Why Outsourcing Designer Hiring to India Makes Sense : Cost-Effectiveness and Quality

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Designing is the creative process of planning and producing visual or any other functional solutions to address specific problems or fulfill particular goals.

The above fictional images are AI-generated featuring famous personalities catching up with the Barbie fever. Such stunning graphics could have not been generated by a simple, single line of prompts on any AI text-to-image generating software

But we chose to showcase these images created by India-based ideai.in here for other reasons. It not only demonstrates the technical skill set but also their creative acumen to go glocal in their content creation approach

As businesses increasingly recognize the value of exceptional design in capturing market share, the demand for skilled designers is projected to grow across various sectors, including technology and e-commerce.

Did You Know?

Deloitte’s 13th shared services and outsourcing survey found businesses all over the world were on a transformational journey to make their operations more agile while also reducing costs in response to the post-pandemic disruptions.

And here is where outsourcing designer hiring to India still plays a crucial role, both in terms of cost-saving and quality deliverables.

Outsourcing Designer Hiring to India (Types of Design Outsourcing In India) - ColorWhistle

We will list three unique reasons for outsourcing design processes to India, apart from cost-related factors, followed by tips for mitigating design outsourcing risks in this blog post. 

Design Landscape in India: UX vs. UI vs. Graphic Designers 

The design landscape in India has witnessed a remarkable evolution, with a growing emphasis on creating exceptional user experiences and captivating visual aesthetics. After all, 

  • The average cost of outsourcing visual design services to India is 50-60% lower than the cost of hiring a designer in the United States or Europe.
  • The top industries that outsource visual design services to India are IT and software, E-commerce, Marketing and Advertising, Healthcare, Education.

Within this dynamic environment, three distinct roles have emerged as key players: User Experience (UX) Designers, User Interface (UI) Designers, and Graphic Designers.

Graphic Designers: They are specialists in visual communication that combines words, images, and ideas to present information to the audience.

UX Designers: They are experts focused on understanding user behavior, needs, and motivations to create intuitive and efficient interactions that resonate with the user.

UI Designers: They are masters in transforming the UX blueprint into visually appealing designs that align with the brand’s identity.

Each of these roles contributes uniquely to the design process, ensuring that digital products and visual content resonate with users and leave a lasting impact.

Multimodal AI Yet to Offset Benefits of Outsourcing Designer Hiring to India

Looking ahead, the Indian design landscape shows no signs of slowing down. The dramatic explosion of technologies like Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Augmented Reality/Virtual Reality (AR/VR) are shaping new possibilities for design innovation. 

Multimodal AI in visual content creation is a rapidly developing field, but it is still not yet able to fully replace human designers. 

Let’s C-C-C-C-S!  

  • Cost: Multimodal AI tools are still in the early stages of development, and they are not yet widely available. This means that they can be expensive to purchase and use
  • Creativity: Human designers are able to bring creativity and innovation to the design process that AI tools cannot yet match. AI tools can generate ideas for designs, but they cannot yet understand the nuances of human creativity.
  • Context: Human designers are able to understand the context of a design project and create designs that are appropriate for the target audience. AI tools can generate designs that are technically correct, but they may not be effective if they do not take into account the target audience’s needs and preferences.

Human-centered design is a powerful way to understand evolving behaviors, preferences, and pain points and to focus efforts in the right places in the right ways.

By unlocking the user’s perspective, designers can build solutions that work well and work widely in our new reality—whatever that ultimately looks like.

– Boston Consulting Group

  • Communication: Human designers are able to communicate effectively with clients and stakeholders to ensure that designs meet their needs. AI tools can generate designs, but they cannot yet understand and respond to client feedback in the same way that human designers can. 
  • Scalability: Multimodal AI tools are not yet scalable to large projects. They can be slow and inefficient to use for complex designs.

As multimodal AI continues to develop, it is likely that it will augment the capabilities of human designers. 

But for now, outsourcing designer hiring to India remains a viable option for companies that are looking to save money and access a large talent pool of designers.

3 Unique Advantages of Outsourcing Designers to India

Designing outsourcing services to India offers numerous advantages, including cost savings, access to skilled talent, high-quality work, quick turnaround times, and scalability. 

However, here are three unique advantages of design outsourcing that any country with a vast talent pool may not offer: 

Time Zone Advantage for Continuous Workflow

  • The time zone difference between India and Western countries can be leveraged to achieve faster project turnaround times. 

India Standard Time (IST) time is always 5:30 hours ahead of Coordinated Universal Time (UTC).

  • While you rest, your outsourced design team in India can work on your project, effectively extending your working hours and accelerating project completion.

Largest Non-Native English-Speaking Country

  • English is widely spoken and understood in India, making communication smooth and effective. 

