Tips to Build a Successful White-label Digital Agency Partnership

For a successful white-label partnership, effective coordination among all members/teams involved is crucial. The white label agency will partner with the B2B partner and deliver products & services to the client while minimizing the costs and risks of in-house hiring.

To ensure your partnership is thriving, there are a few important checklist for the white-label agency, B2B partner, and client to individually follow.

As you go through these, you’ll know what everyone is responsible for in the white-label B2B partnership. We’re not going to keep you waiting any longer, let’s dive right in.

I can do things you cannot, you can do things I cannot; together we can do great things.

What is a White-label Partnership?

Business partnership is the wisest option to grow individually and as well as in tandem… You might have seen Amazon’s partnership with Walmart, Target, etc., and Uber with Starbucks. These partnerships are a mutual win-win for parties in collaboration. 

However, this is something different in white-label partnerships.

Tips to Build a Successful White-label Digital Agency Partnership (Benefits of White Web Development) - ColorWhistle

If white label services were likened to a notebook, then ‘anonymity’ would have been its tag. Yes, ‘Anonymity’ is a big concern in white-label.

The white label partnership is when an agency works behind-the-stage on a client’s project with an intermediary partner.

Checklist for White-label Agencies, B2B Partners, & Client

Not all white label partnerships succeed, at the same time, not all partnerships breakup through. White-label is just a similar case of outsourcing your work from other businesses. When it’s said ‘white-label B2B partnership’, it comprehends the white-label agency, B2B partner, and the client.

Only when these three travel on the same line, the partnership would be smooth sailing. At ColorWhistle, we’ve been providing white-label B2B digital services for years together. So, from our observations and web research, we’ve prepared a checklist. 

No matter you may be an agency or partner or client, you’ll find this checklist useful. 

Checklist for White-label Agencies

While you partner, it’s no more their business, it’s your responsibility…Hence, you need to put your heart and soul from the start of the project to disclosure. And most importantly, since you’re an agency, you should always be at the backdrop. If so, how will you be known to the public? 

So, always have some Unique Selling Point (USP) that will make you standalone in the crowd. Some uniqueness in your designs, writing styles, development works, marketing campaigns, etc. This will give you the exposure you need. NOT ANY MALPRACTICES.

Tips to Build a Successful White-label Digital Agency Partnership (Tips for White label Agencies) - ColorWhistle

Be Transparent 

If communication has two hands, then transparency will be the one. The communication between you and your B2B partner must be two-way, timely, transparent, and effective to maintain continuity and streamlined delivery of services. 

Being transparent in the sense, your communication should straightforward, with no hiding anything from your business partner. It’s imperative to let the partner know your actual resources’ strengths, project status, and so on. 

Showing your portfolios, success stories, and USPs are to ace up your sleeves. However, few agencies just carry bells and whistles, leaving fake promises and such like. All these will set your B2B partner’s expectations high, while nothing goes on the plate.    

Hire Skilled Resources

B2B partners and clients reach out to you to share workloads, increase time-to-market, budget-friendly options, and there are a lot more like these. But, the prime purpose is, a few B2B partners/clients will not be sound on technical-side. To get access to skilled resources, they would like to hop into white-label alliance. 

So, as an accountable agency, you’ll need to pick profiles wisely. There are myriad job portals today from which you can hire the appropriate resources to operate as your in-house team or remote. If you’re looking for skilled pupils on your team, you can for sure reach out to ColorWhistle, our designers, developers, and marketers can operate as your dedicated team from remote.

Stay Updated on the Latest Tech

Technology is booming day by day. People nowadays are becoming ‘tech freaks’ as it made their jobs simple, fun, and super exciting. So, as a white-label agency, you should make use of tools & technologies in your operations. Many mundane tasks can be automated using tech tools to boost your productivity. 


Website Reporting

How Tech can Help You?

Let’s say, you need to track the number of visitors to your client’s website. This is possible with the help of technology & tools like Google Analytics, Hotjar, and so on. The recordings and reports from these tools will help you know the intention behind the users.


Content Optimization

How Tech can Help You?

You’ve a client with content requirements. He wants you to write content for his social media channels. With the help of AI writing tools like Jasper, Simplified, etc. you can grasp content ideas quickly. 

Disclaimer: You cannot completely rely on these tools due to plagiarism and similarity issues. So, you can use these to be your assistants saving your multiple hours.

Checklist for B2B Partners

Being a B2B partner, you’re going to be the bridge between the white-label agency and client. So, you should take up the responsibility of understanding the client’s requirements and convey them without any replacements to the client.  

If you just be the communication channel, how’s that going to help you grow? So, you should focus on your ‘marketing & sales’ the backbone of your business. Showoff your works on essential platforms where you can reach potential leads. NOT EXPOSING CLIENT’S DETAILS.

Tips to Build a Successful White-label Digital Agency Partnership (Tips for B2B Partners) - ColorWhistle

Ensure Proper Communication

“How well we communicate is determined not by how well we say things, but how well we are understood.”

Andrew Grove

No matter what, communication is the key. Before you just assign your client’s tasks to the agency, you must first understand their requirements. Only then, you can know what’s expected from the other end and guide the agency towards achieving the same. 

