YouTube statistics show that digital marketing is key to future

Digital marketing is changing the way consumers interact with brands and companies; it has made a brand more accessible to the consumer and enabled consumers to interact with brands and companies at a level never experienced before.

Never before have products been so accessible to consumers. Thanks to digital media, consumers are able to interact with products and services even before investing in a business. What is more, digital media is a cost effective method for businesses to market their products and services.

Today Facebook is as much a tool to keep in touch with old friends as it is a customer relationship management tool for businesses. Companies are investing in apps that help you to do everything ranging from booking a cab ride to sending money to bank accounts to watching entire movies and television shows.

As internet penetration and use of smartphones grow, marketing has become more and more personalized. As the ability to track digital activity of users grows, companies are able to hit the exact marketing strategy that works for the consumer.

The visual medium still remains the strongest marketing medium. Filmed content still carries a universal appeal. People like to watch what a product or service is all about. This possibly explains why video sharing websites like YouTube have so much activity on a daily basis.

“How to” do something is one of the most popular searches on the web today. While we still get a lot of information reading about how to make lasagna, to actually watch someone make it gives us the confidence to actually go and try out the recipe.

Little wonder then that “How to” videos have such high popularity on sites like YouTube. As a business owner, you have the opportunity to exploit this avenue in a few ways:

1) Make “How to” videos and post them online. You might think that it may not be relevant to your business, but you would be surprised. Whether you are an independent consultant or a business owner, meaningful videos will attract customers to your website.

For example if you are an auto spare parts dealer, even a video of how to clean your motorcycle can bring you quite a few website visitors.

2) Developing advertisements that get placed in relevant videos that have been uploaded by other users on the video platform.

For example, if you are in the business of selling baked goods, you can develop advertisements (ranging from 6 seconds to 60 seconds) that will get placed in videos related to cookery or food related products or even videos that are related to something like maintenance of convection ovens.

The Google AdSense platform manages the display and payments for advertisements but the advantage is that YouTube allows the advertiser to customize their targeting strategy.

3) Tie up with “YouTubers” who will showcase your products for you. This is a strategy that works for your business, for the YouTuber and for the YouTube company as well.

A small example of this is Unboxing videos of items like children’s toys. A toy manufacturer will provide the product to the YouTuber who will open it from the box and showcase its various features.

These videos work because it provides a peer review of the product for the consumer and thus makes it more likely that they will buy the product.

If you are still thinking about digital marketing here are some YouTube viewership statistics that will tell you why this is a great opportunity that can be exploited by businesses to reach their customers

YouTube statistics that showcase its consumer outreach potential

    1. 8 billion video views per day At the moment, YouTube has a stronghold on online video viewership unlike many of the other platforms. Simple math shows that this statistic translates to almost 3 trillion views a year.
      1. Uploading relevant video content online is definitely a great way to generate interest in your business.
    2. 70% of teenage subscribers on YouTube relate to YouTubers and not celebrities Everyday people giving instruction and advice seems to go down well with a majority of the teenage viewers of videos. They don’t seem enamored of celebrity endorsements. Why is this statistic interesting? Because today’s teenagers are tomorrow’s spending public.
    3. “How to” searches are growing 70% year on year After Google, YouTube is the most used search engine. As a business owner, you should think about advertising on YouTube channels that are dedicated to explaining how to do something.
    4. Over 10,000 videos have generated 1 billion views each There are thousands of videos that have views in the several millions but videos that generate 1 billion views show that certain kind of videos have a repeat to the consumer. This is an interesting statistic for a business owner looking to target such videos.
    5. 40% viewers trust information on YouTube This is an important statistic. YouTube is seen as a trusted source of information. Although there are all kinds of videos uploaded, the viewers are able to separate fake information from the authentic based on criteria like uploader credentials and original source of news.
    6. 50% of YouTube views are on mobile This is a key statistic and important for digital marketers. If people are watching your video/ad on a mobile then the business website must also be mobile friendly. 
    7. There are 1,000,000,000 mobile video views every DAY! (Source)
    1. 300 hours of video uploaded every minute Simple math says that in a day, every day, 432,000 hours worth of new video is on YouTube. That is over 157 million hours a year. Considering that viewership is only increasing with time, this is certainly a platform to exploit.

Quick marketing stats on YouTube

According to Brand Watch, YouTube is a channel that digital marketing agencies cannot ignore any more:

  1. Among the 18-49 age group, YouTube accounts for 66% of videos watched across devices and platforms.
  2. Every year the number of YouTube channels earning in 6-figures has increased by 50% over the previous year.
  3. Of the brands that have their own channels, Red Bull with 4.38 million subscribers was the most popular.
  4. When viewers watched an ad to completion, they were 23 times more likely to invest in the brand.
  5. Even if viewers watched only part of the ad before skipping it, they were still likely to watch for more content from the brand.
  6. Brands that opted to use Google’s TrueView ad platform saw that the views on their existing content went up 500%.
  7. Advertisements that were 31-60 seconds long on average were the most viewed.
  8. The top brands upload ads every 18.5 minutes

Interestingly, “How to” is also becoming a trend with the ads themselves. Beauty brands like Mac post “How to” makeup and hair advertisements that are over 10 minutes long (sometimes longer than the YouTuber video itself) but these also have tremendous appeal.

What is clear is that like most digital marketing channels YouTube presents a cost effective way of getting your brand out there.

The statistics listed above show that YouTube does have tremendous potential to reach your consumers.

While the cost effectiveness is an attractive factor, it should also be clear that the digital platform requires continuous effort to become a successful marketing tool.

Good content on YouTube needs to be complemented with a responsive website is more likely to get you loyal customers. Valuable content, website that provides memorable user experience and robust SEO are required to create a comprehensive digital marketing campaign.

Web design agencies like ColorWhistle in India offer such comprehensive packages for businesses throughout the world from USA to Canada to UK. As a business owner you need to evaluate the best methods to maximize your marketing returns.

I hope this post has shown you a glimpse of the potential of digital marketing platforms like YouTube. If you have had a memorable experience with digital marketing agency that you would like to share, do let us know via the comments section.

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