E-Commerce Website Design Trends to Look Out

The 2024 e-commerce web design trends are here!

When it comes to design, we always keep an eye on the trends. After a thorough analysis, our designers at ColorWhistle put together this e-commerce design trends blog. From bold colors to vaporwave aesthetics, there’s a lot to look forward to in 2024.

We hope these trends will keep you ready for the change and inspire you to create highly functional and easy-to-use e-commerce websites.

E-Commerce Website Design Trends to Look Out (Striking Colors) - ColorWhistle
E-Commerce Website Design Trends to Look Out (Clever Navigation) - ColorWhistle
E-Commerce Website Design Trends to Look Out (Storytelling approach via) - ColorWhistle
E-Commerce Website Design Trends to Look Out (Taking a mobile first approach) - ColorWhistle
E-Commerce Website Design Trends to Look Out (Creating an interactive shopping) - ColorWhistle
E-Commerce Website Design Trends to Look Out (Dedicated Landing page) - ColorWhistle
E-Commerce Website Design Trends to Look Out (Multidirectional Layouts) - ColorWhistle
E-Commerce Website Design Trends to Look Out (Micro animations) - ColorWhistle
E-Commerce Website Design Trends to Look Out (Neutral Colors) - ColorWhistle
Neutral-Pastel Colors to add that warmth
E-Commerce Website Design Trends to Look Out (Original Photographs) - ColorWhistle
E-Commerce Website Design Trends to Look Out (Adding Vaporwave) - ColorWhistle
E-Commerce Website Design Trends to Look Out (AI Chatbots) - ColorWhistle
AI and Chatbots for personalization

1. Striking Colors and Attractive Typography

Some of the most convincing aspects of a web design are colors and typography. They have psychological effects on consumers because of their specific neuro-associations. This year, you will see an increase in the usage of bold, bright, and eye-catching colors. Design-wise, things will be kept as simple as possible. But subtle and cool colors will be used in order to make users stay on the e-commerce website.

2. Taking a Mobile-First Approach

We are in the era of mobile technology. According to OuterBox, 79% of smartphone users have made a purchase online using their mobile devices. Moreover, from a ranking point of view, search engines will prefer websites that are optimized for mobile. So, an increasing amount of importance will be given to creating e-commerce websites and mobile apps that adapt to various screen sizes.

3. Creating an Interactive Shopping Experience

Even though there are many people who prefer to shop online, some still want to interact with the product before making a purchase. 49% of Millennial and Gen Z consumers have gone to a physical store as they wanted the in-store experience. This problem can be addressed by incorporating shopping experiences such as interactive signage, augmented reality, and smart mirrors.

Interactive shopping experiences are going to one of the top e-commerce trends, as it is a surefire way for retailers to engage customers during the purchase-decision-making time.

4. Dedicated Landing Pages for Products

Landing pages will be another e-commerce design trend you must look out for. E-commerce landing pages are digital storefronts as it grabs the user’s attention and kick starts their shopping experience. Between customers having plenty of choices and raising the costs of digital advertisements, e-commerce landing pages are one of the best ways to reach customers and satisfy their shopping needs.

5. Storytelling Approach via Product Pages

Stories are a great way to direct people to buy the product. Through stories, you can shift the focus of your content from selling to solving the problems of shoppers. Storytelling can make your content much more engaging. Many e-commerce websites will start employing this tactic in the years to come so their brand can stand out from the crowd.

6. Multidirectional/Asymmetric Layouts

Product Gallery is one of the most important parts of your e-commerce website. It gives visitors information that could lead them to make a purchase decision. A standard gallery does a decent job, but there are other ways to make it better. You will see many brands experimenting with multi-product galleries that have grids. This e-commerce design trend has come at the perfect time as it addresses interactive shopping experiences and mobile-first design.

7. Adding Vaporwave Aesthetics

Everyone has fond memories of interacting with Clippy, the cute Microsoft assistant. Remembering such types of design elements gives us powerful feelings of nostalgia. Similarly, Vaporwave’s influence (The 1980s – 1990s imagery, musical styles, and consumer culture) will be a part of e-commerce graphic design trends in 2024. It comprises characteristics such as psychedelic typography, neon pastel color schemes, and gradient color blending from the 80s and 90s. If you feel the style to be bold, you can just pick a few elements and customize them to suit your e-commerce brand.

E-Commerce Website Design Trends to Look Out (Vaporwave ) - ColorWhistle

8. Clever Navigation with Page Transitions

Page transitions are also known as animated transitions. It is used to give a good browsing experience to websites. Page transitions will gain full momentum. Even though it is optional, it is an amazing addition to improve the user experience. Online shoppers will take notice of this and enjoy them. This equals more time spent on your website. If this is employed correctly, it will liven up the website and help with navigation as well.

9. Micro animations

Micro animations are brief animations that will help you explain many things visually without using words. It will also simplify tasks such as drag-and-drop and inform users they have performed a task correctly. This will be one of the main e-commerce design trends as many are finding ways to enhance and enrich the interface and micro animations will help to achieve it. More importantly, through micro animations, you can enhance your brand experience and give more character to your design.

10. Neutral/Pastel Colors to add that warmth

A lot of time, bold colors are used to make a website stand out. However, not only bold colors can give an attractive look. There will be a growing trend in e-commerce web design for the use of less dominant colors like Pastel (never bold and will look easy on the eyes). This tone will add a light and fun tone to your website. Keep note that implementing pastel colors can be quite hard, if it’s not done right your website will look washed out. So, you can hire a web designer to get the right balance of colors and tones.

11. Original Photographs with Graphic Touches

This year there will be an increase in virtual reality (VR), augmented reality (AR), and 3D imaging technology as this will help customers better understand the product they want to purchase. These advanced technologies mainly depend on quality images. You can actually apply this to your e-commerce store in 2024 by adding authentic images (custom photography) with a graphical touch. Also, try to minimize the usage of stock images as much as possible.

12. AI and Chatbots for personalization

AI technology has changed the e-commerce industry. From brand development, payments, security, logistics, purchasing, inventory management, and fulfillment, it affects most of the areas in e-commerce. As technology such as AI and chatbots improves user experience and management control, in 2021, we can expect a huge rise in its usage.

Wait! That’s not all the inspiration we have collected. We have a good number of images/videos uploaded to our Pinterest Board with more trending inspiration and ideas. Click below our Pinterest board to get more visibility on the trends we have discussed above

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Final Words

It is always exciting to see how e-commerce web design trends continue to change. We would describe the e-commerce trends of 2024 as fast, clean, and eye-catching.

Staying current on top of the latest e-commerce design trends is crucial to the success of your e-commerce store. To create your own high-converting store! See our blog post showcasing 21+ Inspiring Shopify Plus Websites.

At the end of the day, most of the top e-commerce web design trends for 2024 are good and trendy concepts that will make the users trust you and direct them towards making a purchase.

If you need any help to incorporate such types of e-commerce design trends in your website, our team at ColorWhistle can help. Call +1 (210) 787-3600 or schedule a free consultation today.

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