Digital Marketing Tactics to Increase B2B Sales

In today’s world, everyone is trying to become an entrepreneur, set-up a business, or a start-up. In each of these cases, there is one important factor that they all are targeting – the customer.

B2B or Business-to-Business marketing encompasses one company’s product sales to another company through a white-label partnership. Whether it’s a product or a service, any type of business or enterprise is looking to make more people aware of it. It does not matter if your product is good, but if nobody knows about it, people won’t buy it.

In this post, we are going to help your B2B Company’s product or services reach as many people as is possible.  We will be outlining tactics and social media strategies that will help your B2B Company generate sales and acquire new leads.

Digital Marketing Tactics to Increase B2B Sales - ColorWhistle

Leads and Sales

Digital Marketing Tactics to Increase B2B Sales (Leads and Sales Marketing Funnel) - ColorWhistle

You may not have a great product.  It might not even be the most affordable service provider.  It might not even have a great service offering. The thing is, all you need to be is a great seller.
For any sales to happen, you constantly require quality leads which you can then convert to consumers.  The leads are the backbone for your salespeople, who contact, arrange a meeting, pitch, and then convert it to sales.  For all this to happen, you have to have quality leads.

Suppose you are currently making 10 sales a month.  If you are able to increase that by 15% and the lead quality is the same, will have increased your revenue by 15%.  It is as simple as that.

Every contact detail you are able to procure is potentially a lead.  These details have different values in their effectiveness in generating a sale.  Subscribers to your website might buy an additional product or service, but cold calling might not yield the same results.

Now, you know why generating a lead is serious business.  It is an important factor for your businesses growth. As a B2B business, you should evaluate whether your lead generation strategies are optimized or not.

Email Marketing Automation

Digital Marketing Tactics to Increase B2B Sales (Email Marketing Practice) - ColorWhistle

The first contact a customer experiences plays a vital role in their decision-making process.  The first email to customers should entice them to open it and see the value proposition. When communicating with customers, be sure to give them all the facts.  You do not want your customers to think that they are not getting the best deal possible.

Catchy headlines are what will get your foot through the door and make your customers open the emails. Templates will help you in quickly composing emails and only changing a few details.  Lastly, persuasive content will help you set up a meeting and the groundwork for your sales team.


FACT: “93% of B2B companies practice sending out emails to their prospective customers

Email marketing is one of the most popular methods of contacting customers and conducting sales.

The main aim of email marketing automation is to reach huge and vast customer and consumer base in the shortest amount of time.  Pre-defined templates help you to reuse them by changing a few lines of content to address your customer. Templates also help in quickly composing your newsletter and emailing them at a faster rate.

Generating Customer Reviews

Digital Marketing Tactics to Increase B2B Sales (Generating Online Reviews) - ColorWhistle

The main aim of products or services is reaching the maximum number of people.  One of the methods to do that is to have them reviewed. The more positive reviews, the greater reach they have.  The more people it reaches, the greater the leads and higher the sales in return.

Go through the reviews and listen to what your customers are saying. Keep your focus on the pulse of the reviews. This helps in being at the forefront of the competition, and conducting more sales.


 FACT: “63% of consumers are more likely to purchase from a site that has reviews”

Invest in Content Marketing

Digital Marketing Tactics to Increase B2B Sales (Content Marketing Strategy for B2B Sales) - ColorWhistle

Content forms the pillars of your sites promotion and sales strategy. Content helps one think outside the box. You have to create unique content to get your customers engaged.

Create engaging subject lines and use humor to keep the tone friendly. Your content is what keeps the customer engaged. You talk to your customer through your content. It should be relevant and always include information that people are looking for.

Video Promotions

Digital Marketing Tactics to Increase B2B Sales (Video Marketing Strategy) - ColorWhistle

Video has always been dominant in B2B marketing. In their private life, clients are already video consumers. It makes sense to approach them through video in professional settings.

Nowadays, a majority of B2B businesses use video to promote their product. People increasingly expect to see these types of content. 85% of people expect to see content by brands through video in the future.


 FACT: “70% B2B marketers believe video is a more effective way of communicating and converting leads”

Educating clients with video, you help get the message across quickly and precisely. Video helps you remove confusions about your company and your brand. It also helps you convey your product or service benefits.

Online Events

Digital Marketing Tactics to Increase B2B Sales (Online Event Marketing Strategy) - ColorWhistle

An important component of B2B business is event marketing. It is a very productive and effective marketing strategy. 31% of executives believe live events will generate more leads in the future. By attending trade shows, these executives know the value of lead generation and are aware of its benefits.

Live events, such as trade shows, can significantly benefit your company when it comes to entering a market and launching new services or products. Incorporating a robust digital marketing service strategy into your trade show presence can amplify your impact and create a substantial buzz for your company. In fact, when executed effectively, combining live events with digital marketing services often yields a more significant impact than traditional advertising alone

These events can reach the intended audience and marketers in one go. You can also make use of opportunities trade shows offer for making it big.


Remarketing or retargeting is simply building brand cognizance and driving traffic to your site. Remarketing is a fail-proof B2B tactic as it drives repeated purchases. About 50% traffic can be converted by using remarketing. By using remarketing in search, roughly 2% traffic is converted.

Remarketing is a powerful tool for building a brand. Twitter and Facebook remarketing are 100 times more powerful for lead to sales conversion. Your marketing team should use remarketing in addition to leads generation.

Remarketing is a strategy aimed at having your consumers visit and revisit your site repeatedly. This powerful technique can lead to enhanced lead generation, increased return on investment (ROI), and the recapturing of missed leads. By leveraging effective pay per click services within your remarketing efforts, you can strategically target and engage your audience, maximizing the impact of your campaigns and achieving better results.

Social Media

Digital Marketing Tactics to Increase B2B Sales (Social Media Strategy) - ColorWhistle

Around 95% of people are on social media. You need to use social media to brand your B2B business. It is mostly used for branding and is now being used to generate leads.

Many marketers recognize the potential of social media for brand promotion and sales, with 75% of them relying on social media platforms to inform their decision-making. Moreover, an impressive 76% of customers are actively engaging on social media sites. To harness the full power of social media marketing, partnering with a specialized social media marketing agency can be a strategic move to drive your brand’s success.

Digital marketing like blogging and email marketing have become platforms for lead generation. Social media has become an impressive marketing tool. Marketers get a huge platform for networking and growing their enterprises.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Digital Marketing Tactics to Increase B2B Sales (SEO Marketing Strategy) - ColorWhistle

People Google information, but businesses don’t. Your company’s SEO strategy should be for the people you want to reach. SEO isn’t about keywords anymore.  It’s about optimizing your company for various queries through a search engine and be found anywhere.

Your website needs to be optimized for organic queries, paid searches, and digital ad placements. B2B purchases are significant sales and long-term assets. People weigh in on buying and approach it with various queries. Your website needs to address these different queries.

SEO improves your traffic by making your website, company, and brand being visible to consumers. When you rank higher in search results, you are becoming the first choice for many people. More people means more leads, which results in more sales.

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B2B business promotion is a challenge in itself. Your business can’t become popular without promotional tactics. B2B business is like a community. You need to be out there in the real world and not neglect your core values.

Your business needs to be customer aware and oriented. Your product or service needs to cater to customer needs and not about rankings. The above 9 tactics will help your business to rank higher, promote your brand, connect with people, generate leads, and make more sales.

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