Did You Know?

The official 2011 Census showed English is the primary language – mother tongue – of 256,000 people, the second language of 83 million people, and the third language of another 46 million people.

We are in 2023 and demographers expect more than 10% of India’s 1.428 billion population to be well-versed in English as their professional language.

  • Many visual design agencies are accustomed to collaborating with international clients on flexible budgets, ensuring that your project requirements are understood and executed accurately.  

Innovative Design Perspective

  • Indian designers often bring a fresh and innovative perspective to projects, as they may have different cultural influences and design sensibilities. 
  • This can lead to unique and creative solutions that might not have been considered otherwise.
  • Outsourcing companies in India often invest in training and development programs to keep their designers updated with the latest design tools and trends.

Overcoming Challenges and Mitigating Outsourcing Risks

Addressing Potential Challenges
Strategies to Mitigate Challenges
  • Communication Barriers
  • Effective Project Management
  • Intellectual Property Protection
  • Quality Assurance
  • Cultural Sensitivity and Understanding
  • Gradual Transition and Onboarding
  • Choosing Freelancer vs Design Agency
  • Risk Management
  • Regular Performance Reviews

A. Addressing Potential Challenges:

1. Communication Barriers

Take the case of a U.S.-based tech company that outsources its mobile app design to a design firm in India.

  • To overcome communication barriers, the project manager from the U.S. schedules regular video conferences with the design team in India. 
  • They use tools like Slack for real-time chat and Zoom for face-to-face discussions or other convenient channels for communication. 
  • This approach ensures that any questions or clarifications are promptly addressed, and the project progresses smoothly.
2. Quality Assurance:

Take the case of an Australian fashion brand that decides to outsource its web design to a design agency in India.

  • To ensure consistent quality, they establish a detailed design brief outlining brand guidelines, color schemes, and specific design elements. 
  • Regular design reviews are scheduled, where the Australian team provides detailed feedback on each iteration. 
  • This iterative feedback loop ensures that the design aligns with the brand’s aesthetic and maintains high quality.
3. Choosing Freelancer vs Design Agency:

Take the case of a UAE-based professional that decides to outsource her social media creatives.

  • The cost of working with a design agency vs a freelancer may not be the determining factor anymore.
  • Hiring freelancers is a recommended option when the client has established project vision and guidelines. 
  • Consider reaching out to potential candidates for discussions, reviewing their work, and asking for tailored proposals to make an informed decision that aligns with your project’s vision and requirements.
  • When selecting an outsourcing agency partner, thoroughly review their portfolio and assess their expertise in the specific design domain you require. 

B. Strategies to Mitigate Challenges:

1. Effective Project Management:

Take the case of a UK-based gaming company that outsources character design to a team of illustrators in India.

  • They use a project management tool like Asana to assign tasks, track progress, and manage deadlines.
  • The project manager ensures that each phase of character design is completed on time and provides clear instructions to the Indian team. 
  • This approach keeps everyone on the same page and prevents delays.
2. Cultural Sensitivity and Understanding:

Take the case of a Canadian e-learning platform that partners with a design agency in India to create engaging course materials.

  • To bridge cultural gaps, the two teams hold virtual workshops where they share their respective design philosophies and work approaches. 
  • By embracing each other’s cultural influences, the design teams are able to collaboratively create culturally inclusive and appealing content.
3. Risk Management:

Take the case of a German software company outsourcing UX/UI design for their new application to a design studio in India.

  • The project plan includes a risk assessment phase where potential challenges, such as delays due to technical issues, are identified. 
  • Contingency plans are developed, including alternative solutions and backup resources. 
  • This proactive approach minimizes disruptions and ensures timely project completion.
4. Intellectual Property Protection:

Take the case of a U.S. startup that partners with an Indian design firm to create a unique logo and branding materials.

  • The contract includes a comprehensive non-disclosure agreement and clearly defines the ownership of design assets. 
  • Access to design files is limited only to authorized personnel, and regular security audits are conducted to safeguard the company’s intellectual property.
5. Gradual Transition and Onboarding:

Take the case of a US-based Indian nonprofit firm that decides to outsource the Web designing of its project

  • They start with a pilot project involving a small part of a larger project. 
  • This allows both teams to familiarize themselves with each other’s workflows, communication styles, and expectations. 
  • As the partnership progresses, the transition to larger projects becomes smoother.
6. Regular Performance Reviews:

Take the case of an American advertising agency that collaborates with a group of Indian graphic designers on various client campaigns.

  • Monthly performance reviews are conducted, during which the agency provides feedback on design quality, creativity, and adherence to deadlines.
  • Outstanding contributions are recognized, and any challenges are addressed promptly to maintain a high level of performance.

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