35+ Questions to Ask Before Partnering with a White Label Digital Agency

Digital agencies are service providers who also provide white-label services – branding, web design, development, and digital marketing to small, medium, and enterprise businesses that are willing to widen their team base across locations and talent pool. 

In some cases, white-label digital agencies might appear professional, but in reality, there are challenges in choosing a good one. At times, you even might regret for not choosing the right digital agency white label partner. 

Or maybe, this is the first time you’re looking for a white label services digital agency. Whatever you’re into, we can help you find a perfect white-label digital agency partner. 

Just walk through these questions and the reasons why should you ask. You’ll know what decisions to make whether to shake hands with the agency or say ‘tada-bye-bye’…  

Let’s get started.

1. Questions to Ask a White Label Branding Partner

1. How much time do you spend on understanding a brand?

Reason to Ask 

Every white-label branding partner will follow a unique process, that varies depending on the nature, type, and size of the project. As you inquire about their timeframes, you’ll get to know about the timing and the step-by-step process followed in branding.

What ColorWhistle does? Here, we follow a unique process where we first would ask for an understanding session about the brand, either with the end client or with the white-label partner, and then understand the basics of branding like the brand positioning, brand voice, then proceed with the branding tasks. This approximately takes upto 5-10 days based on the client’s feedback and iterations. 

2. Do you offer rebranding services?

Reason to Ask 

Rebranding is a key strategy of branding. When done right, it will create a new look and also change your target users’ perceptions of your business. If done without proper attention, it can ruin your reputation. As you raise this question, you’ll know whether the agency has any previous experience in rebranding or not.   

What we do? By working on a variety of B2B rebranding projects, our ColorWhistle team gained a better understanding of what is rebranding, distinct types, custom rebranding strategies that resonate, and things to consider. We analyze your current branding elements and strategies, so to know what worked and what didn’t. Then, we work on the look-and-feel. Based on the client’s or white-label partner’s feedback, we will make the changes and deliver a new image.  

3. Do you conduct brand audits?

Reason to Ask 

A brand audit is an all-through analysis of a brand’s position in the marketplace among its rivals. Confirm with your white-label agency whether they will do a proper brand audit or not. If yes, ask them what all they examine. If no, walk a step back. 

Our Process: If you’re looking for conducting a brand audit, then you can definitely take professional assistance from our ColorWhistle team. We constantly audit your brand to get deeper insights into your brand’s strengths, positions, capabilities, and areas of improvement.

4. Will you extend your support in the future?

Reason to Ask 

Branding doesn’t end-up once your white label agency designs the logo, graphics, and web design. To help in making changes and maintaining brand consistency, the agency must travel along with the client and should be ready to support incase of emergencies.  

How ColorWhistle Operates? As you collaborate with our team for your branding needs, you’ll get access to branding guidelines, easy-to-edit templates, color palette, and incase if you encounter any branding difficulties, we will do the needful.          

5. How can we ensure that your branding approaches would meet our goals?

Reason to Ask 

Make sure the white label branding agency you partner with don’t recommend a one-size-fits-all approach for all business types. As you ask this, you can know, the agency’s methods for brand auditing, web researching, brainstorming, and others.

Process at ColorWhistle: Our branding professionals are very much keen on offering tailor-made branding solutions to businesses and partners. We’re concerned about meeting your expectations, so we kickstart branding only after deeply understanding your brand message, values, mission, and vision.        

2. Questions to Ask a White-label Logo Design Partner

1) Have you ever designed a logo for any other business just similar to our services, niche, or industry?

Reason to Ask

If you partner with a logo design agency with good experience in logo design, that’s a benefit. If the same has worked on projects similar to your business, then that’s a double gain. They will possess both hands-on experience and knowledge.   

What ColorWhistle does? We offer white-label logo design services to startups, individual professionals, to enterprise-level businesses. And also, we can design unique, memorable, and impressive logos for businesses in different industries and verticals. If you want, you can checkout our portfolios page to know more about our previous projects.     

