Creating a Jewelry Website – Here are 15+ Factors to Consider for eCommerce Jewelry Website

Few years back, if you’ve a physical storefront, then it was more than enough. A website for jewelry shops seemed to be a luxury option. However, now the tables have turned. Today’s prospects don’t step even into a brick-and-mortar store without doing some research online. 

In addition to it, this novel COVID-19 pandemic has completely turned upside down the usual buying behaviors of people. If you’re thinking about establishing or expanding your e-commerce  jewelry business, then there is no prime time ever.

This blog post would enlighten you about the factors to consider while creating a website. We’ve also highlighted the importance of having a jewelry website in this tech-savvy era.  

Amalgamating elegant jewelry designs on a visually appealing website is the wisest move.

Why do Jewelry Businesses Need a Website?

Jewelry Website (Why-do-Jewelry-Businesses-Need-a-Website) - ColorWhistle

Look at what top jewelry firm owners say about the perks of websites, social media, and online presence during the pandemic.

  • The World Gold Council reported that “COVID-19 has disrupted the jewelry manufacturing industry in India and led retailers to re-evaluate their existing business model as online retail adoption accelerated during the pandemic across categories”
  • The Pandora Jewelry Interim Financial Report for Q1 2020 noted, “Online performance continues to be strong, and the channel appears highly resilient during market lockdowns with sales increasing by 29% over the first three months of the year despite disruptions in China” 
  • Elle Hill, CEO of US-based jewelry retail consultancy firm Hill & Co., said, “One of the biggest long-lasting effects that this is going to have on our industry is the awakening of how much can be done online. All of a sudden, an industry that felt ‘look, touch, and feel’ in order to ‘know, like and trust’ had to operate entirely within the confines of a digital footprint”
  • Paul Taylor, managing director Paul Taylor Jewellers in Auckland, New Zealand said, “Our internet presence has been in overhaul during this period and I am confident this is going to be most important in times ahead”

Benefits of Having a Jewelry Website with E-commerce

  • A website gives your jewelry store a digital storefront where you can show the HD-quality 360-degree view of your jewelry products with 3D printing options
  • To offer a convenient shopping experience to customers, because convenience seems to be the primary motivation for them to shop online 
  • Your customers can visit your online store and make a purchase 24/7 despite the closing timings, lockdowns, strikes, and other circumstances
  • Website is an online marketplace which can be accessed by both local and global customers without stepping up into your physical storefront
  • Using AI tech integration in your website, you’ll be able to differentiate between the convertible customers and unconvertible customers based on their shopping behaviors
  • With website tracking options, you can measure the performance of your online store and find out which strategies are working for you, which aren’t working and make improvements accordingly

Essential Features for Your Jewelry Website

No matter if you’re a small or well-established jewelry firm, your ultimate goal behind creating a website might be to showcase your jewelry collection to the online market. Your sales team doesn’t have to manually go behind buyers. Your website will do that for you, reaching prospective customers across all corners of the globe. 

Jewelry Website  (CW-Jewelry-Blog) - ColorWhistle

As we say this, it doesn’t mean selling jewelry online is a five-finger exercise. You’ve to hit the nail on the head with an ideal website, then it’s all going to be wonders & miracles for your business. But remember, your website is the reflection of your business.

To make a note, your prospects will make assumptions about your products’ quality and services by looking at your website design. Hence, make sure your website doesn’t look sloppy/poorly designed, else you’ll be at the risk of losing your potential customers and revenue.  

Jewelry Website Features

If you want to entice more customers to your jewelry website, then you should make sure that your site has a simple layout with a clean background of white or grey or some pale colors. 

You should include text in a basic fonts style and offer a clutter-free browsing experience eliminating pop-ups, banner ads, and sliders.

Also, unlike in physical jewelry shops, in online stores, customers won’t get a chance to physically experience i.e., touch-and-feel the products or directly talk to a salesperson to discuss the piece, gems used, their value, the wastage, etc. 

This seems to be a big barrier in online jewelry shopping. However, with a few “WYSIWYG” features, it’s quite possible to convince your prospects. 

Based on our research, we’ve enclosed some features below. Give it a read and be keep an eye on these while building/re-building your jewelry website. 

1) Jewelry Management Software

Jewelry management software is a one-stop solution tool that can be integrated with your jewelry website for efficiently managing the online jewelry store operations. 

