How a Digital Marketing Agency in Coimbatore Can Power Your Brand?

Business owners of small- to medium- scale enterprises need Digital marketing services as much as any other business. They are, however, constrained by time and money, something that a digital marketing agency in city like Coimbatore can help you with.

I am tempted to say that an online presence is a cheap and quick way of getting your brand out there but that would not be entirely accurate. A website or a social media page will get you online presence and customers but you still have to deal with competition.

Marketing is a series of activities that are conducted in order to ensure that consumers become aware of your brand of product or service and then actually invest in it.

Fundamentally marketing is a means of staying ahead of the competition. Simply having a website and social media presence will not ensure that your brand will grow or will achieve top presence unless:

  • You have a large offline network of people who can do word-of-mouth marketing for you
  • You don’t plan to expand your sales outside your town/city
  • You don’t need more patronage than what you already have

If, however, you have big plans for your small business then working with digital marketing agency can help your brand rise to the top quickly and surely.

Keeping first things first, though, let us understand what digital marketing is and how it helps with brand recognition.

What is Digital Marketing?

Digital marketing agency helps you with the promotion of services and products via electronic media. Unlike traditional marketing channels, digital marketing has the advantage of being able to provide information quickly regarding what works in a campaign and what doesn’t.

Digital media has become a commonplace phenomenon and people are becoming used to getting information as quickly as they search for it. Gone are the days when marketing told consumers about a product and consumers had to accept whatever the message was.

The widespread use of digital media has ensured that consumers now know more about the product, the brand and the company from their peer groups than from targeted marketing.

Website’s Role in Digital Marketing

Your business website is typically front and center of your digital marketing strategy. It is the “front of your house” so to speak. It is also the tool that gets promoted the most when promoting your brand.

Great web design, user experience, and using analytics can help you get more performance out of your digital marketing campaign. A web design agency in India is well equipped to make your website a formidable asset in your digital marketing campaign.

Web design agencies in India and around the world specialize not just in creating a beautiful website for you but also in making sure that your website gets picked up by the search engines for consumer searches.

Systematic SEO techniques help to get websites into top ranking. SEO activity is driven by the information that can be gathered from your website.

A website captures a lot of information ranging from who is logging in to where they are logging from to what they are doing on your website. In fact a well designed website captures more consumer behavior data that even social media analysis can provide.

Make use of the web analytics available to understand what is going well with your website and what isn’t, and make changes or enhancements accordingly, especially when it comes to optimizing your website for Professional SEO services.

Responsive websites that offer a memorable user experience also help to keep the consumer engaged with your website. It is seldom the case, however, that a person coming to a website will immediately make a purchase.

Most of the time, consumers browse the website trying to identify all your services and products that match their requirement. So how to get them to make a purchase?

You will have to engage with them more via digital media and develop a digital marketing campaign that not only brings consumer to your website but also ensures that a sale conversion happens.

Digital Marketing Channels

Digital marketing typically is done via a variety of channels like web, mobile, mail, point of sale, and has become a preferred means of marketing because of the extensive digitization of businesses throughout the world.

The internet is a proliferate digital marketing channel as is the mobile device channel. Both these channels are growing exponentially as internet connectivity makes inroads into more and more geographic locations.

Wireless technology has made it possible to access the internet anywhere at any time. Mobile phones have now become digital channels as well, mini computers almost which allows for businesses to contact consumers via their mobile phone connection itself instead of waiting for internet connection.

Digital marketing brings your brand closer to your consumer than traditional marketing channels. A internet marketing agency can help in developing the brand connection.

Digital Marketing & Branding

Like any marketing campaign, the end objective of digital marketing is also to create a brand that people invest in.

The brand could be your company as a whole or a specific product or service that you are offering. Either way, like traditional marketing, digital marketing is essential to develop a brand presence online.

The brand is critical to a business, because it has more recall value and more immediate connection with consumer consciousness. In the minds of consumers, a Benz will always be a car, Omega is always a wristwatch, Dell is always a computer, Nokia is always a mobile phone.

