Popular Real Estate Web Application Features

The prominence of online property dealings in real estate has turned the business into a lucrative one. Hence, to be competitive at these levels in the industry, a suitable real estate web app will help the agents and their clients, in an interactive environment.

Web apps help your business to stay ahead, displaying an unlimited number of property listings on the website. Homebuyers and sellers prefer web apps to surf through the availability, cost, properties, neighborhood, amenities, homes, and room on the go without heading up to a brick-and-mortar real estate company. Hence, in this digitalized world, a web app for a real estate business is essential as it would help to stand out when considering the vast competition.

In this article, we have featured a few top real estate web apps and have also added some of the salient features which will be necessary to run your web app seamlessly.

Features that can be Added to a Real Estate Web App’s

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Have a look at some of the essential features that can be included in a web app for your real estate business,

  • User signup/login can be built through social media authorization, email authorization, and phone number verification
  • Allow users, sellers, and agents to create their profiles in the web app so as to perform their respective activities
  • Ensure to display an informative property listing with all necessary details. It should hold multiple users and properties details, therefore, ensure a robust database that could support the operations
  • Equip web app with photos, video tour of the property, virtual tour, price details, property history, property tax, and more such real-time information. Maintaining a perfect property profile will help buyers to get an overview of the property they are looking for
  • Integrate maps as it is an essential feature that not only provides property locations but also helps with location-wise data like crime rate, nearby amenities, infrastructure, and more
  • Embed web app with a feature called “Wishlist” or “Favourites” as it would create an opportunity for buyers to mark their favorite houses/properties and to proceed with it later
  • Send alert messages to users whenever there is a change in your property listings like newly added listing, price change, or any other market updates
  • Add price calculators which would help buyers to calculate an estimated amount based on factors like initial payments, tax, loan amount, loan repayment period, etc
  • Allow buyers/sellers/agents to schedule their appointments when required. This can be easily integrated by adding a calendar to your web app
  • Keep a track of the performance of the app and users’ behavior with the integration of a well-performing analytics tool. This could help to study the performance of the application and what is required to improve its functionalities

9+ Best Real Estate Web Apps

We have curated some of the popular real estate web apps that are available today covering all the property-hunting needs,

1. Zillow

Zillow is known to be one of the best web apps in the real estate industry. The app has been developed with a massive scope and it virtually covers all the requirements of a user. The inventory also includes properties owned by Zillow. The app is considered to be an all-rounder in the industry. Whether the property is for sale, rent, or lease, the app offers a virtual tour of the property through videos and photographs, equipped with detailed filter criteria. It is also possible to coordinate with a partner or roommate by sharing one’s favorites.

Best Real Estate Web Apps (Zillow) - ColorWhistle

The application’s property listings are from multiple listing services as well as from third-party agents, partners, and brokers. The app even helps with mortgages and also to find a suitable agent for the buyers.

Zillow is a one-stop solution with its efficient in-built features that helps in growing business and increases engagement on the largest real estate network.

2. Xome

Xome is the best solution for buying property through auction. The application has a user-friendly interface with the largest collection of properties. It relies on the national real estate data for displaying the property listings. It is considered to be the largest source for auction properties and it also offers an opportunity to pick up a property at a lower price before it hits the general market.

Best Real Estate Web Apps (Xome) - ColorWhistle

It guides the bidder with all essential information like financing, neighborhood statistics, alerts when someone else bids on the property you are watching, the historical value of the property, and more. The feature “Homes Only” helps to close a deal on bank-owned, short-sale, foreclosed, and standard home listings. The application is also embedded with efficient e-signature functionality for contracts and additionally, it has the capability to state whether the property needs a third-party finance provider or can be paid through cash.

3. Trulia

Trulia displays all information that goes into the home value. It takes care of everything from updated listings, apartments for rent, open houses, local information like neighborhood, schools, and shopping. It also notifies whenever a new property is added to the listing.

Best Real Estate Web Apps (Trulia) - ColorWhistle

It is equipped with tools that handle mortgages. The search for homes/properties can be more personalized with “Find Homes” and “Trulia Renters”. The application can display the properties in multiple views and also provides comprehensive information like crime data, restaurants, etc.

