Top 25+ Digital Agency Tools for Outsourcing Needs

The limits of digital mediums are getting expanded and vast day by day, more businesses are becoming visibly agile in their operations. As a consequence, the future of Digital Marketing Agency Services is warranting SaaS-based tools to facilitate remote work and other outsourcing needs.

Here is a list of top 25+ Digital Agency Tools that we think is important for easy outsourcing.

Digital Agency Tools for Outsourcing


Neil Patel is a popular digital marketer and has carved out a brand name for himself.

His tool, Ubersuggest is one of the best keyword research tools that helps you in choosing appropriate keywords based on the search volume for your business. By simply typing the domain or keyword in the search bar, Ubersuggest comes up with the best keywords for you with which you can get insights about the strategies of your competitors and adopt the same and improvise for you.

Amy Borne, a verified Internet Marketer on social media writes,

“I like that I can paste a competitor’s URL and see all their money keywords!”

This tool provides you with every type of keyword from head to long-tail phrases that can be deployed on your website. Attributes of the keyword like search volume, competition and trends of the keywords are also displayed for your convenience.


Search console analyses the traffic procured to your webpage through various means (from the keywords you used) and helps you magnify the issues in your page and fix it. It helps you to choose the keywords by delving into the search queries used in your webpage. Cool isn’t it?

Also, with the search console, you can submit the sitemap and URLs of your website and let Google crawl it. Search console plays a major role in increasing the site traffic by continuous performance monitoring.

Digital Agency Tools for Outsourcing Needs (Search Console) - ColorWhistle


Akin to Ubersuggest, Google Keyword Planner is yet another keyword research tool that is going to give you more revenue generating keywords.

Don’t touch without converting. Convert to Regular Block and edit the content. Don’t touch without converting. Convert to Regular Block and edit the content. Don’t touch without converting. Convert to Regular Block and edit the content. Don’t touch without converting. Convert to Regular Block and edit the content. Don’t touch without converting. Convert to Regular Block and edit the content. Don’t touch without converting. Convert to Regular Block and edit the content.

“If you are using Google AdWords already, then keyword planner is the best pick for you which displays your ad in front of the right customers by using the suggested keywords.”

Competitors’ analysis is an ‘awe’ factor of keyword planner. Putting the landing page or the website link of your immediate competitor in the search bar displays the keywords and their competition. Also, this tool keeps track of the timely changeover of certain keywords by which you could specifically filter the exact keywords you want.

Digital Agency Tools for Outsourcing Needs (Keyword Planner) - ColorWhistle

Marketing Competitor Analysis


Ahrefs is an SEO tool which exposes you to ample marketing activities with a few clicks. Ahrefs has a lot to offer with increased traffic and business prospects. In the terms of competitor backlink analysis, Ahref simply rocks! With this tool, you can gain insights into competitor performance using the URL of the website you want to analyze.

Ahrefs reveals the number of referring domains to that page, number of backlinks, ratings of domain and URL and Ahrefs rank of the site. You could break down the profile of the target completely for analysis.

“Ahrefs can perform keyword research and SEO activities for 9 other search engines while SEMrush is only associated with Google search engine “

Digital Agency Tools for Outsourcing Needs (Ahref) - ColorWhistle

Ahrefs is one of the preferred backlink checkers by the marketers of popular companies like Netflix, UBER, Linkedin, Facebook and more…

As the name dictates, Moz is a backlink explorer for webpages. It evaluates backlinks, linking domains and anchor texts of you and your competitors and helps you build quality backlinks and compete.
You can do better SEO with Moz. By specifying the URL of the website in the search bar of Moz link explorer, you attain a comprehensive analysis of backlinks and marketing strategies.

This tool assists you in finding broken links, spam score, well performing contents and link building opportunities on your page too!

Digital Agency Tools for Outsourcing Needs (Moz) - ColorWhistle

Moz with a strong live link index has 40.7 trillion links, 718 million domains and 7 trillion pages crawled.

Marketing Tracking Visitors


Google Analytics is easy, customizable and packs up all the information you need about your audiences like age, location, device used and the level of interaction with your website.

