Real Estate Digital Marketing Case Studies That Every Realtor Must Read

Digital marketing has revolutionized the real estate industry. It has matured in such a way that buyers do a thorough online search before making the final purchase. Buyers are searching for the best real estate brokers and sellers online, which makes digital marketing a lucrative investment.

If you are a realtor who has been investing in digital marketing for quite a while for your real estate website and not getting the expected results, then it’s time for you to get some fresh inspiration. Get partnered with a well-reputed digital marketing and real estate website development company as their dedicated digital marketing services would help you stand out. To inspire you more we have curated the much-needed case studies that you are looking for.

Why did we pick digital marketing real estate case studies?

Well, case studies are used in explanatory research to discover or to learn the truth about something. Learning from real-life scenarios will help you get new ideas.

So without further ado, let’s look at some case studies from established digital marketing companies that will help you amplify your real estate digital marketing efforts.

Top Real Estate Digital Marketing Case Studies

Here are some amazing case studies that will give you practical insights into real estate digital marketing.

1. Real Estate Website Redesign with SEO

Manimix explains how a website redesign coupled with a solid SEO plan helped them to increase 41% in pages per session, 159% session duration, and 23% decrease in bounce rate for their client’s website.

Click here to learn more about the case study.

2. Facebook Marketing for Real Estate

Agentfire explains how they helped to generate maximum ROI for their client’s real estate business using Facebook and Google Marketing with a budget of $2,500 within 2 months. For this budget, they could generate 768 leads. Seems too good to be true right? Well, Agentfire, a leading Facebook marketing company, made it possible. This case study has a lot of real-time actionable insights on the areas that have to be concentrated to get actual results.

Click here to learn more about the case study.

Real estate digital marketing case study - ad image on rebranding your business

3. Complete Website Overhaul to Improve Online Presence

Straightline helped a 50-year-old real-estate company to revamp its online presence to stay competitive in the industry. By going through the case study, we can understand that addressing outdated things such as web design elements and confusing architecture can help with digital marketing efforts. By doing an overall revamp, the company could increase 70% of Google search traffic and earn a good ranking spot for the top keywords.

Click here to learn more about the case study.

4. Revamping Existing Content Helped to Generate More Leads

HubSpot helped a real estate company to revamp their blog resources by adding appropriate call-to-actions and suggesting the right marketing automation tool to address problems with scalability. Once all of these issues were addressed, the real estate company could generate 71% more leads, 54% unique website visitors, and 23% total page views.

Click here to learn more about how they achieved it.

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Concluding Real Estate Digital Marketing Case Studies

Some important takeaways from the above case studies are,

  • Website redesign plays an important role to boost SEO efforts
  • Drip email and remarketing campaigns can help to boost ROI
  • Facebook is the best platform to target first-time homebuyers
  • Adding location-specific pages with relevant content will improve search engine visibility and may also be helpful to run PPC campaigns in the future
  • Updating existing blogs by adding relevant CTAs will maximize the effect of content

Digital marketing is creative marketing that helps the real estate industry to get in touch with their prospective audience. Hopefully, the above listed real estate digital marketing case studies gave you an idea of how even simple best practices can yield a positive outcome.

If you are in the real estate industry and miles away from digital marketing, then it’s time to get professional help. At ColorWhistle, we are experts at creating custom digital marketing plans that will bring in more prospective customers to your real estate business.

When you choose to work with us, we will do a thorough performance evaluation, save time, bring in more exposure, help with client engagement, and more. From real estate website design services to real estate digital marketing services, we can help you with anything that will position you as an industry leader. You can drop a message or call us at +1 (210) 787-3600 at any time. We are happy to work with you.

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