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ColorWhistle is a white label web development and digital agency. This article is all about how we engage our clients when they approach us for a white-label services partnership. In addition to this, we have also shared the workflow that we follow for white label services,

Hope this would be a valuable read and an opportunity to know how we function before you get partnered with us.

The Engagement Models at ColorWhistle

We, at ColorWhistle, offer a wide range of engagement and pricing models especially for white label services, making us the flexible service providers in the market. Either we suggest to our clients the best suitable model or the client can choose the required model based on their business needs. Have a look at the engagement models that we follow at ColorWhistle,

Web Development Digital agency Services Pricing Models - ColorWhistle

Fixed Cost Model

This model guarantees a fixed budget despite the time and material for the project. We agree on a fixed price, which we will not change after the consultation. The model is best suitable for clients who know their requirements and the services they need. 

Time and Material Based Model

It is the most suitable model for clients who approach us for a long-term commitment without any predetermined scope. Here, we discuss an hourly-based timescale. The clients can make their payments based on the time spent and materials/resources used for their projects. We will have further discussions in case of any other additional factors that would affect the reflected price.

Hourly Based Model

When clients approach us with an idea of scope, without price estimation, we will go for an hourly rate. We work for the clients on fixed hours committed to the development of the project.

Package Based Model

We offer a variety of white label pricing packages that are fixed and tailored based on the client’s development requirements and projects.

Let us explain how we choose or suggest choosing the engagement model for different projects

Scenario 1: If you have approached us to get partnered for content development on your website. We would suggest you go for an hourly-based model. Here you need to make the payment based on the hours spent on your website content.

Scenario 2: If you are looking for white label web development services, you can opt for our package based model. As you require services right from scratch, the best option is to choose from the available packages. We can provide you our tailored services with respect to the chosen package.

ColorWhistle as a White Label Digital Agency (engagement model) - ColorWhistle

White Label Services at ColorWhistle

ColorWhistle has been offering white label agency services for the past 10 years and is a one-stop center for white label services. We are a team of expert developers, designers, marketers, and more who offer excellent services to you by understanding your objectives and business requirements.

We offer white label agency services where we keep our brand completely invisible. You can rebrand the project in your name before handing it over to the end client. We are perfectly fine, even if you are a web design or marketing agency looking to broker our services. All of our white label services are created to offload any agency’s requirements. In order to serve your customers, we are happy to work under your branding.

WordPress Website Development 

We have 14+ years of experience developing customized WordPress websites and have delivered nearly 750+ projects. Our team of developers are well-versed in the latest WordPress versions and also gets engaged with the WP community for updates. We are WordPress 6.0 ready.

Plugin Development

Our team of developers are expert in developing custom WordPress plugins with proper strategies customized to your business needs. We deliver high-quality plugins that are SEO-friendly, easy to integrate, secure, and compatible with all WordPress versions. We build plugins that are a combination of business logic, efficiency, and technical scalability.

API Development

We are pioneers in custom API development as we offer customized integration solutions. Our developers are capable of extending the functionalities of your application, either using a new or existing third-party system. ColorWhistle offers API as a service, and we develop APIs for desktop, mobile, cloud apps, web sockets, service-oriented architecture, and databases.

WooCommerce Website Development

We have worked on 50+ projects on WooCommerce store development, ranging from designing to payment integrations. We analyze your business needs and recommend WooCommerce store development if you are one of the companies that sell 500 or fewer products. For anything more than this threshold value, we recommend opting for an e-commerce platform.

Web App Development

Our dynamic team of developers can create progressive web application development by leveraging the technology of PWA and deliver user-centric and structured solutions. We understand your business needs and even build web applications with blockchain, ML, and chatbots.

Logo Design

Our team of creative designers helps in building a distinct identity for your brand, which would eventually increase your customer base. We create illustrative logos with impressive color palettes, symbols, calligraphy, and fabulous design art that makes you stand out from your competitors.

Website Redesign

We begin the website revamp process after detailed interaction with you. Our team of developers and designers keenly listens to your requirements, likes, and dislikes. We also take inspiration from the websites that you have collected and all necessary information from your existing website. You will be kept in the loop throughout the revamp process and will also help in migration to the website.

Digital Marketing

Our team of marketers will help in increasing your online visibility. We evaluate your website’s current traffic, try to analyze your customers’ behavior, and implement the most suitable digital marketing strategies. We try multi-faceted plans for your business to bring in more conversions and improve your online presence.

SEO Services

Our SEO experts will work for your website’s ranking in different search engines. Our approaches are also free from black hat SEO techniques and spamming methods. The white label services that we offer are specially for digital marketing agencies, and web designing agencies who wish to add SEO to their services list without increasing their workforce.

Pay Per Click (PPC)

We offer PPC for both local and global clients. We implement the best suitable advertising strategies to pull up your website and bring in more conversions. Our team will help you to set up your own PPC advertising campaign. We can help in producing guaranteed ROI with our effective PPC advertising strategies.

How ColorWhistle Works?

ColorWhistle as a White Label Digital Agency (ColorWhistle process) - ColorWhistle

Let us explain this with a scenario for a better understanding of the workflow at ColorWhistle.

Imagine you are a digital marketing agency from the UK. You had a proposal from a client who is looking to develop a responsive website for his eCommerce business. You have a team of well-versed marketers but, you will have to hire an in-house team for taking care of the development projects. This process is quite hectic, and you need to spend on resources as well as on the hired workforce. It looks like you need to spend a lot from your pockets. This is where the white label agency services come into the picture. 

Instead of hiring an in-house team, you plan to look for companies that can offer white label web development services. After a detailed analysis of ColorWhistle’s website, services, portfolio, and reviews, you approached us by scheduling a call with our business growth consultant. Once you have explained what you are looking for and what are your requirements, we go for an internal discussion. As this is a white labeling service, we will be signing an NDA to ensure that no data will be disclosed/shared under any circumstance, and we will never contact your client directly. 

ColorWhistle as a White Label Digital Agency (Work Flow) - ColorWhistle


  • Once the confirmation has been made with the project, we start the process by conducting a brainstorming session. Here, we discuss internally based on your requirements and come up with an outline of what can be implemented to deliver the best
  • Next, we share the details of the internal discussion with you to explain how we are taking it further with the project. All the inputs, discussions, and other related information will be documented. The documentation will also be shared with you before the commencement of the project


  • Here we would start by creating a wireframe of the website. This would give an outline/layout of how your website would look. 
  • Once we have designed the wireframe, we would share it with you for approval. This may go a few iterations and once the wireframes have been approved from your end will move to the next process of designing the mockups


  • In this phase, we would design the mockups in line with the approved wireframes. 
  • Get your approval and do revisions. After finalizing the mockup, we would proceed with the final design.


  • In the development phase, the team would analyze the goals and milestones before starting the project. A project coordinator would also be allocated to maintain good communication and rapport between you and the team. 
  • After the completion of the project, we will run through the testing phase and will finalize the scope of the development

Looking for White Label Partnership?

Seize and experience the transformative impact of White Label Digital Agency Services & Solutions with ColorWhistle.


  • After the completion of the project will ensure our existence for bug fixing and maintenance even after the delivery of the project.
  • Then follows the post LIVE support as per agreed terms.

Opting for white label agency services partnership is a win-win process. Despite the size of the business, this would help the resellers avoid hiring an in-house team and as well as add the services to their list.

If you are looking for professional assistance on white labeling services, you can contact ColorWhistle by sending us a message or call us at +1 (210) 787-3600, we’ll get back to you at the earliest. We provide services tailored to your requirements that suit your business.

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