With that, you can analyze the performance of your website in-depth, collect statistical data of web traffic and compile the data into meaningful reports to shape your marketing strategy.

What’s beautiful about Google Analytics is, it’s a ‘freemium’ service. A portmanteau of free and premium. Google Analytics is free to use with incredible services. But for unlocking certain features, there is a recurring charge. Google Analytics can be integrated with Adwords to keep track of keywords for Search Engine Optimization.

Here is a good read on 7 best alternatives to Google Analytics.


Tags are pieces of code which are added to a site to gather information and send it to outsiders. Tags can be used for a wide range of purposes, like scroll tracking, form submission monitoring, conducting surveys, producing heat maps, remarketing, or following how individuals show up at your site. They’re likewise used to follow specific functions like file downloads, link clicks, or things being taken out from a shopping cart.

Google Tag Manager is a tailor-made tool for managing website tags.

Businesses regardless of size can conceivably profit by GTM (Google Tag Manager). Since GTM makes it simpler to include and alter tags without a web developer, it’s best suited for small businesses that might lack technical support. Furthermore, big business organizations use many tags, for which GTM makes it simpler to oversee them all and improve the response time of the website.

Digital Agency Tools for Outsourcing Needs (Tag Manager) - ColorWhistle

Marketing- Market Analysis

“Remember, Google is the first place where shoppers head to discover a new brand or product. Ensure you optimise first for Google!”

Google Trends is a market analysis tool that shows how often a specific search term is used on Google search engine with that of the total search volume of the site over the stipulated time period.

You may simply go to Google Trends and input a search term (your business maybe), it shows the interest of that topic over various time periods.

You can find related queries and related topics to your search terms. You can also filter the trends specifically by choosing a particular region, a particular time, category and the medium of search. The tool displays a chart of the topic and the interest on it for the people.

Digital Agency Tools for Outsourcing Needs (Google Trends) - ColorWhistle


Think with Google is another tool for analyzing market trends. It specializes in bringing up data, analysis and marketing, and keeping them up to date.

Think lets you discover the information Google is keeping track of and the trends followed by Google with forward-looking viewpoints and the scenes behind digital campaigns across businesses, platforms, and audiences.

Think caters more insights like a marketing strategy for various categories of digital platforms, ideas and models for boosting the online popularity of your business, the regional analysis of current trends and much more. Thus, being the best-suited tool for market analysis, Think made a wide range of global users its own!

Marketing- Content Research

Since the digital mediums have increased the tendency of online presence, it’s essential to go on with content marketing that has a huge role to play in branding and sales. At the same time, the industry is highly competitive and you should stand out from the crowd by being more creative.


BuzzSumo is chosen by millions of content marketers because of its perfectly working strategy and intelligent approach to market contents.

“What BuzzSumo does is, it lets you explore high performing contents on social media, research keywords, analyze the data points to hone your marketing strategy, find influencers on social media related to your topic to power up your campaign and also keep track of mentions, backlinks and much more…”

Since BuzzSumo is making all the necessary operations for the byproduct of successful content marketing, it is considered to be one of the important tools you must have in your social media toolbox!

Digital Agency Tools for Outsourcing Needs (Buzzsumo) - ColorWhistle

Marketing- Automation

Recurring tasks like email marketing, social media marketing, SMS marketing and ad campaigns are all put into marketing automation tools for the timely process. Setting up the automation tool and scheduling the operation could effortlessly carry out all the activities without any extra burden.

Automation reduces human errors and improves the overall efficiency along with providing a personalized experience for the customers. Some of the familiar marketing automation tools are listed below!


SendGrid is an email marketing software to send automated emails for all the prospects, leads and existing clients. From design to delivery, SendGrid completely elevates the quality of your promotional emails in a way that the recipients find the mail being completely useful.

SendGrid has library responsive templates to create the emails and drag and drop tools for customization which provides a good user experience. SendGrid doesn’t advocate for duplication instead it automates all the recurring emails on a timely basis. Moreover, the results can be measured for further decision making on improving marketing operations.

