Why Should you Consider Using HubSpot E-Commerce Bridge API?

How to automate your sales and marketing pipeline with HubSpot E-commerce Bridge? Once you figure this out, you can reach out to the prospects and customers in the best way possible.

When people buy products from your e-commerce store, you have to study their habits so you can better promote your business.

Be it e-commerce or retail, data is the only thing that connects you to your customers.

Your marketing and sales team must spend a considerable amount of time to make things clear and accurate. Sometimes, despite putting the pieces together, you may not get an ideal picture of what’s happening.

The lack of automation in the marketing and sales process will definitely be a problem for modern marketing teams like yours.

When you are running a small scale e-commerce store, things will be quite manageable, but if your company expands in terms of sales, marketing, and team size, data figures will get complex.

If this happens, we are sure that you must look for a tool that gives you an accurate view of what’s happening in your e-store, and how to better reach out to prospects and customers in the best way. That’s where you need the HubSpot E-Commerce Bridge API. It bridges the gap between your sales, inbound marketing efforts, and e-commerce activities.

Let’s take a look at this API offered by HubSpot and see how it can help your e-commerce business.

Why Should you Connect your E-Commerce Store to HubSpot?

E-commerce is becoming the most preferred shopping method for many consumers.

According to a detailed article by Shopify on the future of e-commerce, global e-commerce sales is expected to top $4.2 trillion USD in 2020 and reach more than $6.5 trillion by 2023.

The ongoing COVID-19 pandemic has forever changed how people purchase. So many prefer to make their purchase online rather than going to a brick-and-mortar store because it is safe.

WHO has given a statement that “The likelihood of an infected person contaminating commercial goods is low and the risk of catching the virus that causes COVID-19 from a package that has been moved, travelled, and exposed to different conditions and temperature is also low.”

So, this is one of the best times to make the most of the e-commerce data you get so you can further enhance your marketing efforts. When you use a CRM like HubSpot to connect your online store, you will enjoy the following benefits.

  • Improve e-mail marketing and your automation efforts
  • Know more about customer behavior and buying habits
  • Use the data to create ads
  • Manage sales pipeline
  • Track visitors
  • Segment customers smartly

There are lots of ready-made solutions for this type of requirement. But they may not be suitable for your store. If you are looking for custom integration, then it can be achieved through the HubSpot E-Commerce Bridge API. It is one of the best in the market.

What is HubSpot E-Commerce Bridge API?

HubSpot E-Commerce Bridge API allows you to connect one or more of your e-commerce stores to HubSpot. This will be helpful to enhance your customer relationship management, thus allowing your sales and marketing team to maximize the exposure of your products.

According to HubSpot, the E-commerce Bridge API will be a perfect fit for the following e-stores.

E-Store Products

Retail, clothing, holiday items, entertainment, and electronics

Nature of E-store

Must have a good technical team, supports multiple stores where regular and selling of repeat purchases happen

The Bridge API is not suitable for,

E-Store Products

Houses, cars, airplanes, boats, and hot tubs

Nature of E-store

Does not have a technical team, requires a great level of flexibility, has large & one off transactions, and has lots of single purchases

Here are some data types you can sync from your e-commerce store to HubSpot through this API.

  • Customer Sync – Sync the data related to customers. This will help to understand customer behavior
  • Product Sync – Sync product details from their e-commerce store to understand product performance
  • Deal Sync – Orders from e-commerce store can be synched to figure out the buying behavior of customers
  • Line Item Sync – Understand the products that are performing well, items that are high in demand, and those which are ordered on a regular basis

Benefits of HubSpot E-Commerce Bridge API

Here are some major benefits offered by the HubSpot Bridge API.

  • Personalized E-mails – A personalized e-mail or template can be created so you can send highly targeted and tailored content
  • Marketing Automation – You can easily automate time-consuming and manual tasks like e-mail marketing and improve marketing efficiency
  • Deeper Analytics – You can get in-depth insights which will help you better understand the process of selling, buyer behavior, and more
  • Abandoned Cart Recovery – Details related to the customer’s abandonment cart can be recovered so you can send an e-mail reminder to customers to complete the purchase
  • Customer Welcome – You can initiate the process of sending a welcome message to customers within a specific time, which will help you make the best first impression
  • Customer Re-engagement – Easily rekindle the flame you once shared with customers to remind that your e-commerce store still has many new things to offer

You can take a look at this video walkthrough to know how the API works. Additionally, you can go through these resources to find out how the integration works with Shopify and WooCommerce. Also check out the overview document by Jack Coldrick, who is a senior engineer at HubSpot.

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In a Nutshell…

The HubSpot E-Commerce Bridge API is designed based on how the online store date is structured. It not only offers data synchronization, but it offers much more than that.

From mapping, e-mail marketing, setting up smart workflows to re-engaging with customers, this API offers a solution that most of the e-store owners are looking for.

Now that you are aware of the possibilities of the HubSpot E-Commerce Bridge API, next, you have to take advantage of it. If you are wondering how to do it, our ColorWhistle team is here to help you.

Currently, we are running a free consultation session. You can schedule a meeting with our experts at your convenience. Send us a message or give us a call at +1 (210) 787-3600 to talk more.

If you have any questions, please feel free to share them in the comments section below.

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