2) Will you expose the logo you design to take public credits?

Reason to Ask

If it’s okay to showcase your logo under their name, then it’s fine. Else if you want to keep it confidential, then you can raise this question. And, you can make them aware that you don’t want your logo to be exploited or taken credits.   

What we do? ColorWhistle is a white-label logo design agency. If you’re looking to outsource your logo design works to a reliable white label partner, then you can collaborate with our ColorWhistle team. We can be your trustworthy agency, and the logo we design will be private between us. We don’t expose it without your knowledge.      

3) Do you sign any NDAs?

Reason to Ask

Generally, white-label logo design agencies sign NDA contracts to maintain confidentiality between them and their customers. It includes terms and conditions – deadlines, policies, work cultures, and others.   

Our Process: We, at ColorWhistle, even at the commencement of your project, do sign NDAs with the white-label partner or client. Through this, we agree that we don’t disclose any project/client-related details. This encloses a non-solicitation statement that blocks us from directly approaching the end-clients without your knowledge. 

4) Do you charge separate for white-label logo design services?

Reason to Ask

Some agencies cost a different fee for white-labeling their logo design services. So, asking prior if they’re charging you an extra fee might help you avoid last-minute surprises. 

How ColorWhistle Operates? We offer dedicated white-label logo design services for business and individual clients. If you’re looking solely for logo design, then we incur charges accordingly, instead, if you’re looking for a package of branding along with web development and digital marketing, then the charges might vary.   

5) Who will be my point-of-contact during the logo design phase?

Reason to Ask

Mostly, white-label logo designers will be operating remotely, you’ve to be informed of the process, though. You’ll need an intermediate channel to communicate with the agencies. Put up this question and know whether they will be transparent throughout your project delivery.

Process at ColorWhistle: Our logo design team will frequently communicate with you at your preferable modes and time. Either the lead or any of the team members will be the point-of-contact with your team.  

3. Questions to Ask a White-label Graphic Design Partner

1) How do you cope-up with the differences in my time zones?

Reason to Ask

White-label graphic designers work remotely under distinct time zones. And, this shouldn’t become a hassle for communication. Asking this question prior to hiring will avoid later anxieties. Read through their customer testimonials and know if they are flexible to be contacted during weekends or in case of urgencies will they extend their working hours. 

What ColorWhistle does? Being a remote white label graphic design agency, we will be flexible in communication. We use Skype, Slack, Gmail, and other platforms to converse with white label partners and clients. Also, we use platforms like Asana and Google Calendar to organize our tasks and give updates. And if required, we will even appoint a dedicated team member to work in the respective time zone.     

2) As you’re working remotely, in what mode and how frequently do you communicate?

Reason to Ask

In white-label partnerships, communication plays a major role. And, that too, it should be two-way communication. Before hiring, you should have proper answers for all these like will the team schedule calls daily? or once a week? Will the communicate in modes that you prefer?    

What we do? Our graphic designers at ColorWhistle used to communicate through your preferable modes. Based on the dependency and updates, we connect with you online. We will give you updates on the milestones, we will contact you if there are any inputs required from your end, and such.  

3) Why are your graphic design packages higher than others in the market?

Reason to Ask

Before opting for a package, you must know the values for which you’re paying. To get an eye-opener on this, you can compare the prices with other agencies in the market. In graphic design, the cost might vary in the number of sample designs, revisions, and creativity. 

Our Process: ColorWhistle is a white-label graphic design agency. Here, we have different engagement models. Depending on the need for the project, a model can be chosen and we can come up with a custom pricing plan for our client.    

4) How will you understand my brand?

Reason to Ask

When it’s ‘graphic design’, it indirectly denotes ‘branding’ as well. So, you must know whether your graphic design partner will be ready to take efforts in designing graphics for your blog posts, social media, campaigns, posters, and webpage content complying with your unique brand culture, values, and tone.

