Website Development for Coonoor & Co

Business name: Coonoor & Co
Industry: E-commerce & non-profit
Client’s requirement:

The client approached our team for their website development. They wanted their website to be highly detailed in design with perfection.

Process followed:

We follow a common process for all our clients. As this client had unique requirements, we brainstormed within the team and tailor-made the process that best suited the client’s goals.

What did we do for the client?

The design of the website was handled by an external designer, and we handled the development part. We built the website with a slide-in and scroll-in menu.

We fully developed the website with custom design, development, & content options in the backend which is completely editable. The website also has an embedded shop feature that can be used in the future (the ecommerce feature seems to be removed currently from the website).



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