelers enter with one intention – to receive appropriate answers for all their queries. Here are some examples for intent-based queries that a traveler raises,

  • What are the special offers for booking?
  • Does this hotel have rooms with all the necessary amenities?
  • How much rating is given to this hotel?

Google Hotels operates as a part of Google travel, an ultimate tool for trip plannings. It has all the essential tools needed for booking trips, flights, hotels, packages, travel guides, and more.

How to Drive Travelers to Your Agency via Google Hotel?

  • Create an account in Google Hotel Centre to advertise the travelers about the pricing & availabilities
  • Connect your Google Hotel Centre account to the Google Ads account
  • Start advertising campaigns in Google Hotels

Make sure you add information like address, contact information, category and photos.

5. OTA (Online Travel Agencies)

OTA’s, in short, as Online Travel Agencies is a powerhouse in providing seamless travel planning experience. The OTA giants like Booking.com, Kayak, Momondo, Expedia, Hotels.com has grasped the attention of a vast set of travelers.

Interesting Statics on How OTAs work in Successful Travel Marketing

  • 39% of the digital travel market belongs to online travel agencies, and the number is expected to grow. Source – Phocuswright
  • Expedia and Booking Holdings continue to dominate in the U.S, with the two collectively representing 92% of the OTA market. Source – Phocuswright

What Are the Benefits of Using OTAs in Travel Marketing?

  • Easy to acquire higher visibility for your website
  • Allows to extend services to different groups of travelers
  • Provides easy access to reviews and users can compare the prices at one place
  • Some OTAs allocate a dedicated support team

If you like to learn more about OTAs, the models, and what the future holds for these agencies, click here.

6. Email Marketing

6 Successful Online Marketing Techniques for Travel Industry (Email Marketing) - ColorWhistle

Many industries such as e-commerce, real estate, education, NPO, etc are making the best use of email marketing to enhance their growth.

In this tech-savvy world, email marketing technique is one of the best ways to retain current travelers, attract new tourists, and make your travel business stand out. It is a powerful marketing technique to reach travelers around the world.

Also, by formulating effective travel email marketing techniques, more travelers will reach your travel website for booking trips, reserving accommodation, and many other travel-related tasks.

Interesting Statistics About the Impact of Email Marketing in the Travel Industry

  • 84% of brands use email marketing to help them retain customers (Optinmonster)
  • 83% of millennials are happy for travel brands to track them so they can get personalized service (SmartInsights)
  • 58% of travelers say email is their first “check” of the day (Optinmonster)

What Are the Benefits of Email Marketing in Travel & Tourism?

  • Easy to create brand loyalty among traveling customers
  • Allows to attract and retain new travelers
  • Easy to build brand awareness

How To Do Effective Travel Email Marketing?

  • Personalize the email marketing promotions according to traveler’s interests and past experiences – 83% of millennials are happy for travel brands to track them so they can get personalized service. (SmartInsights)
  • Grab the traveler’s attention by embedding videos in the emails – 66% of travelers watch videos when researching a destination (Econsultancy)

As you create personalized experiences to your individual travelers through email marketing it helps in booming up your travel industry.

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Along with these 6 successful ways for travel marketing, one bonus tip that we would like to recommend is travel agencies and tour operators should have the practice of upgrading according to the new technologies.

Our experiences in  travel website development, and lots of travel marketing both helped us to cover the above specified 6 successful ways for travel marketing.

Do you need to have guidance on implementing smart & successful digital marketing strategies in your travel marketing techniques?

Then, ColorWhistle is the perfect company for you! We provide professional services for web design, development, digital marketing and many more for the enhancement of your online travel business.

If you have any queries related to travel marketing you can reach us at any time. Our team is happy to support you!

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