Personal Online Branding For Real Estate Agents

Our previous blog on Real Estate Digital Marketing is receiving a good amount of traffic as well as compliments from our readers. We thought to explore it further and differentiate it from Real Estate Branding.

Branding online is not entirely digital marketing alone, consider it as a long-term strategy built around a core offering. It is more about building up an identity through the use of digital strategy and planning.

This article will help you get familiarized with some marketing and design tools to nurture the online presence of your real estate business. We have also picked the top 10 successful realtors and social media influencers for individual realtors to get inspired and build a powerful brand online. We will also explore a couple of case studies for real estate businesses to collaborate with like-minded digital agencies for best results.

Marketing Tools for Real Estate

Real estate marketing technologies are evolving day by day in a competitive world. If you want to become successful in the real estate industry, you have to merge traditional marketing techniques with digital real estate marketing technologies.

Following are our top marketing tools for real estate businesses to grow online:

1. Hootsuite: Hootsuite is a social media management tool that allows real estate agents to integrate with social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, and YouTube. Hootsuite ensures your social media presence while concentrating on your real estate business. It allows you to integrate with any three social media channels of your choice and can schedule posts up to 30 per day.

The pricing structure of Hootsuite starts at 25 per month.

2. Sendinblue: Sendinblue is a marketing tool for real estate agents to pursue their real estate businesses through email campaigns. Although the free version of Sendinblue allows you to send up to 300 emails per day and have unlimited contacts, it doesn’t offer testing tools.

The basic plan of Sendinblue costs $25 per month and offers 40,000 emails without any daily limit. The Essentials plan at $39 per month enables you to integrate with social media platforms and provide testing tools.

3. Zillow: When it comes to real estate marketing, Zillow helps to grow your real estate business cost-effectively. Zillow Premier Agent allows you to connect potential buyers and sellers by providing maximum exposure to your property listings. Zillow lets your real estate business get featured to the ZIP codes or places of your choice. The rate of ZIP code varies based on the market and competition. The most expensive ZIP code provides better ROI.

4. Ahrefs: Ahrefs is the best SEO tool for real estate marketing to get more traffic to your real estate content. Ahrefs enables you to write content based on keywords that provide your business with better ranking on search engines. Ahrefs also allows you to optimize your real estate website, track your website ranking, analyze your competitors, and so on.

Ahrefs’ 7-day trial for $7 helps you to decide whether it’s useful or not. The monthly plans of Ahrefs range from $99 per month to $999 per month.

5. Liondesk: As an affordable CRM tool, Liondesk helps you to organize and manage your relationships with your clients. Liondesk is an integrated and easy-to-use CRM platform for real estate businesses to generate leads and convert those potential leads to clients. The main features of Liondesk include task management, database segmentation, transaction management, automatic lead follow-up, and so on.

The starting price of Liondesk is $25 per month. Although its free trial is available, the free version of Liondesk is not available.

Design Tools for Real Estate

Images are important to build your real estate brand online, but they are expensive when you opt for real estate photography. Here comes the need for graphic design tools to make your real estate content more attractive. Following are some of the design tools to prepare images for social media updates, web pages, blog posts, and property listings:

1. Canva: Canva is an easy-to-use graphic design tool that enables you to edit real estate images and videos, design banners, brochures, social media graphics, postcards, and so on. Canva is the best option to have professional and high-quality photographs without having any technical experience in photography. By using Canva, you can change the size of your real estate images that fit your website. Canva also has a vast library of frames, templates, and icons that enables you to add more perfection to your real estate images.

Canva’s paid version starts at $12.95 per month and offers 60,000+ templates. However, free Canva offers 8,000+ templates.

2. LogoMaker: LogoMaker helps you design a custom, attractive, and memorable logo for your real estate brand. You can create a professional logo using the company name, logo template, and logo editor. Though it provides essential features to create a logo, its paid version offers some extra features.

The price of LogoMaker starts at $8.96.

3. BeFunky: BeFunky is an affordable platform that offers photo editing, graphic designing, and collage-making tools and features for your real estate branding. The most popular features of BeFunky include crop, resize, digital art, batch edit, custom templates, and so on.

As one of the most affordable design tools, BeFunky avails at $8.99 per month. It also avails at $4.99 when you prefer annual billing. BeFunky’s free version is also available with all needed features.

4. Tailor: As one of the best tools for logo creation, Tailor offers an algorithm-based design system. It helps you to present what your business aims. Tailor offers Brand Bundle to provide you with the print and digital copy of your logo. Although it’s free, Tailor’s subscription offers high-resolution logos and a range of templates.

