Types of Lead Generation Techniques you Need to Consider

With more than 9,000+ new cases every day worldwide, the COVID-19 has deeply affected every small, medium, and large business. Since there are no definite predictions when this pandemic will end, entrepreneurs are looking for lead generation strategies to maintain business continuity at this time of crisis.

Generally, leads are the initiation of a customer’s interest in any of your products or services. By making continuous, strategized efforts, you can nurture the leads and convert them into long-term loyal customers.

Similar to a fisherman who widely spreads the net on all the four corners of the water body, you have to choose all the best platforms to connect with the right audience and persuade them to become active ambassadors of your business.

In this blog, we have explained how lead generation activities will contribute to your business growth during unprecedented times. Also, we have compiled various types of lead generation techniques that will bring fruitful outcomes.

How Lead Generation Works?

After identifying the right channels to stay in touch with your audience, you have to establish strong visibility on those channels. For example, a majority of people are consuming social media nowadays. Think about the different ways on how to promote your business on social networks.

Once you get traffic to your website, your next aim should be to collect the contact information of your visitors. Like, you can request your visitors to give their email-id for acquiring access to gated content like case studies, e-books, webinars, etc.

The actual game begins once you bring them into the marketing funnel! After getting their contact details, you can start persuading the audience so they will soon turn to be your active customers.

Types of Lead Generation Techniques (Effective Lead Generation Process) - ColorWhistle

Types of Lead Generation

Based on the platform you choose, the lead generation concept can be carried out in two methods, inbound and outbound.

Our in-depth understanding helped us to compile the best online & offline channels to generate leads. Keep reading to explore how you can make the best use of each platform.

What is Inbound Lead Generation?

Inbound lead generation is an effective approach in which you pull your target audience into your business through valuable content and effective SEO practices.

Effective Ways for Generating Inbound Leads

Here, we have listed a few inbound result-driving methods through which you can capture quality leads to your sales pipeline.


Through blogs, you no need to push the audience into your business, instead, they will voluntarily be encouraged to collaborate with you. Any article that is heavily written on solving user problems never fails to attract the reader’s attention.

When the readers get satisfied with your answers/solutions, there are chances that they might look out to reach you!

Types of Lead Generation Techniques (Blog SEO strategy for Effective Lead Generation) - ColorWhistle

Thus, content marketing through blogs is a budget-friendly method through which you can drive traffic and leads to your website.


Generally, people fall in love with animated graphics, aesthetic images, and other visually enticing elements. In some instances, your audience will lack the interest to gain knowledge from articles.

This is where visuals enter the scene. Visuals like charts, graphics, infographics, images, etc increase readership by 80%. By designing eye-catchy visuals, there are better opportunities to portray your thoughts and educate your prospects.

Case Studies

Generally, potential consumers wanted to partner with a business that successfully resolves the pain points of the clients. Case studies are an effective promotional source through which you can showcase how you have handled and fixed the major and minor issues faced by your clients.

When potential leads go through your case studies, they will trust your brand and decide to partner with you to avail of your products and services. Therefore, try to write more case studies to reveal your valuable work to your prospects.

Also, we’ve written a lot of case studies, if you need to get more insights about the tools and strategies that we use, then check out our case study page.


No doubts, webinars are a powerful magnet through which you can attract prospective leads to become a part of your business. 73% of B2B marketers and sales leaders say a webinar is the best way to generate high-quality leads. When it comes to webinars, promotion across the right platforms at the right time helps you attain your webinar objectives.

It would be better if you plan a webinar properly at least 3 weeks ahead and do proper promotion. This is because around 54% of registration for a webinar happens at least eight days before the event and 46% of registration occurs within a week of the event.

In fact, Neil Patel, the king of digital marketing has generated 518,399 visitors and 16,394 leads to his website through his webinars.

By sharing your experiences through webinars, you can get the customer contact details, and connect with your customers for driving leads to your sales funnel.

Types of Lead Generation Techniques (Webinars for Lead Generation) - ColorWhistle

Video Series

In today’s fast-paced world, when you look from the customers’ shoes, it is truly bitter for consumers to read the long product descriptions or dig deep into your services page. If you want to unlock the minds of the audience and engage them with your brand, then videos are the keys!

Moreover, videos are a win-win ingredient. Both consumers and marketers have a great love for videos. As video content is digestible, entertaining, and engaging, consumers like videos. On the other hand, marketers love videos because they provide a huge return on investment (ROI).

For example, YouTube is a popular video platform that many people use to view beauty tutorials, fitness classes, trending topics, news, movies, and much more.

More than 79% of internet users have their own YouTube account. Top leading digital marketing experts are optimizing the YouTube platform. For instance, Brian Dean, the SEO expert, has more than 367K+ subscribers on his YouTube channel.

Through consistent efforts and smart tactics, you can drive your YouTube subscribers to your email list and encourage them to leverage your products and services. If you like to visit our YouTube channel, then click on the link.


It is likely a daunting task to cover all the information regarding a topic through small content like blogs, infographics, etc.

E-books are one of the content marketing practices through which you can elaborately explain a topic. It’s an undeniable fact that only experts with in-depth knowledge in a particular subject can write an e-book. So, when you publish e-books, the audience will trust you as a well-experienced brand in the industry.

For instance, the LinkedIn e-book – Introducing Secret Sauce: How LinkedIn Uses LinkedIn for Marketing gives the readers a complete guide of tips and tactics to optimize LinkedIn for marketing activities.