Factors to Look for in a Jewelry Management Software

  • Features for accounting, invoicing, billing, inventory management, POS, customer management, catalog management, and business intelligence
  • Integration with other e-commerce platforms, accounting software, and inventory management software
  • Organization and labeling of your products 
  • Customization of your business processes
  • Access to users with security procedures  
  • Backup and restore data easily in case of system crash
  • Image optimization features

2) 3D Jewelry Viewer

Enables customers to view a 360-degree video of the jewelry pieces. As the product rotates in the video, prospects will be able to visualize jewelry pieces to and fro providing a real-world experience of sight and touch. 

Jewelry Website (3D View in Jewelry Website Development)  - ColorWhistle

3) Product Description

Write educative & to-the-point product descriptions which will help in building trust among prospects and give a legitimate appearance to your brand.   

Jewelry Website (Product Description in Jewelry Website Development)  - ColorWhistle

4) High Definition (HD) Photography with Motivating Call-to-action(CTA)

Did you know?

High-quality images convert 3 times more than low-quality ones. 

On a general note, jewelry pieces are very much delicate and so require detailed shots. For that purpose, you can choose a white background and click photos from different angles. Images coupled with motivating CTAs play a key role in making or breaking a deal.  

Moreover, a personalized CTA that changes according to the behaviors of your web visitors has a conversion rate of 202%. Use actual photos of your jewelry pieces, so buyers would get an idea of how it looks in the real-world. Do not use stock/fake photographs and mislead your prospects. 

Jewelry Website  (HD photo's Jewelry Website Development)  - ColorWhistle

5) Product Testimonials with Images

According to Trustpilot, 9 out of 10 customers worldwide make the effort to read reviews before buying products. Display your customers’ reviews along with the product images and this helps your customers visualize the products in real-time. 

Encourage your customers to leave their reviews & ratings after they complete a purchase. You can also contact your customers to know if they had received the product without any minor/major glitches, if so, how can you rectify it. Moreover, you can send emails to your customers for collecting their reviews, informing your new offers, new product launches, etc.

Jewelry Website (Product Testimonials in Jewelry Website Development)  - ColorWhistle

6) Price Breakups 

The truth behind customers not counting some online jewelry vendors reliable is that they don’t offer price breakups. They don’t show the gems’ price, price of the amount of gold/diamond/other metals used, wastage charges, insurance claims, etc.  

These price breakups will shape you as a trustworthy brand. For this, there is a user-friendly interface that allows you to evaluate your jewelry price based on the current value of that particular metal item. You can add weight, purity, and markup to each of the jewelry items.

Jewelry Website (Price Breakups in Jewelry Website Development) -ColorWhistle

7) Secure Payment Method

A secured payment gateway integration will make customers feel secure about their personal details and money. Not only local payments, but it can also serve as a hassle-free option for international payments.

There are various options to examine and provide special offers, discounts, etc. which will encourage prospects to buy from you.     

Moreover, there is an option called ‘Transit insurance’ which can be claimed by customers for damages or thefts of gold, diamond, and other expensive jewelry pieces. This might further strengthen your bonding with your customers.  

Jewelry Website (Payment Methods in Jewelry Website Development) - ColorWhistle

8) Search Bar Functionality 

There will be some customers visiting a jewelry website for buying a particular jewelry piece. Chances are higher for these visitors to make sales as they intentionally come in to buy the product compared to those shoppers who randomly navigate across your site. 

This type of customers don’t like to scroll through hundreds of categories, instead, they use the search bar. Infact, 30% of web users use the search box when offered one.

If there’s no search bar on your website, then you might lose a potential sale.  

Jewelry Website (Search Bar Functionality) - ColorWhistle

9) Checkout Process  

Did you know?

26% of online shoppers abandon their cart if the checkout process is too long or complicated.

In this fast-forward era, customers don’t have the patience to wait, they want everything to be at their convenience and spontaneous. Especially when it comes to checkout, if you ask them to fill in a lot of details and redirect them here and there, they might get frustrated and checkout without making a purchase. 

This would be considered a weak customer management style. Therefore, stop playing all these time-consuming actions and straight away jump to the shipping process just confirming their delivery address and payment methods.  

Jewelry Website (Checkout-Process) - ColorWhistle

10) Customer Support 

If anything that can make your customers fall in love with your brand, then customer service would ofcourse be on the list. In the physical storefront, there will be staff appointed in the inquiry center to answer all your customers’ queries. This is what a live chatbot does from your website assisting your sales team.  

Chatbots are programmed machines that are built with the capability to respond to your customers’ queries with most-relevant answers. In the way you want to answer your customers’ queries, like polite, spontaneous, and to-the-point replies, you can program the bots.

Jewelry Website (Customer-Support) -ColorWhistle

11) “About Us” Page

Customers, who visit a jewelry store, will have different questions like – Who is the director of this jewelry shop? When was the store launched? Where is it located? What makes its jewelry pieces unique? 

