Top Heavy Equipment Machinery Industries Websites for Inspiration

What will it take to be the best in your industry? 

Well, if you’re a business owner and want people coming through those doors then use good images with trendy layouts. That’s how you keep your business breathing in this digital space. 

Heavy equipment and machinery manufacturers are in the process of transforming their business models to meet changing consumer demands. In order for them to succeed, they need an up-to-date website that can showcase all aspects about what it takes to be successful on social media today. 

From sleek designs with efficient coding capabilities — so visitors have an enjoyable experience browsing the site; right down to how you use trends successfully into marketing strategies by utilizing trendy content across various platforms including Instagram, Twitter, Facebook which is where people share their stories daily!

In this blog, we have covered almost a dozen companies’ websites along with the platform they have been built. Get Inspired 🙂

Heavy Equipment Machinery Industries Websites Ideas

Listed below are few of the inspirations you can look out for when considering a heavy equipment website. 


  • CMS: Magento
  • Programming Language: PHP, Java
  • UI Frameworks: Bootstrap
  • JavaScript frameworks: Require JS
  • Organic Monthly traffic: 4,79,244
  • Domain Authority: 66


  • Programming language: Java
  • Organic monthly traffic: 1747
  • Domain Authority: 36

Doosan Infracore

  • Programming Language: Java
  • JavaScript frameworks: GSAP
  • UI frameworks: Bootstrap
  • Organic traffic monthly: 6342
  • Domain Authority: 21


  • Programming Language: Java
  • Frameworks: Java EE
  • Organic monthly traffic: 8343
  • Domain Authority: 37

Sandvik Mining

  • Programming Language: ASP.NET 4.0.30319
  • CMS: Content Cloud CMS
  • Organic monthly traffic: 29446
  • Domain Authority: 43


  • Programming Language: PHP
  • Organic monthly traffic: 856
  • Domain Authority: 31


  • Web frameworks: Microsoft ASP.NET
  • Programming Language: ASP.NET
  • Organic monthly traffic: 166369
  • Domain Authority: 58


  • CMS: Adobe Experience Manager
  • Frameworks: Handlebars and GSAP
  • Programming language: Java
  • Organic monthly traffic: 172565
  • Domain Authority: 39


  • Javascript Framework: Vue.Js
  • Web Framework: Bootstrap
  • Programming Language: ASP.NET and Java
  • Organic Monthly traffic: 10036
  • Domain authority: 32


  • Web Framework: Bootstrap
  • Programming language: ASP.NET
  • Organic monthly traffic: 131225
  • Domain Authority: 58


  • CMS: Sitecore CMS
  • Web Framework: Bootstrap
  • Programming language: ASP.NET
  • Organic monthly traffic: 302745
  • Domain Authority: 50

Winding Up

Hope the above examples have been helpful in getting a fair idea about how this Heavy Machinery Industry handles websites.

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