Types of Lead Generation Techniques (LinkedIn Marketing Strategy) - ColorWhistle


Podcasts have become an integral part of daily lives and people love to listen to podcasts while doing their daily chores with no interruptions to their regular activities. According to Music Oomph, almost a third of American adults between the ages of 25 and 34 are podcast listeners.

There are around 80 million Facebook business pages, but there’s only 700,000 podcasts airing. Compared to other content marketing platforms, podcasts have only less competition and help you gain popularity easily within a small crowd of competitors.

Plus, as podcasts can be built mobile-friendly, it stretches a wide path to meet the mobile audience. It’s evident that about 69% of podcast listeners are on their mobile devices.

Podcasts act as an interactive marketing element that allows hosts to create polls, answer queries, and attend to audio calls similar to a traditional radio show. Through podcasts, you can boost the engagement level of your listeners and build a loyal following.

Social Media

Surprisingly, a majority of people are using social media to follow a brand. Therefore, generating inbound leads to your business via social media is a smart move.

Here is a popular beauty brand Birchbox that uses Instagram, Pinterest, and YouTube. They post colorful images of products and encourage the audience to try their samples free of cost. After consuming the product, if you like it, you can buy one paying the actual cost.

Types of Lead Generation Techniques (Social Media Marketing Strategy) - ColorWhistle
Types of Lead Generation Techniques (Social Media Marketing Strategy) - ColorWhistle


Without an aggressive SEO practice, all the efforts you put on blogs, social media posts, infographics, podcasts, and others might go vain. Only when you optimize your content according to the guidelines and algorithms, there are chances for you to obtain better rankings on SERPs.

For instance, Runner’s World optimized its content according to the Google guidelines and was able to be spotted on organic rankings and featured snippets.

Types of Lead Generation Techniques (SERP Result Lead Generation) - ColorWhistle

What is Outbound Lead Generation?

Outbound lead generation refers to the strategic approach of reaching the target audience through impactful advertising billboards, emails, phone calls, etc.

Effective Ways for Generating Outbound Lead Generation

Cold Email

Cold email is a cost-effective and high ROI outbound marketing approach. For instance, Ambition, a sales performance management software company, could get 73 new leads out of 572 total prospects from a cold email campaign.

Justin McGill could grow his business to $30k MRR/month by sending cold emails to the audience. Also, Crazy Eye marketing got open rates of 50% and reply rates of 10% with their mobile app cold email campaign.

These B2B’s achievements prove that cold emails are an excellent outbound lead magnet that can drive quality leads to your sales funnel.

Direct Mail

Direct mail involves sending a piece of physical mail to your customers or prospects through mail service providers.

For instance, Ulta Beauty, a beauty franchise in the United States decided to increase its customer retention. For this, it launched a direct mail campaign that included competitive pricing and a new weekly coupon for prospects to bring in and redeem.

This resulted in driving 82% of consumers of both Ulta Beauty and their top competitor stating that Ulta’s frequent discounts and points system kept them coming back.

Types of Lead Generation Techniques (Email Marketing (ULTA)) - ColorWhistle

Direct mail marketing is one of the great lead generation approaches through which you can reach customers physically. Also, you will have the complete control of who is receiving your message, at what time it should be delivered, and how many people you should reach.

Trade Shows

A trade show is an exhibition where businesses in the same industry congregate to learn, find products to buy, and promote their own products and services.

Here, Aqua Paw attended the Global Pet Expo to increase knowledge of their new product and potentially make connections within the pet market. At this trade show, Aqua Paw won the New Product Showcase Winner’s award which again helped to increase knowledge about their brand.

Types of Lead Generation Techniques (Trade Shows to Increase Leads) - ColorWhistle

As trade shows are open only to the audience who are registered, reputable company representatives, or members of the press, you can meet the audience and carry on a meaningful conversation.

Paid advertising is easy to implement where you can set up a campaign on your preferred ad network and pay only when someone clicks your ad. Facebook, Google, Twitter, are some of the largest advertising platforms that you can use to send tons of traffic back to your website.

For example, Uber pays for advertisements all over social media platforms and across many web pages. If you visit a website related to travel, or a travel blog, you will find paid advertisements from Uber on those channels.

Types of Lead Generation Techniques (Paid Advertising Lead Generation Techniques) - ColorWhistle

More importantly, there are a lot of advertising regulations that vary for each platform. Depending on the advertising platform you choose, you must figure outbidding, targeting, and keywords to make your ad campaign a success.

Looking for Digital Marketing Services?

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Over to You – Choose the Best Lead Generation Approach that Captures Quality Leads to Your Sales Funnel

We have covered possible inbound and outbound lead generation approaches to drive potential leads into your sales funnel. Now, it’s all in your part to choose the right ones based on your business requirements and objectives.

Generating leads is the initial step that you take to expand the growth of your business. Lead generation is the process of stimulating the interests of your potential audience towards your products and services.

If you need any help in generating inbound and outbound leads for your business, feel free to reach our team at any time. We are ready to extend our support to you!

Based on the previous experiences with our clients, our creative designers, skilled web developers, and marketing strategists will construct effective strategies that filter qualified leads into your pipeline. Our comprehensive digital marketing services are designed to drive results. Contact us via message or call at +1 (210) 787-3600. We are happy to join hands with you!

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