4. Realtor

Realtor is associated with the National Association of Realtors and offers property listings that are sourced directly from nearly 800 MLS. The application keeps the listing updated that makes it to be one of the best solutions for rentals. The platform provides every detail like photos of the properties, sale history, property tax, etc. It even includes neighborhood noise level assessments.

Best Real Estate Web Apps (Realtor) - ColorWhistle

As the agents can update the listings, it is beneficial for the landlords to find tenants efficiently. The application allows agents to cross-share private listing data between the partners in the MLS system. It can even help in finding out a real estate agent when required. The application is considered to be best for “Rental Unit Owners” as it displays the updated rental listings, feedback, comments, and more.

5. Appartments.com

Best Real Estate Web Apps (AC) - ColorWhistle

Appartments.com is considered to be the best place for renters. The application has the biggest inventory of rentals. It not only features apartments but also, houses, condos, and townhomes. Using the application the one can lease their properties efficiently. It also helps with high-quality listings, make applications easy to sign the lease and even pay rents securely. It has exclusive search and filter functionalities which makes the tenants feel ‘easy-to-use’ about the app.

6. LoopNet

Best Real Estate Web Apps (LoopNet) - ColorWhistle

LoopNet exclusively features commercial properties and is known to be entrepreneurs’ favorite. The application handles properties for sale, lease, auctions, and for businesses. Multi-unit residential and commercial property listings are displayed with high-quality pictures, and videos of the properties. The platform allows investors to search for properties even outside their locality and also keep them notified whenever there is an update, price change in the listings.

7. BiggerPockets

Best Real Estate Web Apps (BP) - ColorWhistle

BiggerPockets is a complete guide to learn about real estate as it offers resources like blog posts, ebooks, podcasts, guides, forums, webinars, video libraries, and more. The application also has calculators, rent estimators, and property management systems. It offers an opportunity to learn all about buying and selling properties and also to get benefits out of investments. This is considered to be the best application to learn about the functionalities of the real estate game.

8. Homesnap

Best Real Estate Web Apps (Homesnap) - ColorWhistle

Homesnap is embedded by a powerful MLS listing that includes accurate and real-time information like crime data, property history, sale history, tax, and more. It offers an opportunity to find and partner with an agent who understands the user’s requirements. It immediately alerts users whenever the listing is updated with a new property, price change, or any other market updates. The in-app messaging feature allows users to share homes/properties with friends, family, and agents even if they are not available on Homesnap. Details like photos, links can be shared through the in-built messaging feature.

9. Houzz

Best Real Estate Web Apps (Houzz) - ColorWhistle

Houzz is the platform that streamlines services for the renovation of your building or house. The application offers buyers and sellers access to a wide range of interior design ideas, photos, and decorating ideas. It even helps in finding professionals for renovation, remodeling, outdoor services, design, etc. The real estate feature of the application gives agents an opportunity to list themselves free of cost. It is also equipped with an eCommerce store that has categorized products in different departments like home decor, furniture, lighting, outdoor and more.

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Wrapping Up

Applications like Zillow, Trulia, Realtor, Homesnap can help out with buying/selling/renting properties by displaying all information about the property and its surroundings. Apartments.com can help with the listings of apartments for sale/rent along with houses, townhomes, etc. LoopNet exclusively takes care of commercial properties whereas Houzz streamlines renovation services. BiggerPockets is considered to be a complete guide in understanding the operations and functionalities of the real estate industry.

Each app mentioned above has its own functionalities and uniqueness. Enhance your real estate business by developing a web app meeting your requirements without any delay.

If you are looking for assistance in developing a web app for your real estate business contact ColorWhistle by sending us a message or call us at +1 (210) 787-3600, we’ll get back to you at the earliest. We provide travel web app development services tailored to your requirements at a favorable price.

After conducting thorough research and carefully considering the ratings and the type of services, we have selected these real estate web apps that offer a promising experience during property dealings.

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