How Much Does it Cost to Build a Website?

Finding effective ways to establish an active web presence is crucial. Before kick-starting on website creation, it is significant to get a clear picture regarding the cost involved to build your business website.

No two businesses will have similar requirements and goals. You may also have unique ideas to nurture your business. Depending on your expectations and business needs, the cost of building your website might vary.

Here, we have broken down the mysteries about the cost of building a website. By the end of this blog, you will get a definite answer to all your questions regarding the cost of website creation.

Let us jump right in.

1. Understand the Importance of Website for Your Business

Today, websites are the brand ambassadors of your business that convey the quality of your brand, products, and services to the potential audience.

Studies show that out of every 100 Americans, 77 have internet-enabled smartphones and that 70-80% of users visit a website online before heading to the physical store.

With powerful web visibility, you can easily entice your prospects, build your reputation, and enhance your credibility among your target audience. Therefore, having a website is crucial for building a competitive totem pole in the online space.

2. Essential Requirements for Building a Website

Type, size, features, and complexity have a huge impact on the charges of building your business website. Here, we have curated the elements that are required for building a website.

A) Front-end Development

Front-end of a website is the part that is visible to the users. Here, we have curated the various elements available on the front-end and their average cost.

1. Design

Web design includes the theme, font style, color choice, page layout, dropdown menus, sliders, and others. Customized themes play a vital role in showcasing your website as a well-designed site to the visitors.

When it comes to themes, you can either select pre-built themes or design your own custom theme. Depending on your budget, you can either go for free or premium or customized themes. The average cost for paid themes would come around 0$ to $60+ and custom themes would come around 0$ to $60+.

2. Functionality

Third-party integrations like plugins and apps can be used for adding functionality to your website. By integrating customized plugins, you can offer a better user experience to your website visitors. With just a few clicks, it is easy to install the plugins.

There are a number of plugins for e-commerce, security, online payments, and many others that make your work easier. Depending on your business requirements, you can pick a number of plugins to your site. So, the average cost of plugins could be $0 to $1000.

Back-end Development

Here, we have listed the essential elements of the back-end and the average budget.

1. Domain Name

Domain name is the URL of your website. By typing the URL on the browser, users can access your website. It is important to create unique names that are easy for users to remember. Choosing the right domain name for your site can enhance your branding and business outreach.

The exact cost of your domain depends on your Top-Level Domain (TLD), which is the part that comes after your main domain name, for e.g. “.com”, “.net”, etc. A regular “.com” domain will cost you around $10 to $20.

2. Web Hosting

Website hosting is the allocated place on a web server where your website is stored. There are a lot of web hosting service providers with different pricing packages.

Choosing the right plan gives access to the best allocation of resources to make your website reliable and load quickly for your visitors. The average cost of web hosting will come around $3 to $70.

3. Content Management System

Content Management System(CMS) is an effective tool that can be used for creating and managing your website content with less coding expertise. It allows multiple users to work on the content at the same time.

When you use CMS, it reduces your dependency on back-end developers to make changes to the website. Depending on your business requirement, you can choose the best CMS platform. The average price of CMS will cost you about $16 to $150.

Website FeaturesAverage Upfront Cost
Website domain$12 - $60
Website hosting$35 - $600
Website template or theme$0 - $200
Website content$0 - $5,000
Plugins and third-party integrations$0 - $100

Various Approaches Involved in Building a Website

Depending on your business size and requirements, the average website creation cost will differ. Here, we have broken down the top three approaches – website builder, WordPress, web designer involved in website creation, and their average budget.

A) How Much Will it Cost to Build a Site Using Web Builder?

Building websites using builders is one of the best ways of website creation at an affordable price. If you are a newbie with a shoe-string budget not having much technical knowledge and time, then website builders are the best choice. WordPress, Wix, Squarespace, Weebly, are some of the leading website builders.

Generally, website builders will have various pricing versions that meet the requirements of different users. Free version can be used by hobby builders, students building school projects, private bloggers, or anyone trying out website builders.

In WordPress, bloggers, individuals building portfolio websites, and small businesses can benefit from the basic plan that costs about $12/month. E-commerce plans might cost $18-$50/month that can be used by product-selling businesses. Large businesses can avail of an enterprise plan that costs around $500/month.

Website builders will be helpful for creating sites at an affordable price at the beginning levels. Every coin has two sides, likewise, there are certain limitations for website builders too. Some of the website builders have only fewer options for mobile optimization.

