Myths about Website Development, Design, and Web Application

Nowadays, companies of all sizes are looking to establish their online presence. Today, websites are important, and they help in creating an impact on users about your business. However, there are certain myths evolving around regarding website development and its process, which may even affect your business’s web presence.

In this article, we have debunked some popular myths on website development, website design and web application development. We have brought into picture the truth behind these myths and helped to deviate from the misconceptions.

10 Common Myths Around Website Design

1. Appearance is the most important aspect of website design

There is a usual tendency where we think that appearance is the most crucial aspect of a website design. What is the use of having an attractive web design without easy navigation or relevant content? Of course, appearance does matter, but many other factors need to be considered for the success of a website design.

Most businesses concentrate on appearance and fail to work on areas that require utmost attention. A well-designed website with hassle navigation and irrelevant content will not help in achieving the goals of the business.

2. No need for a mobile version site

Today’s world is moving faster and feels everything needs to be handy. We could also witness that people need to do things on the go. Constructing a website without responsiveness may lead to missing out on some of your potential customers and your online presence, only because you are not handy.

Never consider it to be optional, as the digitalized world is exposed to multi-sized screens.

Myths about Website Development, Design, and Web Application (Mobile Responsive website Development) - ColorWhistle

3. Design is all about making a website attractive

For a website to be attractive, design is just one of the aspects as it illustrates the appearance of your website. A good design might be appealing, but it is not the sure factor to bring in more business. Many other elements make your website to be attractive – content, navigation, user-friendly approach, responsiveness, and many more.

Design is not only about fonts, images, graphics, typography, and colors. It is also about the structure and the accessibility of your website. A new visitor must be able to reach his page without any hassle – this may help you with more conversions to your business. When a new visitor/ existing customer doesn’t find any relevance with their search or find it difficult to locate the required pages/information, this may lead to losing them from your business.

4. Good web design is expensive

It is a usual thought that anything that needs to be built/created/established to its best would be expensive. Nowadays, there are options to build a customized web design tailoring your needs. You pay only for what has been implemented on your website. This would make you stand out from the crowd with its uniqueness with affordable pricing.

A professional and dedicated website designer can help you with customized designs by understanding your objectives and requirements. Instead of starting from scratch, now you can make use of the customization option to build a well-designed website at an affordable price.

5. Aesthetics are more important than function

Do you think that aesthetics alone can help your website to be successful? Then you have been misled. Aesthetics can make your customers feel pleasing about your website’s look but, what if your website functionality is not up to the mark?

A good-looking website with poor or vague functionalities would make your customers feel overwhelmed. This may even lead to losing customers from your business. Ensure to develop your website with an aesthetic look with outstanding user experience and functionalities.

6. Home page matters most

The home page does matter a lot. When customers/visitors come looking for your website specifically. The reality is, the views on the homepage is decreasing as people use search queries in Google. When people look for specific products or services, Google will be suggesting the respective pages as it is the best way to answer the query. In this case, it is essential to concentrate on your product/service pages while building your website to increase your presence in the search engines.

Myths about Website Development, Design, and Web Application (Home page Importance) - ColorWhistle

7. More contact buttons get conversations

Do you think a page with more buttons will look appealing?

Or will it bring more conversions?

Not necessarily. Configure buttons only wherever it is necessary. To get conversions, make sure you concentrate on the appearance, functionality, navigation, and user experience (UX) during the construction of your website. Buttons are much required when you want to take your visitor/customer to fill a form, take subscriptions, take up the available discount and many such similar scenarios.

Ensure not to cluster your website with more buttons as conversions take place only based on your business, functionalities, and usability of your website.

8. White space is a waste

It is a tendency that using white space to your website will make no difference to the functionalities of your website. But, the fact is that – a page having overloaded content without spacing may look overwhelming to the readers. This may bounce off your visitors from your website without even allowing them to look through your business.

White space is an essential element that helps in increasing the readability, highlights CTAs, helps visitors to focus on what they are seeking. Ensure to use whitespace strategically to create a balance and increase the readability of your website.

Myths about Website Development, Design, and Web Application (whitespace-is-a-waste) - ColorWhistle

9. Content doesn’t affect the design

Do you think visitors will be interested in reading through the entire content on your website pages simply to understand what is your business all about?

Nowadays, people always like to have a glance while they are browsing for information they are looking for. When they look at your website pages, fully loaded with content, they may bounce off from your website without even understanding your business objectives. Therefore, content does affect the design of your website. Restrict your content using a wireframe while building your website. Ensure to provide crisp and relevant content on your website pages. If you want to guide your users with a detailed explanation of your features and functionalities, add a blog room to your website where you can keep adding detailed documentation or blogs related to your business.

10. Placing call-to-action only above the fold

It is a quite common fact that placing a CTA only above the fold will lead to conversions. It is not the case for all types of businesses. If you are running an eCommerce business, and you place a discount CTA above the fold, it will lead to driving in more conversions and business. If you are running a business-like software solution with complex landing pages, it is advisable to place the CTA below the fold. In this case, it would help users to understand your business and then click on the CTA more convincingly.

