Content Creation for Online Education – 10+ Curated Videos To Do It Right

Delivering online training can be a bit overwhelming if you are not sure about where to begin.

If you want to create an ideal atmosphere for your learners and make them feel inspired by your content, we can help with our exclusive education website development services . We have collected some videos that will help you create and sell your courses online. Get inspired by the curated videos discover the tactics of content creation through our content marketing services and start enhancing your education platform

Let’s take a look!

Online Course Content Creation Videos

Online courses are trending in the e-learning industry. Setting up an online space for courses and finding the right student for your course can be a challenging task. There can be multiple questions that come in your mind before taking the first step. Here are a few videos that we have curated to help you understand the steps you can take to start teaching online courses.

1. How to Create an Online Course Step by Step

  • Video By – Latasha James
  • Video Length – 15 mins

2. Google Lesson Sites for Teachers- Made Simple

  • Video By – Comfy Art Class
  • Video Length – 12 mins

3. Teach Online with Zoom – Beginners Tutorial

  • Video By – Teachers Tech
  • Video Length – 12 mins

4. How to create an online course THAT SELS

  • Video By – Sunny Lenarduzzi
  • Video Length – 12 mins

5. ACERT Event Capsule – Online course development: First takes

  • Video By – ACERT at Hunter College
  • Video Length – 7 mins

6. WHAT EQUIPMENT do you need to TEACH and STREAM

  • Video By – Pronunciation with Emma
  • Video Length – 11 mins

7. Getting Started with Google Classroom | EDTech Made Easy

  • Video By – Pocketful of Primary
  • Video Length – 11 mins

8. How To Teach Classes Online

  • Video By – AccessAlly
  • Video Length – 4 mins

Online Mentorship Content Creation Videos

Want to learn to develop a mentoring program? Great! Running an impactful online training program takes effort and know-how. It is indeed not an easy task to build an online mentorship program from scratch. That is why in this section we have put together some useful videos on how to develop an effective online mentorship program that actually works.

1. E-Mentoring Best Practices

  • Video By – Big Brothers Big Sisters of NYC
  • Video Length – 8 mins

2. Webinar: Building Successful Mentoring Relationship

  • Video By – AGU
  • Video Length – 60 mins

3. How To Build Your Mentoring Business

  • Video By – Steve Hackney
  • Video Length – 12 mins

Online Tutors Content Creation Videos

Online tutoring has become a splendid avenue to start and make a business out of it. As a teacher or professional, this prospect must be really exciting. However, it is not easy to start online tutoring. You need to be aware of the tools, platforms and myriad of other things. To help you give some ideas, we have collected some valuable videos on how to become an online tutor.

1. How to Tutor Online with Zoom (Tools & Techniques)

  • Video By – Mario’s Math Tutoring
  • Video Length – 6 mins

2. HOW TO: Online Tutoring Pros, Cons, & Troubleshooting Tips

  • Video By – Lisa’s Study Guides
  • Video Length – 11 mins

3. Tools for Online Tutoring: What do you REALLY need?

  • Video By – Joanne Kaminski
  • Video Length – 11 mins

4. How to Find Students to Tutor Online – 5 Tips To Get Started!

  • Video By – Sonia Teach
  • Video Length – 7 mins

5. How to be a successful online Tutor – A discussion with Dipan

  • Video By –
  • Video Length – 60 mins

Online Language Courses Content Creation Videos

Online language courses are some of the best-selling courses in the world. Even though there are many established players in the market, there is still plenty of space in the market for individuals to teach languages. If you plan to set up an online language course, there are some things you need to know. Here, we have curated some excellent videos that explain the most important elements of how to create a language course.

1. How to start teaching a language online in 2024

  • Video By – Learn Italian with Lucrezia
  • Video Length – 8 mins

2. Teach English – or any language – Online in 2024

  • Video By – Teaching ESL Online
  • Video Length – 23 mins

3. How to Start Teaching Languages Online – My Teaching Story

  • Video By – Lindsay Williams
  • Video Length – 28 mins

4. Taking Your Language Teaching Online! A Webinar for Language Tutoring

  • Video By –
  • Video Length – 97 mins

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Teaching in an online environment can be daunting even for seasoned online instructors. However, with few simple tactics, you can make the process smooth and enjoyable.

We hope that these videos will help you create the perfect education website that could add value to your student’s online learning and address their personal needs. By avoiding the common pitfalls outlined in these videos, we are sure that you can assist your learners in developing the necessary skills to flourish.

If you need any professional help in creating an online space or require video marketing services from a company, you can contact or call +1 (210) 787-3600 our ColorWhistle team. We are happy to offer our assistance.

Which videos did you like? Have we missed any of your go-to-guides? Do share them in the comments section below.

Disclaimer: All the videos in this blog have been sourced from YouTube to enable easy learning experience for our readers. ColorWhistle does not own any of these videos.

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