It’s not enough if you just be in the middle and pass the message. You need to communicate, you’ll need to know the purpose of doing it and the impacts behind it.  

The agency is in solitary and leaving you with no responses for days and months will heavily ruin your reputation with the client. So, sit with the agency and know what’s happening on the workfront? 

Sign Proper NDAs

Non-Disclosure Agreement, popularly called NDAs has got major importance in white-label partnerships. Once the conversion process is over, before the project pitches on-board, ensure you sign NDAs with the agency you ally with.   

In laymen’s terms, NDA is a contract signed between two collaborators. When you’re handling client projects, you and your agency will get access to all their details including privacy info. As you mutually agree to the NDA contract, all the private details and client info will be kept confidential. Nothing should be let out. 

And also, there are some ethics to follow in white-label partnership, that’s to say, ‘Not directly reaching out to your client’s client’, ‘Not taking public credit for the works done to clients’. If the client agrees, you can, but without their knowledge, you should not expose your profile anywhere in the client project. 

Conduct Research 

You’re going to be the intermediatory between the agency and your client. So, you should well understand the client’s requirements and find the potential agency that can best satisfy the requirements. 

Before recommending the agency to your client, raise a few questions to the agency. A few questions like below.

  • How about their experience in white-label services?  
  • For what services you can outsource the agency? 
  • Do they follow custom strategies?  
  • Do they align with your core principles?
  • What do their current customers testify about the agency? 
  • Do they have success records for high-quality product and service offerings?

Pro Tip

Rise open-ended questions to get elaborate answers.

Peeping into their customers’ stories is a pro tip you can cling to. Just look up for chances to converse with their existing clients. And, if they’ve reviews on Yelp, Google Reviews, Clutch, it will guide you whether to collaborate with the agency/partner or take a step back. 

We’ve a detailed blog on questions to ask a white-label agency, to read more, click here.

Checklist for Client

As a client, you too have certain roles to play. You’ll need to be clear about what you want and speak out your mind to the agency/partner. Only then, you’ll get what you expected. And also, there will be your dependencies in certain areas, maybe your login credentials, requirements clarifications, anything. You should be ready to deliver what’s asked, this will speed up the process and make your white-label partnership a success! 🙂

Tips to Build a Successful White-label Digital Agency Partnership (Tips for End Clients) - ColorWhistle

Choose the Correct Partnership Model 

When it’s said, white-label partnership models, you’ve a list there. Depending on your requirements and goals, you can opt for a specific model. 

Closed White-label 

The client would collaborate with a B2B partner. The white-label agency will be at the backdrop working on the project. However, the client will not be aware of this.

Opened White-label

The B2B partner hands over the client’s works to the agency. Here, the client will be aware of the collaboration with the white-label agency.

Endorsed Providers  

Here, the client will directly work with the white-label agency and B2B partner as well. It’s a win-win for all in the row. 

Referral Model

In this model, the agency, client, and partner will be open. The partner will get a referral fee from the client for referring the agency.

We’ve written a detailed blog on the above partnership models, you can find more insights there, interested, do checkout.

Define Your Objectives

Before collaborating with an agency/white-label partner, as first things first, you’ll need to have a clear vision about in which areas you’re looking to grow? for which services do you need assistance? 

This helps you in reaching out to the right partner/agency who you need to ally with and make decisions wisely. 

Depending on the nature of your business, your goals may differ,

  • To expand your business in a specific geographical region – If you’re running an accounting firm in Canada and looking to expand your borders in Australia, then look for a reputable B2B partner who is delivering the exact accounting services like yours with a list of portfolios. Also, it would be better if the partner has been there for years-together in the Australian region 
  • To take over specific activities – Consider you’re running an educational institute and require assistance for online promotions like SEO. Find the right B2B white-label partner profile who has been successful in digital marketing services, particularly for training institutes.

Qualities a Client to Look-up in a White-label Agency/B2B Partner

If you’re opting for a white-label digital agency or B2B partner, look up these qualities. This simple research might prevent your business from being ruined.

Hire Them! 🙂
  • Experience & expertise in your niche 
  • 100% quality assured delivery
  • Good reputation
  • Performance reporting
  • Transparency in terms & conditions
  • Inline with the changing tech trends
Fire Them! 🙁
  • Poach your clients
  • Don’t stick to deadlines 
  • Lack of consistent communication
  • Don’t sign proper NDAs
  • Not listening to your requirements/expectations/goals 
  • Dissatisfied customers

Looking for White Label Partnership?

Seize and experience the transformative impact of White Label Digital Agency Services & Solutions with ColorWhistle.

Wrapping Up Our Checklist for White-label Agency, B2B Partner, & Client

White label partnership is an ideal solution for businesses who are looking to expand their firm. Businesses mainly look-up to agencies & partners to reduce operations/in-house infrastructure development costs, focus on core competencies, enhance productivity, and other reasons.  

In many cases, a white-label partner can play both the roles of an agency and partner and vice versa. ColorWhistle is one such B2B white-label agency & partner. 

If you’re looking to collaborate with a dedicated white-label B2B agency/partner, feel free to contact our team. All you’ve to do is write a text to us from the site or call us at +12107873600. We’ll analyze your requirements and call us back shortly. 🙂 

“Individually we are one drop, but together we are an ocean.”

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