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How to Make a Living by Sending a Few E-Mails a Day Thanks to SEO and Web Design Outsourcing

Updated : March 7, 2016

Browsing the web, it’s not uncommon to come across adverts telling you how you can ‘make $XXX a day by clicking a few ads’ or some such. Don’t click them, they’re scams and they normally involve buying an e-book that requires a small loan to afford.

As a general rule, in order to be savvy regarding scams, you need to take a cynical approach and remember that if something sounds too good be true… it probably isn’t true.

In order to make money online you either need to work hard, or you need to work smart. The good news is that if you’re really smart, there are ways you can still make a living without doing all that much work. It’s not a case of ‘clicking a few ads’ but to be honest it does essentially boil down to ‘sending a few e-mails’.

What is SEO and Web Design Outsourcing?

The word outsourcing effectively means getting someone else to do your work for you. When you hire another company – say ColorWhistle – in order to handle your web design, this is an example of outsourcing.

But of course this type of outsourcing doesn’t save you money. In this case you have actually lost money by spending it on a service (though in theory you should earn that money back so it’s an investment). How does outsourcing earn you money?

The answer is simple: if you find a client who is willing to pay X amount for their web design, you can then outsource those web design services to someone else who charges less than that amount. In other words, you become a web design broker. Now you are getting paid to do a job, getting someone else to do the job and then keeping the profit.

And it works just the same with SEO services, writing services and any other online work you can think of.

Why Web Design and SEO Outsourcing Are Great

All you’re doing now on a day-to-day basis, is receiving e-mails with your order, reading through it and then passing those instructions on to the company who you’re outsourcing to. If someone is paying for a $1,000 web design and you’re only paying your guys $700, then you could potentially make $300 simply for sending a couple of e-mails. Literally!

The great thing about this business model is that it’s completely scalable. Meaning in other words that you can take on more and more clients and earn more and more profit. If you’re getting more work than the company you’re outsourcing to can handle, then you can just start outsourcing to more customers.

Now you may be feeling bad and wondering whether you should really be making money from someone else’s hard work. In truth though, if the company are happy to provide their services for a set price then you’re just bringing them more clients. Effectively you are a broker/contractor and the value you provide is essentially finding the work through marketing. It’s only fair you should get a commission! ColorWhistle is happy to provide web design and SEO outsourcing services and truly enjoys these kinds of mutually beneficial relationships.

From the perspective of the people hiring your services – they’re still getting the job done for a good price and so there’s no reason for you to feel bad about the specifics of how it is getting done.

How to Get Started

So, starting to like the sounds of SEO outsourcing as a way of earning money? Great! The next question then, is how you go about actually getting started. Just follow these straightforward tips and you could be making money from SEO, writing or web design outsourcing in no time at all.

Step One: Advertise

The first thing you need to do is to advertise for new clients. There are several ways you can do this. Either you can create a website selling your services and promote it through AdWords and other forms of marketing or you can promote your services directly by advertising on webmaster forums like WarriorForum or on sites like oDesk, Elance and PeoplePerHour. Then there are e-mail campaigns, mailing lists, social media strategies – you name it!

Step Two: Find a White Label SEO Company

Next you need to find an SEO or web design company that’s happy for you to outsource your work. Here you’re looking for what’s known as a ‘white label’ SEO company or an SEO outsourcing service. White label effectively means that the company is happy to provide services without needing to have their branding included in their work/communicate directly with the client. ColorWhistle operates as a white label web design and SEO company, so that means you can send work our way and we’ll complete it quietly, quickly and to a great standard.

Step Three: Scale and Automate

Once you have a steady flow of clients and a service provider or you can trust, it’s then just a matter of expanding your business by getting more clients and finding ways to streamline your workflow. Using the right tools it’s actually possible to pretty much automate the process yourself – for instance you could have your clients fill out an online form and have that e-mailed directly to your service providers!

So there you go, that’s a genuine way you can make money online without doing much work at all. If you’re interested in getting started then get in touch any time and ColorWhistle will help you to get set up!


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