In the above section, we have discussed answering the question of your customers and clarifying their doubts. The ‘about us’ page is also a customer service section that gives an idea about your brand to your prospects. 

Jewelry Website (About-Us-Page) -ColorWhistle

12) “Terms and Conditions” Page

Terms and conditions page incorporates all your policies & standards. Buying & selling jewelry items from an online store is not a cupcake, it has so many risks both on the customers’ and shoppers’ ends. For example, say Joe is buying a diamond chain for his fiance from an online store. 

At the time of delivery, he finds that the item has a few scratches. He deliberately wanted to exchange it, but what if, if that store doesn’t accept exchanges. It might be a tragic sight, isn’t it? This will ruin your customer’s experiences and might lose sales.  

Therefore, we recommend you to have all your policies about returns, exchange, shipping, billing, terms and conditions, insurance, etc. to be included in some common language on your terms and conditions page and place them on the homepage. 

Jewelry Website (Terms-and-Conditions-Page ) - ColorWhistle

13) Website Navigation 

Website navigation serves as a roadmap that directs your customers to the specific pages that they want to visit. If all the webpages are organized and are in a clear structure, then your customers would find it easy to navigate through your pages, else, they might feel it confusing to locate.   

For example, say someone searches for wedding rings in your search bar. Wedding rings can be placed under the sub-categories and the navigation can be like – Home page – Rings – Wedding Rings, instead of displaying everything on the same page. 

Jewelry Website (Website-Navigation) - ColorWhistle

14) Mobile Responsive

With the growing demand for mobile phones, you’ve to make sure that your website is responsive across all devices. When we say, designing your website responsive-friendly, it doesn’t mean creating separate websites for different devices, instead, it automatically scales the single website’s content to fit all screen sizes. 

Responsive web design is a budget-friendly solution as it requires only the design of a single website layout. As it fits across all devices, customers will not bounce off quickly. Also, search engines love mobile-friendly sites, so you can take advantage of the search results as well. 

Jewelry Website (Mobile Responsive) - ColorWhistle

15) Page Speed 

Page speed is the time taken by your website to load on your customers’ browsers. Since it’s a jewelry website, it will have plenty of images, gifs, and videos, that’s not a big deal. However, make sure that these elements don’t slow down your website load time. 

Infact, 1 in 2 visitors would abandon a website if it takes more than 6 seconds to load. 

Few Tips to Improve Page Speed

  • Compress your images, but make sure, the quality doesn’t get affected much
  • Keep your CSS, JavaScript, and HTML code simple 
  • Minimize the use of redirects
  • Remove browser cache regularly
  • Optimize server response time
  • Optimize the image & video size format
  • Use Content Delivery Network (CDN)

16) Social Media Marketing

Today, social media platforms pave way for interacting with your prospective customers. You can post your customers’ testimonials and feedback to captivate the attention of jewel-lovers.

Social media profiles are a digital business card of your jewelry store, therefore, incorporate your name, address, contact number, and other crucial information with which your prospects can contact you. 

Jewelry Website (Social-Media-Marketing) - ColorWhistle

17) Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) – without this, it’s really hard for customers to survive in today’s business world. It’s the process of optimizing your website content, formulating strategies to acquire better positions in the search results.   

You can optimize the keywords, content, images, videos, social media profiles, inbound & outbound links, and other SEO-related activities. If it sounds overwhelming to you, then you can take assistance from veteran SEO consultants in India for a pocket-friendly collaboration. 

How much does it Cost to Build a Jewelry Website? 

Infact, depending on the features you require & complexity of your website, the development cost might differ. We cannot give a plain cost estimate unless we understand your requirements.  

However, we’ve just evaluated and mentioned the average cost of building a website for your jewelry store. 

Build a new jewelry website using e-commerce platforms

$8000 – $15000

Integrating a module within your existing website

 $1800 – $4000

If you want to know more about the pricing details, you can reach out to the sales team from a jewelry website development agency

Looking for eCommerce Development Services?

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Partner with ColorWhistle for Your Custom Jewelry Website Development 

The online jewelry industry is growing at a rapid pace. A website seems to be the golden ticket for entering into the world of your prospective customers.  

Though these are all the factors you’ve to pay attention to at the time of creating a jewelry website, you might have a different idea and vision about the look-and-feel of your website in your mind. 

And, this is when a custom website development consultancy firm like ColorWhistle an help you. Our web designers, developers, and digital marketers have worked with many clients and can bring your website’s vision into reality. Feel free to call us +91 (944).278.9110 or text us

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Do you have questions regarding our jewelry website development services? Put down your questions in the comments below. We’re ready to clarify your doubts. 

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