How ColorWhistle Operates? Here, as first things first, we study your brand story, vision, mission statements, business goals, culture, values, and more to comprehend your brand in all that we do.   

5) Can you show some of your work in graphic design?

Reason to Ask

Walk through the white-label designer’s portfolio to know more about the client’s expectations, time period, process, and strategies implemented. As you get explanations for all these, you’ll get to know what type of clients they white-label with, do they stand on clients’ shoes or in their comfort levels, do they deliver the desired results, how much time do they take for completing projects. And, these will tell you how will they handle your work.

Process at ColorWhistle: We’re a transparent white-label graphic design partner. After completing a project, we follow the practice of writing portfolios and case studies keeping the names and other personal details of end-clients confidential. We post this on our website, and also, by chance if the client gives us a Clutch review or testimonial, we do post those as well. So, all you can do is, you can just checkout our website to know elaborately about our works. 

4. Questions to Ask a White Label WordPress Partner

1) What WordPress services you’re specialized in?

Reason to Ask

WordPress is an easy-to-use Content Management System (CMS) that can be used by designers and developers for blog and website creation. When it’s said, WordPress solutions, there are many other services associated with it. So, before hiring a WordPress white label agency for your business, you must know your requirements and check if the agency/developer you hire is specialized to serve your custom needs.   

What ColorWhistle does? We’ve expertise in WordPress development for more than a decade. And also, we’ve worked in plenty of projects related to WordPress. Our team is specialized in WordPress plugin development, theme customization, API integration, WordPress migration, custom development, blog migration, and a lot more. 

2) How much do your WordPress services cost?

Reason to Ask

First, know your distinct requirements. And, explain them clearly to the developer, including plugin & theme customization, content optimization, blog migration, and everything. As you let the white-label team know all these, it will be easy for them to come up with a custom budget for you.

What we do? Based on your range of requirements our white label WordPress agency team at ColorWhistle, will suggest a custom quote for you. Because, pricing totally varies from project to project. 

3) Instead of opting for in-house team expansion or freelancing, why should I hire you, a remote white label WordPress team?

Reason to Ask

This is an important question. Factors such as cost, time, and skillset will be effective when you hire a reputable WordPress white-label organization for your business. As you raise this on an agency, you’ll come to know their unique process, promises, time commitment, budget, and resources with necessary skillset. 

Our Process: Being a top WordPress white-label agency in India, ColorWhistle can be your loyal partner from remote. Our experiences with clients and WordPress knowledge has equipped us to become the leading WordPress development agency. As you opt for us, you’ll get access to work with talented resources without breaking your pocket. And also, you can reduce your expenses on office setup, EB, conveyance, etc.   

4) Are you specialized in plugin customization?

Reason to Ask

WordPress is a repository of plugins. For every functionality like e-commerce, online payment, appointment booking, SEO, there are several plugins. Hence, when called a professional WordPress development agency, they should be capable of plugin development from scratch, customization, and integration as well.  

How ColorWhistle Operates? Our WordPress team is proficient in plugin development and customization. We can build high-performance, SEO friendly, easy to integrate, compatible with the latest WordPress versions, & third-party apps.  

5) Will you customize the theme of my old website?

Reason to Ask

WordPress offers a plethora of themes. An agency’s work doesn’t end up with theme selection, they should also be capable of theme integration and customization. As you ask this question, you’ll know how specialized is your agency in WordPress themes. If needed, you can ask for portfolios and client testimonials. 

Process at ColorWhistle:We are always mindful about user-experience (UX), so we tend to use user-friendly interface (UI) components. If you’re looking to give your website an appealing & user-friendly look-and-feel, then take the smart move and partner with our creative white label web developers at ColorWhistle.  

5. Questions to Ask a White label Web App Partner

1) I’m from the medical industry. Will you be able to deliver web app solutions for my business?