Digital Agency Tools for Outsourcing Needs (Sendgrid) - ColorWhistle


Mautic is an open source marketing automation tool which helps online businesses to automate their marketing activities in various channels like messages, emails, mobile notifications, web notifications, social monitoring and stuff by simply configuring and setting to use them in the campaign. It can be a time-drive, content-driven or mixed campaigns, making it a versatile choice for marketing automation services.

With enormous features of marketing automation open to use, Mautic remains favourite for 200000+ digital marketing organizations in more than 35 languages!

Digital Agency Tools for Outsourcing Needs (Mautic) - ColorWhistle


HubSpot has one of the robust CRM platforms with a complete set of digital marketing tools integrated. It has all you need to grow your business better. Its marketing hub includes all the necessary features like email marketing, forms, landing pages, contact management, etc…

You can use this tool to perform email marketing with autopilot by creating email drip campaigns and setting up the preferences without running a single line of code!

MD Masoom R., a verified Sales & Research Executive has highlighted on social media,

“HubSpot is a great tool yet there is one think that I dislike about it and want to highlight it is that HubSpot is a little bit expensive, however worth to spend.”

Digital Agency Tools for Outsourcing Needs (Hubspot) - ColorWhistle

Design Operations


When it comes to designing, Adobe is indomitable and crucial with the tools it has to offer. Whether it be webpages or creatives, Adobe is a giver of completeness for designing.

Adobe Creative Cloud offers a variety of tools like Photoshop, Lightroom and Illustrator for Photography, After Effects and Premiere Pro for Motion graphics, Dreamweaver for Website building, and more.

Users have appreciated the product quality however not much satisfied with their subscription plans. You can buy a separate licence of your choice of one Adobe creative app such as Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, Spark, or Acrobat Pro. You may also get a bundled licence for all apps including Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, Spark, Acrobat Pro, and over 20 more.


There would be a question clung in the minds of businesses looking for more remote options,

“Will it be possible for teams to design User Interface (UI) models and collaborate more easily?”

It’s a Yes, with Figma. Figma is a User-Interface (UI) designing web application. It’s debatably the best interface designing tool which support team works on different threads. You can get access to millions of web design benefits, WordPress and plugins, along with web & email templates, UI kits and much more.

The libraries of Figma designs are open for the whole team to access and making changes in the designs and updating components immediately reflects in the central library which can be accessed by every team member, leaving no room for confusion.

Digital Agency Tools for Outsourcing Needs (Figma) - ColorWhistle


Sketch is another designing and prototyping tool made bespoke for Mac. The creative application is attracting the users by its incredibly smooth interface and functionalities it has to offer. Since the Sketch is working on a shared cloud workspace, it’s easy for everyone to access the designs.

“Tech giants like Google, Facebook, XBOX, Nintendo are all the users of Sketch!”

The collaborative workspace makes way for getting feedback, sharing thoughts, experimenting limitlessly and escalating the designs to the developers with zero complexity.

Janie S., a verified Digital Designer commented on social media,

“Color Management can be pretty abysmal at times. We’ve run into issues with clients due to colors not matching on export. Sketch Cloud does not allow comments like competitors do (InVision) …”

Digital Agency Tools for Outsourcing Needs (Sketch) - ColorWhistle


First released on 16th January 1989, CorelDraw is one of the oldest software existing.

CorelDraw is a vector-based designing tool for any kind of designing using vectors like logos, flexes, invitation cards, brochures and any kind of vector models.

Some of the tools by CorelDraw for designing include Professional Vector, Illustration, Photo Editing, Layout and Typography tools.

“CorelDraw because of its idiosyncrasy is an ideal choice for vector graphics whereas Adobe Photoshop on the other hand suits if you’re making a raster graphic project.”

Digital Agency Tools for Outsourcing Needs (CorelDraw) - ColorWhistle


Canva is a browser-based web application designing tool. It can be used to create various designs based on categories like social media, personal, business, education and marketing. With a wide range of templates, Canva is an easy to go designing tool where you can procure quick outputs. Canva is open to working in teams.

Francisco, another verified digital marketer remarked on social media,

“For a free plan, Canva offers a LOT of benefits. The payment plan is kinda cheap and you unlock good things but the problem is the micro transaction of stock imagery which you have to purchase item by item.”

