Profitable Online Education Business Ideas

Being a steadily growing sector worldwide, the education industry showers opportunities for starting an education business. According to Global Industry Analysts, the private learning and tutoring markets are expected to grow as a $227.2 billion industry by 2023.

If you’ve skills and passion in photography, music, dance, cooking, painting, etc., then you’re the one to start an online education business. This will help you train a massive group of students, aspirants, and common people eventually gaining attention and revenue!

In this post, we have curated the best 22 profitable education business ideas. Time to say goodbye to the 9-5 job where you work only for wages. Discover your passion & skills, establish your online presence, fill your pockets with dollars earning for what you love!

Here we go.

21+ Profitable Online Education Business Ideas

1. Tutoring Students Online

Online Education Business Ideas(Tutoring Students Online)- ColorWhistle

Tutoring students online is a lucrative education business idea that does not demand high investments. As tutoring happens at a one-to-one session, you can monitor students’ individually and make them master the lessons at their own pace and understanding abilities. Make sure you have access to all the essential requirements such as seamless internet connectivity, well-operating electronic gadgets/computer, and online education tools.

Top Online Tutoring Websites

2. Online Home Schooling Services

Online Education Business Ideas (Online Home for School & Education Industries) - ColorWhistle

Online homeschooling services, one of the smartest attempts to teach students of all grades. According to the National Home Education Research Institute there are over two million children being homeschooled in the U.S. Create enticing content using advanced technologies and powerful learning tools to provide the best learning experience for the students.

Top online home schooling websites

3. Online Education Games

Online Education Business Ideas(Online Education Games) - Colorwhistle

Online learning games are useful in making students stay active. Fun to-do tasks, games, and others allow students to master the lessons enthusiastically without distractions. Moreover, these online games enhance students’ perception levels, creativity skills, problem-solving techniques, and so on. Hence, you can build amazing IQ improvement games that help students to learn subjects with extra fun.

Top online educational game websites

4. Online High School

Online Education Business Ideas(Online High School) - ColorWhistle

As online high schools provide flexible learning opportunities for students, it is a perfect idea for an online education business. Nowadays, high school students take part in extra-curricular activities, part-time jobs, social works, and others. These activities probably make students miss learning sessions in brick-and-mortar schools. With an intuitive online high school system, you can make these students focus on other activities along with academic activities.

Top online high school websites

5. Online Library

Online Education Business Ideas (Online Library for School & Education Industries) - ColorWhistle

Online library, one of the powerful education business platforms useful for both youngsters and adults to spend their free time fruitfully. Moreover, many schools and colleges have started converting their educational materials to electronic format. Comprise an extensive range of academic books, newspapers, dictionaries, encyclopedias, magazines, and many more into the online system and make it easily accessible for all.

Top online library websites

6. Online Acting School

Online Education Business Ideas (Online Acting for School & Education Industries) - ColorWhistle

Online acting schools pave a great way to teach acting skills for people. Before establishing an online acting school, make sure you have all the essential technical requirements such as electronic gadgets, tripod stand, seamless internet connectivity, headset with microphone, etc. By having a strong digital presence, you can reach a massive number of people who aim to begin their career in acting.

Top online acting school websites

7. Online Courses

Online Education Business Ideas (Online Courses School & Education Industries) - ColorWhistle

Online courses are a profitable business idea for sharing your expertise with the world. According to, online courses are expected to reach more than $240 billion by 2021. Being available in the online platforms help you in targeting the potential audience. Additionally, providing online courses at an affordable price becomes a passive revenue generator for your business.

Top online course websites

8. Digital Skills Development Center

Online Education Business Ideas (Digital Skills Development Center) - ColorWhistle

Establishing an online skill development center is a lucrative education business idea. Many subject matter experts (SMEs) are optimizing this business opportunity and educating people. There are so many interesting areas to cover in the online course that includes photography, personality development, music, gardening, cooking, beauty tips, language, and many other skills.

Top skill development websites

9. Online Fashion Design Institutes

Online Education Business Ideas (Online Fashion Design for School & Education Industries) - ColorWhistle

Both men and women have a huge love for fashion designing, but they do not get ample time to attend regular classes. You can inspire an enormous group of potential design aspirants by providing online fashion design courses. Further, you have to provide live sessions with experts, lesson recording functionalities, practical assignments, theory content pdf, certifications, etc in your online fashion design institute.

Top online fashion design websites

10. Online Music School

Online Education Business Ideas (Online Music for School & Education Industries) - ColorWhistle

Online music classes can target prospective audiences from in and around the world. By launching an online music school, you can easily turn your music expertise to an income flowing stream. Advanced tools including video making software, online chatting platforms, discussion boards, online payment gateways, etc will help you stay connected with the music aspirants.

Top online music schools

11. Online Stress Management Courses

Online Education Business Ideas (Stress Management Courses for School & Education Industries) - ColorWhistle

In this fast-paced world, many people are looking for stress management skills and ideas. Hence, by providing stress management counseling online, you help people to access your services from anywhere at any time. Further, if you are a specialist in stress management you can provide training and courses for people who are aspiring to become professional stress management specialists.

