Guide to Digital Marketing with E-Book Reference


As digital marketing consultants we are constantly looking out for techniques and references which help to know the latest updates, blogs, ideas and tools.

At, ColorWhistle we have regularly go through all these websites for digital marketing purposes and thought of sharing them with you.

Guide to Digital Marketing References

SEO Service

Digital Marketing Guide - ColorWhistle

On Page Ranking Factors

Blog is the best blog to learn all the new techniques of On-Page optimization.

Off Page Ranking Factors

Blog is a great place to start understand what you need to take care of in off page listing.

Search Engine Algorithm Update

Guide to Digital Marketing with E-Book Reference (SEO Algorithm Update) - ColorWhistle

Search Engine Algorithm is defined as a set of rules by search engine to track your website that has the quality of satisfying user’s expectation through relevancy, on page factors, off page factors by resulting SERP.


Search Engine Land is one of the most well known blog for the search engine algorithm, which gives you an immediate update to all the algorithms. Search Engine Land also gives you the option for Guest Blogging for all the end users in and around the world. Every Digital Marketing Agency should be aware about the things that happen around the algorithm updates.


Google Search Techniques

Guide to Digital Marketing with E-Book Reference (Google Search Techniques) - ColorWhistle

Searching in Google for backlink indexing, competitor analyse, local SEO search is also one of the Digital Marketing Technique which will be useful for all SEO analysts, Digital marketing agency and it will help all end users also.

How to Search keywords on Google

Explicit Phrase

If you are searching in Google for specific item or product details, use “” into the Google search box while searching it, this will help you get a better result for the given word.

Guide to Digital Marketing with E-Book Reference (Search Keywords on Google) - ColorWhistle

If you want to find a website that is relevant to any specific industry use the keyword “” in Google search, you will find the website to the relevant brand, in your search results.

Guide to Digital Marketing with E-Book Reference (Related Search Keywords on Google) - ColorWhistle

Exclude words

If you are in need of searching any specific service or product and you want to avoid other brand product or service with reference to, please add the hyphen (-) symbol before the word you want to exclude.

Guide to Digital Marketing with E-Book Reference (Exclude Search Keywords on Google) - ColorWhistle


SimilarWeb is a website that helps you to identify the similar website to the one you enter and results with details like website traffic, monthly visits, user engagement, referrals and so on. This Digital Marketing technique is helpful for understanding how a competitor site is performing and is useful for a Digital marketing agency.


Google SERP Rank Tracking

Guide to Digital Marketing with E-Book Reference (SERP Rank Tracking on Google) - ColorWhistle

Searching in Google for your keyword ranking is one of the biggest challenges for each and every Digital Marketing Agency to target their niche industry and reach the #1 position in Google search. Here are the blogs and tools for your reference.

Blog is one of the top most players in this digital marketing industry. SERPs provide you the ideas and update which helps you to reach the position of #1 in your industry.



SERPs provides you the free version to track your keyword position in search engine. If you are in need of tracking for more than 500 keywords use their pricing option and buy the best option and make your productive results and achieve the client satisfaction.


Social Media Marketing

Guide to Digital Marketing with E-Book Reference (Social Media Marketing) - ColorWhistle

Social media marketing is the process of using social media platforms to target the end user to buy the product or service. Given the blog reference and automation tools to use the social media marketing and stay update with your audience.

Blog gives you wide range of social media marketing details in each blog update to follow up the trends that has been ensured before sharing this content.



Tools designed for digital marketing agencies to help your client to understand the progress that happening in and around their social media.


E-Mail Marketing

Guide to Digital Marketing with E-Book Reference (Email Marketing) - ColorWhistle

E-Mail Marketing is the method of reaching your audience commercially to promote your product or service and impressing each people personally and setup the Call-To-Action to bring users to your website. It is also one of the best automation tool and to see live what’s happening around your campaign. It is one of the best techniques to a Digital Marketing Company.

Blog gives you the guidance and ideas to setup and run the E-Mail Marketing to track the campaign, schedule the campaign and lots of digital marketing tips.


Tool is the best platform to put your ideas and thoughts and reach the maximum audience in your industry and they proved by connecting around 15 million globally to sell more stuff.


Website Performance Check

Guide to Digital Marketing with E-Book Reference (Website Performance Check) - ColorWhistle

Website Performance is part of On-page technique, loading your website in few seconds and makes the end user happy. Each and every Digital Marketing Agency follows up with this Website for their website solutions.

Here are the blog updates and tools for the improvements of your website performance.

Blog helps you in website performance analysing and reporting to improve it. Each and every part of the website matters.

For Example:

Website page size, css files, js files, images. Here GTmetrix helps you in solving the performance issues, follow GTmetrix blog and stay update on your website performance.


GTmetrix is an impressive performance checker tool. Type your website in analyze tool and let the results come up to fix the issue with recommendations.

Content Marketing

Guide to Digital Marketing with E-Book Reference (Content Marketing Tips) - ColorWhistle

Content marketing is one type of digital marketing services which helps you to reach the audience by publishing and sharing the content online, it can be promoted in different forms such as Article Writing, Press Releasing, Blog Writing and Guest Blogging techniques.

Here is the blog update of content marketing that converts traffic to lead to your niche.

Blog Ref to Content Marketing provides you the variety of blogs ideas and tips to improve the authority of your website. In that content marketing is also one of the methods to improve the quality and authority of your website. There is a popular saying, “Content Marketing Is King”.

This is because content helps you in, Opportunities; Encourages engagement; Generate New Leads and Sales; Add Values to projects; Increase Traffic. You can follow the blog update of Content marketing from the following reference.

This digital marketing technique has been used and still being used by our team on a daily basis. It acts as fuel for our work. Hope you liked it.

More yet to come on regular basis, bookmark this page for feed update and receive notifications to enjoy the updates of “Guide to Digital Marketing”.

We ColorWhistle, expect you all to share, like and comment on your ideas to make this blog a better one.

Guide to Digital Marketing with E-Book Reference (Integrated Digital Marketing Strategy) - ColorWhistle

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