Why Digital Marketing Demands Website Redesign?

Very often a digital agency service provider would suggest to business owners, customers that they need to start from a website redesign process whenever they request digital marketing services with us.

Businesses who understand the importance of website redesign in digital marketing, are able to realize the full benefits of the online marketing world.

Here are a few common questions when businesses start with digital marketing:

  • Why is website redesign required when my website already exists?
  • Why do we need to redesign the website if we only run paid SEO or paid digital marketing advertisements?
  • How website redesign helps effectively with digital marketing?
  • Why is the new digital marketing budget done with the website redesign process?
  • How does website redesign or website maintenance impact digital marketing efforts?

For all these questions, there are answers. 

Why Website Redesign Should Be Done Along With Digital Marketing?

Below are some real-time-match scenarios on why website redesign should be done along with digital marketing.

1. Generate More Leads via Digital Marketing With Website Redesign

Below are some real-time-match scenarios on why website redesign should be done along with digital marketing.

Generate More Leads via Digital Marketing With Website Redesign - ColorWhistle

In modern fashion retail stores, it’s a daily/regular practice to change their storefront mannequin and wardrobes to attract passersby. Here are some nice fashion shop fronts on Pinterest.

Similarly in the online marketing world, we need to redesign a website to change the business’s digital face. A website redesign can be done every year or every two years, but not longer than that. Going with new landing page designs every time for a new digital marketing campaign is always great and produces significant results with ROI measures.

2. Generate More Traffic via Digital Marketing With Website Redesign

Generate More Traffic via Digital Marketing With Website Redesign - ColorWhistle

In trendy fashion clothing stores, it’s very common to see them change their wardrobes with new dresses for seasons, new clothes for local festival/festive times, and promote popular event products too. These changes help them to do continuous business with regular customers. It also Increases the word-of-mouth marketing opportunities in a viral way and gain fashion tourism benefits in the right way! Here are tips from Neil Patel to drive more traffic to eCommerce store .

‘Shares, Likes, Comments’ are playing a huge role in Digital Marketing campaigns. The number of impressions will be counted as real-metrics to understand how better we set our digital marketing campaigns. To set this, we need to start thinking about the design changes that have to be made on our website pages. As discussed above, when fashion changes according to the season, you will be able to engage with customers when website redesign Packages reflects the same feel. There will be a very high chance to turn visitors into customers. 

3. Increasing The Brand Visibility via Digital Marketing With Website Redesign

Increase Brand Visibility via Digital Marketing With Website Redesign - ColorWhistle

Branding is highly important in the fashion industry. Retail stores are trying their best to keep their brand visible in each & every aspect of their business elements. This effort naturally helps the customers to register their favorite brands in their hearts. Here are the new fashion industry trends in 2020.

Today, Digital Marketing is one of the best ways to promote your brand. As the website redesign process helps for marketing results, digital agencies sometimes ask businesses to think from rebranding efforts. Here is an article that talks about how Coca-cola changed rules for marketing. If your business is going through many changes, website redesign cost with rebranding will generate highly effective signals to the market. 

Agency Website Redesign Process With Digital Marketing

We, at ColorWhistle plan and execute a lot of digital marketing activities across channels. Our digital marketing team often discuss redesigning a specific service page, landing page for campaigns. We usually plan major redesign elements towards our full website revamp time which we would consider once in two years.

We start with learning a business roadmap of the year and plan our marketing goals inclusively. Our digital marketing plan starts with website information architecture (to meet the year’s road map). Then, once the content marketing goals are fixed, we will plan how our website design should reflect the marketing messages. Once, we publish the new website, we will keep monitoring the responses from the website traffic. We will keep improving the design as part of regular website maintenance and digital marketing efforts.

Here is the list of steps we follow when we work on our website redesign with our digital marketing plan:

  1. Business road map of the year
  2. Marketing and sales goals of the year
  3. New information architecture for the website
  4. Brainstorm the content marketing plan with audience personas
  5. Wireframe and UI design process
  6. Website development 
  7. Checklists of SEO, Digital Marketing, pre-live and post-live follows
  8. Continuously monitoring website & Digital Marketing activities w
  9. Improve, update and innovate small activities in website and digital marketing

Looking for Website Redesign Services?

Seize and experience the transformative impact of Website Redesign Services & Solutions with ColorWhistle.

Our Commitment To Businesses

Whether your business is already online or you are a new startup, our digital marketing services ensure the website design is matching the digital marketing goals. When businesses only engage us with Social Media MarketingFacebook Marketing or YouTube Marketing services, we don’t ask them to do a website redesign. We would highly ask businesses to consider website redesign service with us when they are looking for SEO servicesPPC services and complete digital marketing services.

Feel free to get in touch with us if you need our help with website redesign and digital marketing activities. We are always happy to help.

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