Top online stress management course websites

12. Online Woodworking Courses

Online Education Business Ideas (Wood Working Courses for School & Education Industries) - ColorWhistle

Launching an online woodworking course helps you to effectively promote your business in the digital world. By taking online sessions and providing learning courses, you can share your expertise and grab the attention of potential aspirants who aim to become professional woodworkers.

Top online woodworking classes websites

13. Online Cooking Classes

Online Education Business Ideas (Online Cooking Courses for School & Education Industries) - ColorWhistle

Online cooking is one of the best income-generating education business ideas. If you are an expert in cooking, then online cooking business will be the right choice for you. There are so many housewives, cooks, caterers, bachelors, etc who are looking for unique cooking ideas. By sharing your creative cooking skills online, you can attract an enormous group of audience.

Top online cooking class websites

14. Online Courses for Entrepreneurship

Online Education Business Ideas (Online Entrepreneurship for School & Education Industries) - ColorWhistle

Many people dream of becoming successful entrepreneurs. If you are a skilled entrepreneur with lots of experience, you can help those aspirants with online entrepreneurship classes. In the online course, you can share your experience, reveal smart business tips, etc and earn income.

Top online entrepreneurship courses websites

15. Educative Cartoons Series for Children

Online Education Business Ideas (Cartoon Series for School & Education Industries) - ColorWhistle

It is easy to engage school children in animated cartoons. Even schools are looking for experts to produce educative cartoon series for their students. Hence, if you are skillful in animation related activities, then you can focus on creating educative cartoons for children. By doing so, you can run a highly profitable and thriving business.

Top educative cartoon websites

16. Start an Online Photography Academy

Online Education Business Ideas (Photography Academy Courses for School & Education Industries) - ColorWhistle

Online photography academy, one of the perfect business ideas for driving income. With the help of your online photography academy, you can provide quality photography skills. Also, people will gain both theoretical and practical experiences in photography regardless of time and surroundings.

Top online photography academy websites

17. Start an Educative Radio Program

Online Education Business Ideas (Educative Radio Courses for School & Education Industries) - ColorWhistle

Most of the people spend their time listening to radio programs. If you are good at developing content on radio, you can engage people by hosting educational radio programs. You can cover subjects including entrepreneurship, economy, science, laws, and other education-related content in the program.

Top educative radio websites

18. Start an Online Charter School

Online Education Business Ideas (Online Charter School Courses for Education Industries) - ColorWhistle

Charter schools provide many educational benefits to the students. If you are interested in gaining a business portfolio in the education sector, then develop a strong web presence for the charter schools. We have written a detailed blog on the must-have charter school website functionalities, click here to learn more.

Top online charter school websites

19. Child Caretaker Courses

Online Education Business Ideas (Child Caretaker Courses for School & Education Industries) - ColorWhistle

Online child caretaker courses are an amazing education business idea. If you are a specialized child caretaker then you can create online certification courses helping people who aim to get certified as a professional child caretaker.

Top online child caretaker course websites

20. Start an Online Bible School

Online Education Business Ideas (Online Bible Courses for Education Industries) - ColorWhistle

If you are an educationalist with biblical knowledge, then online bible school is a profitable education business idea for you. For instance, school children do not find time to spend in spiritual-related activities. You can help these children to learn spiritual concepts by making your expertise available online.

Top online bible school websites

21. Start an Online Language School

Online Education Business Ideas (Online Language School for Education Industries) - ColorWhistle

Online language schools, one of the great ways to earn money in the education business industry. If you are good at speaking local and foreign languages fluently, then you can start an online language school. You can help a sizable group of audience willing to learn languages in their free time remotely.

Top online language websites

22. Start an Online School for Disabled

Online Education Business Ideas (Online School for Disabled) - ColorWhistle

Online private schools are one of the lucrative business ideas in the education industry. It might be hard for physically and mentally challenged students to travel to the school at the scheduled time. By launching online private schools for disabled students, you can make them learn from home at their preferred timings.

Top online school websites for disabled

Importance of Digital Presence for Online Education

In this DigiTech world, online presence has become the greatest source for boosting the growth of any business. If you want to be successful in your education business, then you have to showcase your training services on your own website. It is easy to capture the attention of potential learning aspirants using a professional website.

These above-mentioned education business ideas will be useful for following your passion, establishing a strong online presence, generating revenue, and many more benefits. There are modern solutions like SendPulse Edu that offer a suite of tools – online course builder, a handy CRM to manage students, or multiple channels to promote your course.

If you want to explore these perks, you have to activate your presence in the online world. For developing a unique image in the online education business, you should create a website, provide online learning services, optimize for search engines, and so on. Establishing a presence in the online space is not a piece of cake, it involves a lot of effort and process.

To assist you on that scale, there are thousands of education website design agencies out there. Pay close attention and choose the trustworthy and experienced service provider for your online education business.

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Final Thoughts

We hope this blog helps you make the right decision for beginning your online education business. If you like to get any assistance for setting your feet in the digital space, do reach our team.

At ColorWhistle, we provide unique education web design and development services for leading your online education business. Feel free to contact or call us +1 (210) 787-3600 at any time. We are glad to work with you!

Do you like to add any more online education business ideas that we have missed? Let us know in the comments section.

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