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Are you planning to implement marketing automation in your business and still confused about whether to go for it or not? Before you start with it, get to know about what is marketing automation and its benefits.

Marketing automation is an effective combination of strategies and software that helps in identifying potential customers. This process leverages technology to automate repeated marketing tasks like email marketing, campaigns, and social media postings. Marketing automation streamlines all the marketing campaigns that could drive more customers to your business.

  • The implementation of marketing automation can bring in the following benefits,
  • Reduces human work
  • Automates all the traffic driving processes
  • Increases conversion rate
  • Tracking the growth with analytics
  • Personalized strategies
  • Data Management
  • Maintains consistency and a good relationship with customers

We, at ColorWhistle, have curated a list of inspirational companies all over the world who have implemented marketing automation to bring in more conversions. This would surely inspire you to configure marketing automation to your business and to experience its benefits.


Marketing automation companies in India

The following is a curated list of companies in India who offer marketing automation services that would help businesses to expand their global reach

4/5 users increased their leads by implementing marketing automation software

1. Blueshift

Smart Marketing

2. ColorWhistle

Web Development

3. Mirum


4. Envigo


5. Digitant


6. Neuro Tags

Neuro Tags


Marketing automation companies in US

Marketing automation has the power to increase sales. Have a look at some well – known companies in the US who offer automation techniques, that could make changes in the market.

Nearly 77% has seen an increase in conversion by implementing marketing automation to their business

1. Emarsys

1. Emarsys

2. Active Campaign

2. Active Campaign

3. Maropost

3. Maropost

4. Dotdigital

4. dotdigital

5. GetResponse

5. Get Response

6. Marketing360

6. marketing360

Marketing automation companies in UK

Below are the companies in the UK who provide marketing automation techniques to businesses for keeping their growth inclined.

As per “Global Marketing Automation Software Market” the market would reach a value of USD 10, 418.6 million by 2015

1. Kartra

1. kartra.

2. Banjo

2. banjo

3. Enjoy Digital

3. enjoy-digital

4. JDR Group


5. The Brains

5. thebrainsmarketing

6. Braze

6. Braze

Marketing automation companies in Australia

The following are some well-know business that offers marketing automation techniques for business development and to increase their online presence.

1. NuGrowth Solutions

1. nugrowth

2. Couch and Associates


3. Ringy

3. ringy

4. Impressive

4. impressive

5. Marketing Decisions

5. Marketing Decisions


Marketing automation companies in Canada

Checkout some well-performing service providers in Canada who offer marketing automation techniques for an effective development.

63% of business experts plan to increase the allowance on marketing automation software.

1. Disruptive

1. disruptiveadvertising

2. Pega

2. pega

3. Net.Results

3. net-results

4. CrunchBase

4. crunchbase

5. Digital Aura

5. Digital Aura

6. CRM Consulting

6. CRM consulting

Marketing automation companies in UAE

The following are some well-performing companies in the UAE who offers marketing automation techniques to businesses for global reach.

1. Act-On

1. Act on

2. Ranosys

2. Ranosys

3. Euphoria

3. Euphoria

4. Nexa

4. Nexa

5. GrG Services

5. GRG services

6. Wisoft

6. Wisoft

We hope the above mentioned examples would have inspired you to implement marketing automation software for your business. Try out this outstanding software and experience the best out of it. Are you worried about where and how to start?

We, at ColorWhistle can do the best for your business as we have skilled marketers with advanced marketing skills. We ensure to diversify your online presence by configuring innovative marketing automation techniques to your business, keeping your growth inclined throughout your journey.

All you have to do is contact ColorWhistle by sending us a message or call us at +1 (919) 234-5140, we’ll get back to you at the earliest. We provide services tailored to your requirements at a favorable cost.

Disclaimer : All the information provided in this blog is completely based on our research on the internet. Colorwhistle doesn’t have any direct/indirect engagement with the mentioned list. 

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