Depending upon your services and by understanding your customers, place the CTA to bring in more conversions.

1. Once your site is live it’s finished

Do you think the work is done once your website is live?

It is just the beginning. It’s a typical thought that once the website is live, everything is complete. Website development is an ongoing process. The website must be updated regularly with content, plugins, security extensions and service updates to keep up with the trend. All these are much required to run your website successfully along with ongoing maintenance.
Only regular maintenance and support can keep your website alive with outstanding performance and flawless workflow.

2. Why do I still need to pay if there are free website services?

This question is quite common among people who keenly look for free services. The market has a various number of website builders who offer free signups to attract customers. Once you are into it, you have to upgrade your website with a paid version to continue with its functionalities or at times you may have to purchase add-ons for certain features to be active throughout the website. It is then you will realize that the service isn’t entirely free, and it would be quite challenging to keep your website live by investing more into the development process.
It is always better to contact a Website Development Agency as the experts can help in building an optimized website (optimization in all aspects) by understanding and tailoring to the needs of the clients.

3. Web development consumes less time

The spread of this myth is due to the assumptions – web development is an easy task and codes are copied from an existing website by the developers. Web development is time-consuming and an ongoing process. The time completely depends on the design and the features that are required for the business.

Keenly understanding the client’s requirements, constructing an optimized website with responsiveness, simple and attractive design, relevant content, SEO friendly and user-friendly are things to be considered while development and is also time-consuming for productive results.

4. More features on the website mean more customers

Do you think that adding more features will drive in more conversions?

But the reality is, adding more features would make your website complex, affecting its user experience. Concentrate on adding only relevant features rather than adding more features that would reduce the clarity of your website and increase the complexity of its user experience.

5. Websites are launched with the flick of a switch

It’s a general tendency that a website launch is like a cakewalk. It involves a lot of time, effort and challenges to launch a website successfully. For the results to be productive, involvement of various roles like a designer, developer, management and more is very important.

People hardly realize the efforts that have been put in to produce an outstanding website. So, if your website is working seamlessly then, you must realize that a lot of effort & contribution is behind it.

6. Once your website is online, you’ll automatically attract visitors.

Many have been misguided with the expectation that, once the website is live it will automatically bring in customers. Do you think just making your website online will attract customers?

You have to put in efforts to make your online presence in the search engines. Aspects like SEO, paid ads, guest posts, need to be concentrated, and it will also take its time to generate traffic to your website. Improve all the aspects of your website to experience productive results.

7. Only online businesses need a website

Many tend to think that a website is meant for business owners who sell products/services online. Whatever the industry might be, a majority of people are looking for its online presence. Let it be ticket booking, medical services, reservations, and many more people are looking for their websites. All businesses require a website not only to stand out from the crowd but also to build a good and trustworthy relationship with your potential customers.

8. An attractive website alone is enough to generate traffic

Do you think an attractive website with no relevant content and features can generate traffic?

If your website is attractive and creative, it may bring in new visitors, but you can never guarantee whether a conversion will happen or not. Only if your website delivers the functionalities and content that customers are looking for, you can expect to have productive results.

9. If I hire a web development company, they will take care of everything

When you hire a web development agency for building your website, they will indeed take care of everything but, that doesn’t mean that your responsibility is done and this shouldn’t be the norm. You must be actively involved in the development process and maintain a good relationship with the project team. The web development agency will do everything for you, but your contribution also matters a lot here.

10. My user data is not safe with a web development agency

This is something crucial and sensitive that might be wandering around when you have planned to approach a web development agency. But, the reality is, most web development agencies ensure to respect your privacy and protect your confidential data. Normally, NDAs are signed for sensitive projects with the agency so that, the data is kept confidential and safe. Filing up documents like SOW(Statement Of Work) and NDA can help the project to move in the right direction. Hence, your data will be safe with the web development agency as they have their constraints and process to be followed simply to keep up their reputation in the market.

12+ Web Application Myths

1. Web application development is limited in its functionality

It’s quite common thinking that the development of a web application is limited. The truth is, there are no limits. This is completely in the hands of the developer/client to add as many functionalities to the web application. If your developer just gives out something from a pre-designed template without meeting the requirements of clients, then you may feel that the functionalities of a web application are limited.

Adding some creativity and with an expert, you can develop web applications without limitations but, it is also good to remember that not to complicate your application with too many functionalities. Understand your clients and their requirements keenly and develop bespoke applications.

At ColorWhistle, we have adroit developers capable of developing engaging bespoke applications by thoroughly understanding the client’s requirements. By leveraging the PWA technology, we develop web applications that help you to stand out from the crowd.

2. Web application development lacks security

Many consider that the development of a web application is like inviting security issues to their sites. It is believed that the interactive elements in a web application may be prone to hacking. But, the reality is, certain security measures are implemented while developing a web application as during the development of websites.

