When to Outsource Web Design and When to Keep it In-House

Why we need to think when to outsource web design and when to keep it In-house?

Graphic design is one of those corners that you just can’t cut as a business with an online presence. While you can of course decide to create your own design, you’ll quickly find that this leads to elements of your site and your brand not looking as good as they could do. With the best will in the world, a professional design agency is always going to have a better chance of making a professional logo because it’s their ‘main job’. This means they’ll all be highly experienced in design, they’ll have access to the very best tools and they’ll have 100% of their time to dedicate to your design work.

Conversely, if you try and create your own design, then you’ll be making do with basic tools and trying to squeeze it in around other things. That and you’ll often find that it’s hard to be objective about your own brand and your own website.

The only issue? Getting design work is expensive. That and outsourcing necessarily means relinquishing some of your control and putting your trust in a third party to come up with a design that you’ll like. Some people actually enjoy designing themselves and see this as a useful skill to learn.

The same issues are true for design companies themselves. Many design agencies will outsource their work to white label services (like ours!) and this allows them to take on more clients. But of course they still need to put their ‘stamp’ on what’s being done and they still need to be able to communicate closely with the client. Sometimes it’s easier to do it themselves.

The point is: sometimes you need to outsource and sometimes you need to keep it in-house. Here’s to know when do each…

When to Outsource Web Design

  • When the job requires greater expertise than you’re capable of – If this is a piece of design work that’s going on your home page or a flier, then it needs to be the best quality possible. Put your ego aside and know when to get help.
  • When the job is slow – Your time is precious and if you outsource slow jobs, then you can put yourself to better use and likely increase your revenue as a result.
  • When you hate the work – No matter how much you love your job, there will be small bits that you probably hate. Why not just outsource those elements rather than forcing yourself to do work that you really don’t enjoy? Quality of life should really be the number one goal!

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When to Keep it In-House

  • When the cost is too high – If the cost of outsourcing a particular job is very high and you can do it yourself quickly, then you may want to keep the job in-house.
  • When you love it – If you love this aspect of your job then of course you should never outsource it to someone else!

When it requires a personal touch – If you want to maintain complete control, or if you need to go back and forth with a client; creating a design yourself becomes a more compelling option.

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