White Label Website Development

Importance of White Label Website Development

Updated : July 5, 2018


White Label website development presents tremendous business opportunities for web development agencies, especially if you are working with website development. “White Label” refers to a product or service that is developed by one company and sold by another.

The company that develops the product or service, does not associate its brand to the product. The product or service is sold under the brand of the company that buys the product from the developer company. This allows the reseller to associate its own brand, logo and identity with the product.

Especially those agencies dealing with WordPress CMS Plugins, and WordPress themes can truly benefit from white label development services.

Importance of White Label Web Development

The main business opportunities present and advantages are as follows:

  1. Easy branding:

    By opting for white label website development you have the advantage of not having to spend time and effort on research or gathering technical know-how. You get a ready-made solution that you can apply your brand name to. You also ensure that only your brand is visible to the client throughout their website.As Brenda Barron says in her blog, it is about consistent branding. You will have clients who don’t know what WordPress is (and don’t want to know either). They are bound to be confused when their website footer or login page has any reference to WordPress. By opting for a white labeling solution you ensure that only the relevant brand is visible to the client.

  2. Offer more services to your clients

    You may have been avoiding developing custom WordPress themes because of a lack of expertise within your agency or probably due to difficulty in budgeting a full-time employee for this. However, if you went with a white label WordPress developer, you could offer this service to your customers without worrying about expertise or budget.

  3. Reduce time to market

    If your customers are looking for WordPress solutions, what something like a white label plugin does is that you can deliver this solution today instead of spending weeks developing your own solution. This prevents your customers from going elsewhere for these solutions. Given that web development is a highly competitive field any reduction in time to market is ultimately beneficial to you.

  4. Cost-effective solutions

    You must remember that customized development is a time-intensive process that involves architecture, design, development and testing. You may not always have the resources to work on custom solutions from scratch. Even for a single client customization can take weeks. This increases the cost of production. WordPress white label website development helps you deliver cost effective solutions by allowing you to invest in already existing solutions.

  5. Opportunity for value add

    One of the lesser known reasons for choosing white label option is the fact that you can actually create additional support documents with your branding on them. Even if the website is developed using WordPress, the dashboard can be used to link back to your support documentation and even support videos.

  6. Focusing on sales is more productive

    The major reason why white label website development becomes important to your business is that it allows you to focus on ways to increase sales. You can focus on landing more customers by offering even occasional services or products.

Since the white label agency is developing it for you, you are able to offer customers even products that they don’t need often. Or you may need assistance in increasing production capacity for one of your competencies temporarily so that you don’t miss out on potential sales. Even in that case white labeling is an ideal option.

Benefits of White Label Website Development

You may, of course, want to know why white label something that an end user may never see or even something like a WordPress CMS plugin? The simple answer is this: White labeling is primarily a branding exercise. For you as a web development agency, the advantage of exposing the end user to a brand consistently throughout your website is highly desirable.

Imagine you develop a WordPress website for a client and when the customer logs in, they get the WordPress logo. It is an immediate visual disconnect from the intended brand. Most likely customers are thinking, Why am I going to a WordPress site? A few changes in the code can get the logo to be the logo of the intended brand.

Moreover, the information about the theme, contact information and support documentation can all be customized to reflect your company’s brand. This does two things, the end user is always connected to your client’s brand and your client is always connected to yours.

One of the reasons you may not opt for white label WordPress is that your existing customers may not like the transition to a white label partner. Towards this I found this piece on buying white label services, which you may find useful, and I agree with the author’s inference that most of your clients are not going to worry about a white labeled WordPress website, as long as the output is consistent.

Another reason you is that you don’t want to risk inconsistent output from a subcontractor which ends up giving the impression to the client that you are not good at what you do. This, of course, you can counter by choosing a white label service provider who has a proven track record. You needn’t make the decision based on a single meeting. You could always test them for something small or give them projects that their portfolio shows they are good at.

From my experience as a White Label service provider, I find that as long as our output meets or exceeds the expectations or the agency’s clients, our development partners even go so far as to share with their customers that we are their subcontractors. Thus, the choice of white labeling or transparent outsourcing is entirely with you and based on:

  • Your comfort with the idea of white labeling
  • Your long-term customers’ comfort with the idea of white labeling
  • Your experience with a white label partner; if the output is consistently good, then you may choose this route for all your clients

Winding up White Label website development :

In summary, developing a WordPress website with the help of a white label partner is definitely an option when it comes to increasing sales by focusing on your core business and identifying avenues for expanding services and products that you offer your clients. Since white labeling is primarily a branding exercise, white label also helps you to develop consistent branding for both yourself and your client while not having to invest in infrastructure, technical know-how and time.

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