It doesn’t matter if the company makes other products or offers other services, consumers associate a brand with the company and the quality of the product. Therefore developing a brand for your business is essential.

Brand Development

Brand development is done by bringing the brand to the consumer’s attention via advertising and promotions. In digital marketing the advantage is that a campaign can be created to reach only those people who may have use for your brand.

For example if you are in the business of retailing ready-to-wear menswear, then you will be able to target consumers who spend a significant amount of their digital time buying menswear online or offline or even visiting websites and stores that feature menswear.

You may develop and email or SMS campaign that informs these consumers about your brand and the promotional offers that your company is advertising.

Instantly the customer is aware that such a brand exists and because it is related to a recent activity that they were engaged it, the recall value is higher as well.

Also, by sending an SMS or an email you ensure that they can always get back to the message by a few clicks on their mobile device. How interactive and convenient you make the campaign will determine how closely consumers associate with your brand.

Tapping into the digital marketing sphere does present several advantages in your quest to developing a successful marketing campaign.

Advantages of digital channels for marketing

Digital marketing has become more common as the technology has grown and become available. Compared to traditional channels, which still has a wider reach (for example television, newspapers, word-of-mouth), digital channels have distinct advantages.

Businesses should leverage these advantages:

  • They are relatively cheap
  • The return on investment is typically higher
  • Allows the consumer to interact with the business
  • Is easy to develop customer relationships
  • Campaigns can be easily customized based on data
  • Campaigns can be highly targeted which further reduces cost

Of course the very nature of the advantages can pose challenges for businesses:

  • Different channels mean different protocols, different consumption. Therefore campaigns have to be customized more and more.
  • Channels are cheap, therefore your competitors are also leveraging these channels. More competition could mean pricing can become tricky.
  • Consumers leave behind a lot of data and it takes intensive work to make sense of the data enough to utilize it to make a successful campaign.

These challenges can be turned into your favor if you get the right partner in your marketing campaign. A web design agency like ColorWhistle that also provides digital marketing services and operating in a city like Coimbatore helps address your concern about cost and time.

What digital marketing agencies do to get your brand to the top?

They focus on the key elements of a successful digital marketing campaign, namely:

  • Focus on responsive websites: Developing a responsive website is essential because more than 90% of digital engagement is via mobile devices.
  • Leverage the mobile advantage: Developing a campaign that engages the consumer through mobile apps and mobile interaction.
  • Continuously evaluate the campaign: Keep track of how the consumer is responding to the campaign and make adjustments as required.
  • Make use of available data: Use all possible data to understand what works for a campaign and what doesn’t to develop a campaign that creates impact on the consumer.
  • Make use of email and content marketing: Consumers respond to content marketing. Well crafted email marketing campaigns get as much as 65% response according to this Forbes article. Blogs are the content of choice for engaging with consumers.
  • Getting organic search rankings: Engaging in correct SEO activity ensures that your website ranks on organic search results and gets more traffic from consumers.
  • Effective social media marketing: This is an important component of digital marketing because it lets you get qualitative feedback from consumers which helps modify not just the campaign but the product/service and the brand itself.

You can see here that a small business digital marketing agency is an effective means of making your mark in the highly competitive digital branding world.

Looking for Digital Marketing Services?

Seize and experience the transformative impact of Digital Marketing Services & Solutions with ColorWhistle.


An agency that provides a range of services from web design to web development to SEO to all other digital marketing services is the ideal choice because everything gets done in a single space.

It ensures that the agency is fully connected with your brand throughout. Here are some resources that will help you if you are still wondering if outsourcing is the path for you:

  • Things to consider when outsourcing web design
  • Pros and cons of outsourcing digital marketing components like SEO

Keep a short list of agencies and talk to all of them before you choose your partner. Digital marketing company like ColorWhistle are happy to provide free consultation do contact us.

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