Tailor offers three subscription plans: a basic plan at $9.99 per month, a standard plan at $19.99, and a premium plan at $49.99. when you prefer to pay a year upfront, you have to pay only 40% of the monthly amount.

5. PicMonkey: PicMonkey is an affordable and easy-to-use image editing tool with a wide range of editing tools such as effects and filters to make your real estate images more professional and natural. PicMonkey also offers a wide range of templates, fonts, and 8,000+ graphics.

PicMonkey’s monthly package starts at $7.99 per month for basic, $12.99 per month for pro, and $23 for business. If you prefer to pay annually, you can save up to 25%.

Top Real Estate Influencers To Get Inspired From…

1. Dottie Herman

Dottie Herman is one of the top real estate influencers on social media and the CEO of Douglas Elliman Real Estate, the third-largest real estate company in the US. With strong and purpose-driven profiles on various social media pages such as Instagram(33.9k followers), Facebook (23k followers), Twitter (14.8k followers), and LinkedIn (9.3k followers), Dottie Herman has built her online real estate brand more prominently than ever.

Online Branding For Real Estate Agents (Dottie-Herman) - ColorWhistle

Her strategy: Being a true visionary of the real estate industry, she uses her accounts to post the details along with the links to her programs like interviews and TV shows. She also posts news stories related to the real estate market and photographs of property listings. Herman is active on social media by liking, commenting, and congratulating others’ posts from all business entities.

2. Fredrik Eklund

Being the best real estate agent from New York, Fredrik Eklund is also a great social media influencer for real estate. Fredrik’s stardom in ‘Million Dollar Listing New York’ has made him popular among real estate brokers. With over 1.3m followers on Instagram, 150k followers on Twitter, and 526k followers on Facebook, Fredrik is a recognizable face in the real estate industry.

Online Branding For Real Estate Agents (Fredrik-Eklund) -  ColorWhistle

His strategy: Fredrik’s social media posts mainly include photographs of architecture and property listings. Most of his posts include family photos and videos as he is addicted to his kids. Following him on social media gives you the motivation to grow your brand and link with more real estate agents and clients.

3. Jordan Nielsen

Jordan Nielsen is an Arizona-based realtor with a good sense of humor and is popular for his Instagram account. More than 40k people are following Nielsen’s laughing-realtor Instagram account to read real estate humor and to free up their minds while concentrating on the real estate industry.

His strategy: He always portrays the life of real estate agents from a comic perspective through his laughing-realtor. Nielsen also posts funny memes related to real estate. Although he is not a famous personality, his funny memes are popular on social media platforms.

4. Ryan Serhant

Ryan Serhant is another real estate stardom from the show ‘Million Dollar Listing New York’. Ryan started Serhant, a real estate firm in New York, to expand his real estate brokerage. Ryan is one of the most followed realtors in the world with 1.5m followers on Instagram, 169.7k followers on Twitter, and 1.12m subscribers on YouTube.

Online Branding For Real Estate Agents (Ryan-Serhant) - ColorWhistle

His strategy:
 Ryan’s social media posts include the contents related to travel and real estate and his daily life routine. His vlogs on the most expensive property listings and chat conversations with other social media influencers attract more viewers and followers. Ryan also does vlogging on his daily life routine and favorite deals.

The following video link takes you to explore Ryan’s $4M SoHo Penthouse:

5. Chad Carroll

As one of the top realtors in the world, Chad Carroll from Miami established his online brand with thousands of followers. His experience in the real estate industry to negotiate and skillfully sign contracts reached him to the top position among realtors across the world. He has 14k followers on Facebook, 6.7k followers on Twitter and 501k followers on Instagram.

Online Branding For Real Estate Agents (Chad-Carroll) - ColorWhistle

Following him helps you set everyday real estate goals. Chad uses social media accounts to post the details and photographs of newly added listings and sold properties.

6. Grant Cardone

Grant Cardone’s wealth of knowledge in the real estate industry and his tips to ‘10X’ real estate business is endless. Following Cardone on social media provides you with great information on the real estate industry. Being a trainer on sales and marketing, Cardone helps small real estate entities to grow and establish their online presence through various social media platforms. Cardone is one of the best social media influencers with over 3.3m followers on Instagram, 489.6k followers on Twitter, and 1.65m subscribers on YouTube.