Reason to Ask

Before partnering, you must know the agency’s total experience in web app development. Besides, you should also be aware of their experience in your specific industry. The reason behind asking this is, that an industry-specific experience will make the agency aware of the interests, expectations, and demands. 

What ColorWhistle does? We offer white-label web app development services to our white label partners and individual clients as well. And, we can deliver our solutions to a range of industries such as travel, healthcare, education, real estate, and more. If you’re looking to develop a web app for your medical centre, then our ColorWhistle team can become your reliable white label services partner

2) What is the process you follow for web app development?

Reason to Ask

This clearly tells you about their entire web app development process. Generally, a professional web app development agency must understand your requirements, brainstorm within the team, start with the design prototype, and only then kickstart the development of your web app. 

What we do? As your white-label web app development team from remote, we’ve intense experience in handling website projects involving, PHP, React, Angular, and Vue development. In the initial phase, we understand your requirement. Then, we come up with a plan for your web app with all the necessary functionalities along with a design prototype. Then, we set different milestones and kickstart the development works. We move it to you for review once each milestone gets completed. If you’re with valid feedback, we will work on it. 

3) What interactions do you implement on my web app?

Reason to Ask

Web app is an interactive platform where you can communicate with your users through animations, buttons, forms, and more. As you raise this question to the white-label web app partner, you’ll come to know their expertise in areas such as animations and interactions. 

Our Process: At ColorWhistle, we’re specific about website user-experience, so we try implementing various interactive functionalities with maximum quality assurance. 

4) Will I be updated on the status during the web app development?

Reason to Ask

The good thing about a reputable web app development agency is transparency. They don’t leave their clients unnoticed, they regularly update you on the status, and also give the credentials to login and look at the progress. When you ask this question, you can know in what modes they will communicate with you? and how frequently will the call be made?

How ColorWhistle Operates? Our white label web app development team stay true to the words and time we commit to. We’ll communicate with our business partners and clients then and there, we don’t make any decisions on our own without consulting the client.   

5) Will you expose my web app under your name?

Reason to Ask

This is an ethic to be followed by the agency during the white-label partnerships. When you ask this, you’ll come to know whether the agency will take credits for expediting their work or not. A professional agency will have neat NDA practices, so the agency will abide by the terms and conditions at all times.  

Process at ColorWhistle: We’re a reliable white-label web app development service provider. Here, we follow certain morals, in which, we’ll be very careful in not letting our client’s personal details. Nor take public credits for the works we do for our white label partners and clients. We sign proper NDAs even at the project commencement phase.  

6. Questions to Ask a White label Digital Marketing Partner

1) Do you have expertise in content marketing?

Reason to Ask

Content marketing is an important stream of digital marketing. Through quality content, you can boost brand awareness, authenticity, reputation, and loyalty to your business. So, if the white-label digital marketing partner doesn’t have expertise in content marketing, then it’s good to drop out the partnership ideas. 

What ColorWhistle does? We’ve a dedicated team for handling website content creation. We can offer white-label content that are creative, plagiarism-free, search engine-friendly to be used on website, social media, and other digital marketing platforms. Our business partners and clients can avail of our innovative content creation skills such as blogs, articles, e-brochures, newsletters, and more. 

2) Have you ever worked on similar projects to mine?

Reason to Ask

Having experience in similar projects will help in formulating strategies and taking your business forward. So, ask them to walk you through their portfolios and case studies and if those seem to be convincing, then without any hesitation, you can partner with that particular agency. 

What we do? ColorWhistle is a white-label digital services partner. We’re capable of creating digital marketing campaigns solely for specific domains or industries. Businesses belonging to travel, hotel & restaurant, education, healthcare, real estate industries, etc. are leveraging our marketing services.   

3) In what all ways will you handle my marketing campaigns?

Reason to Ask

This is a very important question you should ask the white-label digital marketing agency. This will help you know the agency’s varied approaches, activities, processes, and other strategies. Generally, an agency will define a budget for the campaigns, create a dedicated account, insert high-performance keywords, and kickstart running the campaigns. Then, they analyze the performance by measuring the CTR, etc. 