It is best suited to design logos, banners, cover pages, newsletters, letterheads, yearbooks, brochures, business cards and much more. Canva has many happy users, mostly independent designers/freelancers who seek pricing advantage over Abode applications.

Digital Agency Tools for Outsourcing Needs (Canva) - ColorWhistle

Development- Website Builders


Mobirise is a FREE offline website builder available for both Windows and Mac OS to create captivating web designs.

After picking up a theme of your choice, you can simply drag the blocks from the panel and place them in the workspace. Like a simple text editor, you can edit the content of each block and perform inline styling as you want your page to be. You are free to insert media elements like images, videos or icons. You also can configure the parameters of each block and add functionalities like buttons to take actions when clicked.

Kathy P., a verified Web Designer suggests on social media,

“I still use WordPress. I haven’t switched, but I can quickly create something (with Mobirise) that my client can see for how their new website will look …”

Mobirise is committed to providing a responsive, mobile-friendly website for which it allows you to preview desktop view as well as the mobile view to check how well it works on different devices. When done with the building process, you can publish instantly to a local drive, FTP or the subdomain offered by Mobirise.


Webflow is an online website building toolkit. Unlike Mobirise, the operations with Webflow can be performed on the web.

Webflow, the software provided as a service, itself generates HTML, CSS, and JavaScript while designers use the tools. In the wake of building websites, you can launch it on their platform which is dedicated for hosting.

Webflow facilitates the building of professional and custom websites. It encapsulates many blocks and layouts to build websites. Alongside, it also has integrated e-commerce and CMS tools.

Many renowned companies like Zendesk, Dell, Lattice are the happy users of Webflow.

“Webflow helped our brand team create a platform that enables all Zendesk employees to accurately and consistently represent the company in an easy, efficient and scalable way”, says Erin Pinkley, the creative director of Zendesk.

Development- Content Management

Content management is prominent to any digital agency. Just like adding various ingredients to make up a dish, various processes like collecting, compiling, storing, managing and presenting the information are carried out for a complete content publication.

Every such business will have its own niche and context upon which the contents have to be created. Creating and managing contents, of course, seems tough but it’s made easy with a dedicated tool called Content Management Systems, or CMS.


WordPress! Yes, one of the leading Content Management Systems on the planet with the largest market share among its competitors.

“Data collected from 2004-present comparing keyword searches for popular CMSs by Google Trends clearly indicates that WordPress related keywords rank higher among search engine queries than competitors such as Drupal, Blogger, and Sharepoint. If you want to draw traffic, write about WordPress.”Source

Let’s just leave you with a user review screenshot here:

Digital Agency Tools for Outsourcing Needs (WP) - ColorWhistle


Why is Joomla a great option? Joomla perhaps is not beginner-friendly but has many positive outlooks that are considered by its users to claim it another worthy CMS. It is good for the website which has a lot more to say apart from the content part. That is, for websites with other elements as equal as text content or outnumbering the text contents, Joomla is a perfect pick since it bestows with fantastic user management and custom posts.

More than anything, Joomla is multilingual. It doesn’t need any plugins to add languages which makes Joomla highly preferable by the customers irrespective of the languages they use!

Digital Agency Tools for Outsourcing Needs (Joomla) - ColorWhistle


Following WordPress and Joomla, Drupal gets into the debate of being the best content management system. Staying behind the market share of its competitors, in no way lessens the quality of Drupal.

“To be precise, Drupal, in some areas, performs better than WordPress and Joomla in terms of let’s say taxonomy for example.”

Also, this has a high degree of control over the users and provisions. The functionality is akin to Joomla in offering custom post types and being multilingual. For the trait of its security and control, Drupal is considered to be a more secure platform to manage contents than WordPress and Joomla!

Digital Agency Tools for Outsourcing Needs (Drupal) - ColorWhistle

Sales Operations – CRM & CONTACT Management

CRM is a typical system to manage the relationships of the company with customers, retailers, and prospects by performing various marketing activities like scheduling events for the future, creating an email list for the conversion of the prospects, delivering actionable insights and supporting sales management.