When you approach a web development agency, they ensure to develop a web application by implementing all the necessary security measures. They not only work on the client’s requirements but, also ensure to maintain the security and reputation of your business.

3. Web application development is Expensive

Is that so?

It is an agreeable statement that cost is a major factor that needs to be considered when it comes to business. The development of web applications is not as expensive as businesses think. This completely depends on the client’s requirements. When you approach a web development agency, you pay only for what you need. The expert developers keenly understand and develop web applications tailoring to the client’s requirements.

Hence, it is good not to calculate the cost of development by yourself. Approach a well-reputed web development agency and they can help with it in addition to understanding the client’s requirements.

4. We don’t have to worry about Security: Our site is too small to be targeted

This statement is completely misleading. Do you think small websites will not be a target for hackers?

Hackers always leverage automated tools that allow them to scrutinize for weaknesses in websites and web applications. This statement is also like degrading the security posture of a website or web application.

Whether your website’s scale is small or large, security is one of the essential elements for its success. Only when customers/visitors feel that you are secure enough do they step in to have business with you. Ensure to build your website/web application with necessary security measures to protect your business from getting hacked.

5. It is easy to create a custom web or mobile application

This is an underestimated statement. Everything seems to be very simple while you access a web/mobile application, but we hardly realize the efforts and challenges faced during the development phase.

Right from understanding the requirements till the launch of the web application, we fail to understand the efforts that have been put in to build an easy-to-use application for your customers. The web application works seamlessly only because of the configurations that have been implemented with suitable measurements.

6. Things that seem easy must be easy to code

The working of a web application seems to be simple so, do you expect the back-end work that has been implemented should also be simple?

Then, this is a complete misconception. The interface of the web application that is visible to the client seems to be simple with understandability. The management, back-end code, QA, and more are not completely visible to the client. It is always not that easy to build a productive result, every element of the web application that has been developed includes challenges and efforts to make it work seamlessly.

7. WAF’s will protect a web application from all web attacks

It is a known fact that the Website Application Firewall acts as a shield between the web application and the internet. It protects the web application as it defends against all types of attacks. But, WAF alone cannot protect a web application from all types of hackers.

It is essential to implement necessary security measures to run your web application more securely.

8. You should always provide a native app for a better experience

This is a general tendency that it is necessary to provide native apps for the web application that has been developed. But the implementation of PWA technology has made the accessibility of web applications offline. The technology offers more native features like offline mode, local storage, native notification and background sync. Hence, native apps are necessary only if you want to develop mobile applications.

At ColorWhistle, we develop reliable and engaging progressive web apps with user-centric designs by leveraging the PWA technology.

9. Mobile apps are cheaper and easier than typical applications

Is it so? Because of its size, are mobile apps cheaper and easier than typical applications?

This is completely a misleading statement. Considering the size and functionalities of the device, people easily judge that mobile apps are quite simple to develop but, the truth is, developing a mobile app is as complex as developing typical applications. As per the saying “Never judge a book by its cover”, a lot of time and effort are contributed in developing a productive mobile app.

10. Once your app is released, it’s done

Do you think that the moment you launch your web application, your job is done? In that case, your job isn’t done, to be blunt. This is a continuous process where you have to manage a lot of elements to keep your growth inclined. You need to keep updating the application with the latest features and version updates based on the client’s requirements for experiencing a stabilized growth of your web application.

At ColorWhistle, we develop bespoke applications and also provide outstanding support and maintenance for the web applications with the latest updates and help your web application to be in line with the trend.

11. Building for IOS is enough

Native apps are generally built exclusively for a single platform, and it does not work on cross platforms. This completely depends on the application. Developing separate apps for both the platforms IOS and Android sounds efficient and effective.

12. If you build native apps, you don’t need mobile web apps

Do you think that the above statement is right?

It is not very sure that all the users would download and install the native applications for their use. Some users don’t want to download the app but make use of it for certain activities. Hence, it is mandatory to build a mobile application irrespective of your choice for native applications.

13. Great features = a successful app

Implementation of more features doesn’t mean that you are running a successful app. Instead of configuring too many features for your application, it is important to configure only essential features that could help your users to experience productive results.

Always ensure that you have an answer to this question, “How does this feature benefit your users? “ If you don’t have an appropriate answer for this question, then the feature is not worthy. So ensure to develop a web application with dynamic features rather than complicating it with unproductive features.

Looking for Web Development Services?

Seize and experience the transformative impact of Web Development Services & Solutions with ColorWhistle.

Until now, the above listed misconceptions would have stopped you from pursuing a website or web application for your business but, this article would have helped you understand the truth behind every myth mentioned here. Come out of these barriers and get your website developed from a well reputed developing agency and grow on your vision.

Whether you want a website design or development, contact ColorWhistle by sending us a message or call us at +1 (210) 787-3600, we’ll get back to you at the earliest. We provide services tailored to your requirements at a favorable cost.

If you have any other myths to be debunked, do mention them in the comments below.

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