Adding links, customizing pages, and resizing images is a painstaking process with builders. Further, most of the builders often lack SEO essentials and lead generation tools during website creation.

Subscriptions, themes, plugins, hosting, domain, security, developer support, etc. are the features you have to consider while building a website using builders. The average price of building a professional website using builders would cost about $6-$50/month. In this table, we have included the features along with their prices.

Pay forRequirementPrice
Monthly subscriptionYes$6-$50/month
Apps (Optional)Yes$0 - $20+/month
Developer supportNo$0

Builders are easy-to-use, therefore websites can be built without programming knowledge. As website builders subscription involves themes, web hosting, and security services, there is no need to invest in them separately.

If you don’t know how to work with these website builders, then feel free to reach our expert developers at ColorWhistle. We have rich experience in working with these tools and can build a website that best reflects the quality of your brand, products, and services in the online space.

B) How Much Will it Cost to Build a Website with WordPress?

One of the most popular CMS that powers over 43% of websites on the internet is, WordPress. It has a repertoire of plugins, themes, and other tools that helps you to add extra functionalities to your site. You can turn your WordPress website into an ultimate lead generation tool.

There are a lot of hosting options that include shared hosting, dedicated hosting, reseller web hosting, cloud hosting, managed hosting, etc. Bluehost, SiteGround, DreamHost, and other hosting service providers offer hosting services exclusively for WordPress websites.

Moreover, there are various hosting types in WordPress. Depending on your budget and needs, you can choose a hosting type. Dedicated hosting would cost an average of $100/month and it is the best option for websites that deal with a lot of traffic and that have strict needs for customization and security. Shared hosting costs around $2 to $15 per month for new businesses, bloggers, hobby builders, people creating personal portfolios, and students building school projects.

Bloggers, people building large portfolios, etc can make use of the managed hosting which costs about $20-$60 per month. E-commerce hosting will range from $7-$30 per month for online stores and commercial businesses.

Among all these hosting services, dedicated hosting is a highly recommended one because you can have complete administrative control over the server. Server resources will not be shared. Dedicated hosting provides enhanced security with unique IP addresses.

Subscriptions, themes, plugins, hosting, domain, security, developer support, etc. are the features you have to consider while building a website with WordPress. The average charges of building a professional website with WordPress would be $750. In the below table, we have added the requirement of features along with their prices.

Pay forRequirementPrice
Monthly subscriptionNo$0
Apps/plugins (Optional)Yes$0-$100/month
Developer support(Optional)Yes$20 - $120/hour

As WordPress is a free CMS, there is no need to pay for monthly/yearly subscriptions. Also, it is an easy-to-use tool, therefore, the initial operations can be handled without the developer’s support.

Do you have plans to build custom-based WordPress websites for your business? Being a pioneer in WordPress development services, ColorWhistle has been successfully providing custom WordPress solutions and continuously upgrading the skills to better serve our client requirements.

C) How Much Will it Cost to Build a Website through Web Professionals?

Web designers and developers will take full responsibility for building professional websites for your business. By properly understanding your business, web professionals will be capable of building websites that represent the image of your business in the online space.

If you are a large-sized business having no time, then building your websites with the help of web professionals is the best option!

Hiring web professionals is suitable for anyone who needs a very complex website, people with zero time or tech expertise, and large businesses. You can either hire a leading web design agency for building your website and website templates.

Subscriptions, themes, plugins, hosting, domain, security, developer support, etc. are the features you have to consider while building a website through professionals. The average cost of building a website or cost of building a WordPress website with the help of an agency would come around $3,500, it can go up to $15,000 for eCommerce or more interactive features. The table below breaks down the features along with their prices.

Pay forRequirementPrice
Monthly subscriptionYes$500-$1000/year
Developer support(Optional)Yes$3,000-$30,000

Web professionals whom you hire will take care of the website setup, design, content, maintenance. If you have plans to work with reputed website developers, feel free to reach skilled website developers at ColorWhistle.

Looking for Web Development Services?

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Wrap Up

As said in the beginning, we have walked you through the pricing details under all the three approaches and different features for building a website. We leave it in your hands to pick the right approach and features that best suit your business requirements and budget.

Do you like ColorWhistle to be your web design and development partner? All you have to do is drop us a line or give us a call +1 (210) 787-3600. We have expertise in designing a professional website that is tailored to meet your business requirements. We are happy to join hands with you!

If you have any more questions regarding the cost of building a website, let us know in the comments section below. We are here to answer all your queries.

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