Our Process: If you’re looking for a professional guidance for hosting your digital marketing campaigns, then you can rely on our digital marketing team at ColorWhistle. We believe that every business is unique, and so differs the need for digital marketing. So, to craft a custom plan, we will get to know your traffic, determine the ideal online platforms to invest, and try implementing various tactics to regularly maintain the stability between your marketing activities and results.

4) Will you track the customers’ activities within the site?

Reason to Ask

As a white-label digital marketing agency, they should know the importance of tracking the customer journey. Once when customers tap into your website, you can start tracking, their activities, interactions, engagement, and others pulling them toward conversions. The main purpose of tracking is, that your marketing team can use these insights to make further improvements to the site. 

How ColorWhistle Operates? As a digital marketing agency, we keep a track of the activities performed by website visitors. For this, we use various tools, say for example, Hotjar and Google Analytics. These insights help to perceive users’ interests and guide in decision-making and improvisations. And importantly, we will be careful that nothing violates the users’ privacy.     

5) Do you offer custom bidding strategies?

Reason to Ask

There is no one-size-fits-all approach to bidding strategies. Depending on the requirements like traffic or conversion or lead generation, the digital marketing partner has to formulate the bidding strategies. 

Process at ColorWhistle:Our digital marketing experts will evaluate your performance and formulate a specific bidding strategy to accomplish a mark. Considering the current circumstances and trends, we would intentionally craft a plan. 

7. Questions to Ask a White label SEO Partner

1) Will you guarantee to see results right away you implement an approach?

Reason to Ask

Search engines like Google keep updating their ranking algorithms. Depending on the algorithm updates, your ranking will continuously be changing. A professional SEO team will take heed of the algorithm updates. So, if the white-label SEO agency gives a guaranteed answer to this question, then you can just stay away from them. 

What ColorWhistle does? We’re a highly-collaborative and transparent white-label SEO service provider. We see SEO neither a long-time nor short-time marketing approach. With our previous experience, we can just predict the results, but we consider giving a guarantee for SEO outcomes as climbing the mountain blind-folded.

2) How do you measure the SEO performance and results?

Reason to Ask

In SEO, analytics and metrics are the heart and soul of marketing. An experienced SEO team will not stop just with implementing the strategies but will walk the extra mile, and measure the performance as well. This is an important question you should ask the agency, to get a clear view, of their unique approaches.  

What we do? Our SEO team at ColorWhistle do SEO audits and performance checkups frequently. This helps us to monitor the SEO results of our business partners and clients. And also, we use various tools like Google Analytics for metrics.   

3) How will you respond to search engine algorithm updates?

Reason to Ask

Search engines update their algorithms frequently. If your webpage content doesn’t go inline with the algorithm updates, then your visibility would be ruined. So, to avoid these, your white-label SEO partner should always be conscious of the algorithm updates and re-work on the optimizations.  

Our Process: At ColorWhistle, our white-label SEO professionals will be so keen at knowing the updates. Once the update is in and before it gets rolled out, we try to make the necessary changes. We give importance to all minor and major updates.  

4) Who will be my point-of-contact?

Reason to Ask

By knowing where the white label SEO agency stands on the Google results, you can get an idea of their experience and skillset. Maybe you both might belong to a different or same niche, but Google’s position of the agency would talk much of their expertise in SEO.   

How ColorWhistle Operates?Here, we’re very much concerned of our clients. And, we also have empathy as to how anxious they would be while working with a remote team. As we understand this, we’re so much careful in communication side. So, we ensure either our team member or lead connects with you on and often. 

5) How do you optimize my site for SEO rankings?

Reason to Ask

Ask this question to the white-label SEO agency to know what methods they implement to showcase your visibility on the SERPs. 