Here are some recommended tools for any digital agency to look after Customer Relationship Management:


HubSpot is a cloud-based digital marketing tool that offers the best Customer Relationship Platform and helps companies to track and foster the leads. With a free plan and simple interface, HubSpot is attracting more users.

Some of the outstanding HubSpot applications for CRM includes: Contact management, deals, task management, email tracking, email templates, live chat, and meeting schedules.

The web application also has premium plans on subscribing which you unlock the usability of automation, custom reporting, predictive lead scoring and all other intensive activities.

Digital Agency Tools for Outsourcing Needs (Hubspot) - ColorWhistle

ColorWhistle recently became a HubSpot Solutions Partner. It enables us to provide implementation services on HubSpot products.


Another most rewarded cloud-based CRM which is a healthy competitor of HubSpot is Salesforce CRM. Marketing, selling and servicing is easier than ever before with Salesforce.

Since cloud computing applications like Salesforce are less expensive than desktop software, they are highly receptive by the users. It’s found that salesforce customers are benefited with a 37% increase in sales revenue, a 45% increase in customer satisfaction and have acquired 43% more in their Return on Investment.

“Over 150000 companies including KFC, Godrej, HCL and other top brands vouch for their success with the help of Salesforce.”

Digital Agency Tools for Outsourcing Needs (Salesforce) - ColorWhistle


LinkedIn Sales Navigator is a social selling platform that offers an array of features to help you in finding the appropriate prospects and build trusted relationships. The operations business includes lead recommendations, real-time sales updates, InMails and more…

“Users of LinkedIn Sales Navigator are found to have opportunities supplemented by 45% than usual, 80% increase productivity, and 51% more likely to achieve sales.”

General electric, DocuSign, and Workday are some of the beneficiaries of LinkedIn.

Digital Agency Tools for Outsourcing Needs (LinkedIn) - ColorWhistle

Sales Operations – Customer Support


Helpshift is a live chat platform that unifies all the communication channels into a single customer-interacting thread. Helpshift with the deployment of automated chatbots, load balancing, email ticketing, optimized routing and more, is one of the favourite Digital Customer Servicing platforms to go with for any digital business.

Helpshift is exemplifying the quality of service and quick support for the users.

“Its customizable FAQs were highly receptive by the users for self-service support which was highly appraisable.”

Digital Agency Tools for Outsourcing Needs (TR) - ColorWhistle


Sparkcentral facilitates easy integration of asynchronous communication channels, i.e. better customer interaction by resuming the past conservations.

A multitude of digital messaging channels like WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter, WeChat, Telegram, Google, SMS, etc. are made into a union for customer interaction and are offered in the form of Software as a Service.

“Most users on social media have upvoted its services for offering it at a reasonable pricing structure.”

This is a device independent tool which can be used in desktops, mobiles and iPads. Customer service can be explored to the fullest to exhibit the potential using Sparkcentral.

Digital Agency Tools for Outsourcing Needs (Sparkcentral) - ColorWhistle


Zendesk offers a complete pack of tools that brings up your support team to respond and look after all your customer needs quickly. What’s beautiful about Zendesk is, it covers up all the communication channels and places it in a single place where you could acknowledge all the emails, chats and phone calls more effectively.

Ashley E., a verified Support Engineer has reviewed the software on social media saying,

“Zendesk is a great tool but it can take upto couple of hours to get used to the flow of tickets and interfaces in comparison to some other CRMs.”

Digital Agency Tools for Outsourcing Needs (Zendesk) - ColorWhistle

Looking for Digital Marketing Services?

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Even Better: Partner With a Fellow Digital Agency

With the coming of SaaS-based products/solutions, the remote team model for businesses has become a visible reality. This will not only save you from managing subscriptions of different tools but also from acquiring resources to handle it.

For instance, at ColorWhistle, we also engage with other digital marketing services to fulfil our peculiar needs. And with on-the-go communication tools like Zoom, Gmeet, Skype, the entire process of outsourcing is seen as a convenient model for all the involved parties. Infact, most of the digital agency tools that we have discussed allows for easy team collaboration and remote sharing.

To learn more about our extended team model, contact us anytime.

And if you think we missed any of your favourite Digital Agency Tools, feel free to share your insights in the comments sections below.

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