Top ChatGPT Plugins for WordPress

ChatGPT plugins for WordPress enhance websites and apps with the power of AI-driven conversational capabilities. These plugins allow users to integrate ChatGPT, an advanced language model developed by OpenAI, into their platforms. 

By doing so, you can enable features such as chatbots, virtual assistants, content generation, language translation, code generation, and more on your website. The aim is to provide your target users with an intuitive and interactive AI-driven experience that improves customer engagement, automates tasks, and enhances the overall functionality and user experience. 

In this post, we as a custom WordPress plugin development company handpicked professional excellence on your WordPress website with our meticulously curated selection of the top 5 ChatGPT plugins.

Let’s dive in. 

5+ Top ChatGPT Plugins for WordPress

1. AI Engine

ChatGPT Plugins for WordPress (AI Engine) - ColorWhistle

AI Engine is a convenient plugin that enables users to integrate AI services such as OpenAI’s ChatGPT or Microsoft Azure into their websites. To make use of these services, users are required to possess their own API key and comply with the guidelines specified by the chosen AI service.


  • Possible to add a ChatGPT chatbot to the website
  • Allows to generate fresh & engaging content
  • Integrates with AI Copilot
  • Compatible with AI Playground like translation, correction, SEO, etc.
  • Possible to create templates
  • Can be trained & moderated for specific tasks
  • Easy to get new titles
  • Easy to write WooCommerce product fields
  • Integrates with Whisper API
  • Allows to add data-driven context
  • Tracking is possible
  • Supports internal API 
  • Parameters can be saved for templates
  • Generate content & images in bulk
  • Easy to personalize the user interface
  • Integrates with Media File Renamer
  • Compatible with Social Engine
  • For more features, click here

Ratings & Review

  • Rating – 4.0 out of 5 based on 529 reviews
  • Active installations – 60,000+


  • Starter – $49
  • Starter – $69
  • Professional – $99
  • Standard – $249
  • Professional – $399
  • Developer – $599
  • Agency – $899
  • Click here to know more about pricing

2. ContentBot AI Writer

ChatGPT Plugins for WordPress (ContentBot) - ColorWhistle

ContentBot AI writer helps many types of content creators such as digital marketers, content marketers, founders, copywriters, SEO specialists, and bloggers. The tool is capable of creating content for blogs, landing pages, marketing copies, and e-commerce content. Also, it helps in automating all your content creation processes too.  


  • Easy to create product descriptions, video ideas, descriptions, 
  • Integrates with InstructBot
  • Generates ideas for blog topics, headlines, marketing, conclusions, paragraphs,   
  • Easy to create blog intro, outline
  • Can rewrite sentences
  • Sentence tone can be revised
  • Long-form content can be summarized
  • Click here to install the plugin
  • Incomplete sentences can be finished
  • Easy to create brand names, startup ideas, slogans, and ad copy for Adwords, Facebook
  • Allows to create of content for landing pages, value propositions, 
  • Use AIDA, PBS, PAS, and other copywriting formula
  • Can build engaging questions
  • Click here to know more features

Ratings & Reviews

  • 4.7 out of 5 stars based on 19 reviews
  • Active installations – 900+


  • $1 per 1000 words one-time payment
  • Starter – $19/month
  • Premium – $59/month
  • Premium+ – $99/month
  • Click here to know more about pricing

3. AI Power

ChatGPT Plugins for WordPress (AIPower) - ColorWhistle

AI Power is a feature-rich WordPress plugin that creates top-notch content, images, and forms for your website. It includes tools like Content Writer, Auto Content Writer, Image Generator, WooCommerce Product Writer, and Audio Converter, and offers numerous pre-made prompts and forms. With support for 43 languages and customizable options for writing style, tone, and image generation, this plugin provides ample opportunities to enhance your website content.


  • Possible to create bulk blog content
  • Supports Dall-E and Stable Diffusion
  • Has custom chat widgets, logs, and long-term external memory
  • Allows to export chats into PDFs
  • Supports WooCommerce
  • Integrates with Gutenberg and Classic Editor
  • Click here to install the plugin
  • Compatible with PromptBase
  • Supports Playground, Whisper, ElevenLabs, Google
  • Integrates with SEO Optimizer
  • Suggest titles for posts, pages, and products
  • Supports RankMath
  • To know more about all features, click here

Ratings & Reviews

  • 4.6 out of 5 stars based on 137 reviews
  • Active installations – 10,000+


  • Monthly – $9.99/month
  • Annually – $7.99/month ($95.88 annually)
  • Lifetime – $289.99
  • To know more, click here
  • Enterprise – Contact sales
  • Click here to know more about pricing
  • Free version is available

4. AI Content Writing Assistant

ChatGPT AI Content Writing Assistant Plugins for WordPress - ColorWhistle

The AI Content Writing Assistant is a valuable tool that simplifies the process of creating captivating headlines, introductions, and informative content that truly connects with your desired audience. Designed specifically for content creators, bloggers, and marketers, this AI writing tool empowers users to elevate their writing skills and produce exceptional content with ease. Designed specifically for content creators, bloggers, and marketers, this AI writing app empowers users to elevate their writing skills and produce exceptional content with ease.


  • Generates high-quality, unique content & images
  • Uses advanced AI and natural language processing techniques
  • Compatible with major languages
  • Supports different content formats like topic wise, pros & cons, listicles, reviews, how-to, FAQs, case studies, product descriptions, and so on
  • Provides 20 different writing styles and 41 writing tone
  • Integrates with Dall-E
  • Possible to add ‘intro and conclusion’ 
  • Customize H1, H2, H3, and so on
  • Integrates with GPT-3 models
  • Works on localhost
  • Click here to know more features
  • Click here to install the plugin

Ratings & Reviews

  • 4.5 out of 5 based on 31 reviews
  • Active installations – 3,000+

5. AI Assistant 

ChatGPT AI Assistant Plugins for WordPress - ColorWhistle

The ChatGPT AI Assistant by AYS plugin empowers you to automate a range of tasks associated with content creation and programming. With this plugin, you gain access to an AI chatbot capable of writing articles, and blog posts, and answering your queries. Additionally, it can generate code in various programming languages such as HTML, CSS, Java, Python, and more. This allows you to redirect your focus toward other vital aspects of your website or business.


  • Possible to create different content styles
  • Chatbot can be showcased with a simple shortcode in the front-end
  • Supports AI assistant for WordPress
  • Reliable storage system
  • Understanding different contexts
  • Allows to answer all inquiries
  • Better understanding of the coding
  • Click here to learn more
  • Click here to install the plugin

Ratings & Reviews

  • 5 out of 5 based on 8 reviews
  • Active installations – 200+


  • Business – $39
  • Developer – $103

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Wrapping Up Our Collection of ChatGPT Plugins for WordPress

In conclusion, the top 5 ChatGPT plugins for WordPress bring a new era of AI-driven conversations and functionality to your website. With these powerful tools at your disposal, you can engage your audience in a whole new way, automate tasks with ease, and streamline your content creation process. 

From generating compelling articles to answering user queries and even crafting code snippets, these plugins offer a wealth of capabilities that enhance your website’s performance and efficiency.

ColorWhistle is a custom WordPress plugin development company thinking outside-the-box strategies and ideas for plugin customization. If you’re looking for any assistance in this area, feel free to reach us. You can either drop us a message or leave us a call at +91 (944).278.9110 at any time. We’re happy to assist you!

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