Process at ColorWhistle:SEO can be implemented in three ways – on-page, off-page, and technical. Our white-label SEO team implements all the three for our business partner and client. On-page refers to activities from within your site, like optimizing keywords, meta tags, etc. Off-page are the activities done outside of your site, like guest posting, backlinks, etc. And, technical SEO refers to all the technical activities like structuring data using XML sitemap, SSL, AMP, etc.   

8. Questions to Ask a White Label Social Media Management Partner

1) Do every visual, text, or post, you create for my social media accounts be unique and creative?

Reason to Ask

Social media is a perfect platform for engaging with your audience. Mostly, content and strategies look similar to the crowd. But what matters is, that your brand will have a unique message, values, and morals. So, with that, you can stay true to your brand identity and create unique content for your followers.  

What ColorWhistle does? We’re a white-label social media agency creating unique content to forge the bonding of our business partners and client with their followers on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, LinkedIn and more. To keep your followers engaged, we frequently do blog promotions, post short videos, create infographics, share newsfeeds, etc.   

2) Will my social media followers know that I or my team is posting the content or will it expose you?

Reason to Ask

This is an important question you should check with your agency. For some social media channels, you would share the login credentials with the agency. Whereas, for a few other channels, you would give access to your brand page. From the admin dashboard, you can identify who posted. However, for users, only the post will be displayed under your brand’s account. 

What we do? At ColorWhistle, we leave it upto you. You can make the decision on whether you’ll be posting the content or we should do. If you’re posting, we’ll just work on the content, share it with you, and also tell you the strategies of how, at what time, on which channel should you promote the content. Else if, you’re leaving it to us, we can optimize it as well, with your admin credentials. 

3) As I hire you, how quickly will I get recognized across all social media platforms?

Reason to Ask

Social media management is a long-time approach. You don’t stop if one of your posts is trending. Consistency is the key aspect of social media management. So, you must understand, that if an agency comes to you and give you fake promises – with this one post, you’ll be found across all social media platforms, then you should be careful of such.  

Our Process: A white-label partner like ColorWhistle will provide dedicated and comprehensive social media marketing and social media management services, help you identify your social media strengths, and also formulate long-term solutions. We don’t make fancy fake promises and make you fall for our words. We will tell the actual status of your social media visibility and take the required actions. Consistency is the key to the success of social media marketing, and we maintain it across all the social platforms.  

4) Along with social media services, what other services do your agency offer?

Reason to Ask

Social media is one of the facets of digital marketing. To unleash the potential of digital transformation, you’ll need to focus on other areas of marketing as well. So, raise this question to know if you can opt for the same agency to the needs of your content marketing, SEO, email marketing, etc. 

How ColorWhistle Operates? We’re a white-label digital marketing agency. Besides social media management, we can also deliver the other services associated with digital marketing such as SEO, content marketing, automation marketing, PPC ads, etc to help you play optimistically in the online space. 

5) Will you also create generic content for my social media account?

Reason to Ask

Generally, people don’t like it if you’re too salesy. Though you use social media exclusively for your brand promotion, it has a general audience as well. So, to grab the attention of such audience, you can definitely talk about some general topics, that might interest everyone in the room.  

Process at ColorWhistle: Of course yes. We will not be focused only on promoting the products and services, but also, pass ‘values’ to the followers of our business clients. So, we post content on account of any International events, festivals, share random posts, and a lot more. 

Looking for White Label Partnership?

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Partnering with a White Label Digital Agency is Not a Rocket Science

We hope this big set of questionnaires might have helped you in thinking of ideas on what type of questions you should ask a white-label digital agency before partnering. 

If you’re looking for a white label digital agency partner, then you can count on our ColorWhistle team. We’re a digital agency you can rely on for services and solutions in web design, development, and digital marketing. 

All you’ve to do is, let us know your requirements, through call +1 (210) 787 3600 or text. We will analyze your requirements and come up with custom solutions. Let’s grow together as a team! 🙂  

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