Online Branding For Real Estate Agents (Grant-Cardone) - ColorWhistle

His strategy: Grant Cardone’s vlog mainly focuses on informative sessions and interviews. He regularly posts reels on cars, money investment, and so on. The reels on his helicopter attract more followers to his social media accounts.

7. Tom Ferry

As a property expert, Tom ferry is well-experienced in providing coaching to real estate aspirants. Although he may not have that many followers on social media like any other real estate figure, Tom’s industry experience is a treasure of wealth for his followers. His every post on social media is informative and educative. Here is a video link that explains how to be a successful real estate agent in 2024.

Online Branding For Real Estate Agents (Tom-Ferry) - ColorWhistle

Being a social media expert, Tom Ferry has 185k followers on Instagram, 52.4k followers on Twitter, 290k followers on Facebook, and 423k subscribers on YouTube.

8. Loida Velasquez

Loida Velasquez’s marketing management and realty expertise made her one of the top real estate social media influencers. She already stepped into all social media platforms such as Facebook (2.5k followers), Instagram (24.1k followers), and YouTube (73.1k subscribers). If you are a great real estate enthusiast, follow her accounts to get some information.

Online Branding For Real Estate Agents (Loida-Velasquez) - ColorWhistle

Her strategy:
 If you want to be active on social media channels, follow Loida’s social media accounts, where she regularly posts videos on how to make money through real estate and newly added property listings. Her live sessions on social media facilitate real estate agents to gather more real estate information and share their thoughts on the real estate industry.

9. Graham Stephan

Graham Stephan is a well-established real estate millionaire and social media influencer. He started his real estate career at the early stages of his life. With over 3.25m subscribers, Stephan’s YouTube channel is one of the best realtor channels. Stephan has also a large number of followers on Twitter with 60k followers and 383k followers on Instagram.

Online Branding For Real Estate Agents (Graham-Stephan) - ColorWhistle

His strategy: Graham Stephan has huge followers on social media channels and his posts are all about property tours, luxury cars, success stories, real estate news, and family life. Along with the real estate posts, his passion for luxury cars and their photographs and videos attracts more followers and viewers.

10. Bryan Casella

Bryan Casella is an active realtor on social media and one of the world’s top real estate influencers. Bryan’s social media feed includes motivational videos and other posts related to lifestyle and real estate. Bryan is one of the top social media influencers to follow for real estate agents across the world. Bryan’s social media followers are as follows: 42.1k followers on Instagram, 1.6k followers on Twitter, 184 subscribers on YouTube, and 6k followers on Facebook.

Online Branding For Real Estate Agents (Bryan Casella) - ColorWhistle

His strategy: Bryan uses his social media accounts to post powerful stuff to lead a better life apart from real estate content. He also posts videos of his TV shows and other general topics such as racism, mental health, investments.

How “Real” Real Estate Businesses Got Their Branding Right?

Rose & Womble Branding and Advertising Campaign: Based in Coastal Virginia, this real estate business recognized themselves as ‘Your Local Real Estate Resource’ in Hampton Roads for quite some time and used that theme in all their branding and advertising. However, a survey conducted by them years later found that being ‘local’ wasn’t a top priority for customers looking to buy or sell a home.

They hired a like-minded digital agency to rebrand their business via logo designing, branding copies & video campaigns.

This is where ColorWhistle suggests integrating Branding with design strategies like logo design, graphic design ably supported by digital marketing techniques including Content Marketing, SEO, Marketing Automation for maximum outreach.

Another case study is from the Indian real estate business- Amanora who aimed at creating brand awareness across target locations for better conversion on the product launch. Once the branding was carried out through Content Marketing, Video Marketing, Social Media Marketing, they employed Marketing Automation tools to track a large lead volume of more than 9000 from the campaigns which involved 36+ different sub-sources.

Looking for Real Estate Website Development Services?

Seize and experience the transformative impact of Real Estate Development solutions with ColorWhistle.

In Sum…

Each of the marketing tools above is picked to assist you in branding your real estate business through social media, email, and organic/paid searches. Further, the discussed design tools are sure to help you create attractive content online. As a real estate agent, following the above-mentioned personalities provide you with great insights into the real estate industry to build your online brand. These influencers market their core real estate business through peripheries like humor, memes, daily life vlogs, informational podcasts, etc.

We hope you enjoyed reading this blog. Do comment down below to show your appreciation and feedback. Also, if you are planning to build your real estate business online, you should consider consulting a digital agency on whose experience you may rely to build a successful brand online.

We are open to your business queries at +91-944-278-9110. You can also write to us by clicking here.

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