Popular AI-Based WordPress Translation Plugins

Are you planning to expand your website’s reach to a global audience? Are you struggling to translate your content into multiple languages? 

There are several AI-based WordPress translation plugins in the market that can help you tackle language barriers and reach a wider audience. These plugins use machine learning algorithms to automatically translate your content into different languages, saving you time and effort. In this article, we will provide you with a gist of the popular AI-based WordPress translation plugins which might be helpful for your business by getting connected globally.

AI-Based WordPress Translation Plugins - ColorWhistle

Benefits Of AI-based Translation Plugins

  • Automation in translation can save money and time
  • Increases global reach
  • Improves user experience
  • Improves website’s SEO

Let us explore the WordPress translation plugins that are AI-based.


WordPress Translation Plugins AI-Based (WPML) - ColorWhistle

WPML (WordPress Multilingual) is a translation plugin for WordPress that allows you to create and manage multilingual websites. It enables you to translate pages, posts, and more into multiple languages.  It is a user-friendly interface that is easy to navigate. It supports more than 40 languages and allows you to translate your website content manually, automatically, or a combination of both. The feature-rich translation plugin also has the ability to track translation progress, assign translation tasks to different translators, and control translation versions.


WordPress Translation Plugins AI-Based (Tranzly) - ColorWhistle

Tranzly is a WordPress translation plugin powered by AI DeepL Translation that enables the automatic creation of a multilingual website with just a few clicks. The plugin can translate your WordPress post, and pages automatically and can also localize WooCommerce products to create a multilingual online shop experience. The plugin is fully compatible with the Gutenberg editor and is also capable of delivering content in 9 different languages.

Google Language Translator

WordPress Translation Plugins AI-Based (GLT) - ColorWhistle

The plugin can be added to a website to provide automatic translation of website content into different languages. Here, visitors to the site can see a small widget or dropdown menu on the web page with which they can select the language they want the website to be translated into. The plugin then uses Google’s translation technology to automatically translate the content on the website into the chosen language.

It is more useful for websites that have a global audience, as it makes it easier for visitors who speak different languages to access and understand the content on the site.


WordPress Translation Plugins AI-Based (DeepL) - ColorWhistle

The plugin allows users to access machine translation services provided by the DeepL platform. Advanced algorithms are used to produce high-quality translations in multiple languages.  You can simply highlight the text you want to translate and select the “Translate with DeepL” option. Additionally, it uses a proprietary technology called “neural machine translation,” which allows for analyzing and understanding the context of a text, resulting in more accurate translations.


WordPress Translation Plugins AI-Based (Weglot) - ColorWhistle

This website translation plugin can easily translate your website into multiple languages without having to create manually different versions of the site. Weglot uses machine translation to translate the content of your website into the selected language. Weglot is compatible with a wide range of website platforms, including WordPress, Shopify, Magento, and more, and it supports over 100 languages. It also has features like SEO optimization for translated content, automatic language detection, and translation memory to improve translation quality over time.


WordPress Translation Plugins AI-Based (TranslatePress) - ColorWhistle

A better way of translating your WordPress website. The WordPress translation plugin is easy to get started and simple to use. Enables automatic translation for your site fully and then later allows you to refine translations manually. TranslatePress supports nearly 221 languages and allows you to add as many languages to your website. The plugin has power-packed features like image translation, a customizable language switcher, an automatic user language detector, and more. TranslatePress is suitable for any project and has been developed for both developers and users.


WordPress Translation Plugins AI-Based (Polylang) - ColorWhistle

Polylang is a WordPress translation plugin that allows you to create multilingual websites. The plugin allows you to add as many languages as you want and also allows you to set a default language for your website. Polylang not only translates posts, tags, and media but also custom post types, navigation, and widgets as well as URLs. Polylang does not rely on shortcodes and utilizes only WordPress built-in cores and is also compatible with almost all the cache plugins.

Lingotek Translation

WordPress Translation Plugins AI-Based (Lingotek) - ColorWhistle

Lingotek is a cloud-based translation management system and has been designed to simplify the translation process for website owners, making it easy to translate website content into multiple languages. Produces high-quality translations as it offers a network of professional translators, it also includes a translation memory feature that can ensure consistency across the translated content. It also seamlessly integrates with WordPress which can easily manage translations directly from the WordPress dashboard.

Loco Translate

WordPress Translation Plugins AI-Based (Loco) - ColorWhistle

Loco Translate provides an efficient solution for editing WordPress translation files directly in the browser, and it seamlessly integrates with automatic translation services. It also includes a variety of localization tools that developers can use, including the ability to extract strings and create templates. Loco Translate has a built-in translation editor within the WP admin, and it also integrates with almost all popular translation APIs.

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Is Your Website Ready To Communicate In Multiple Languages?

If you are planning to launch your business website, it is good to have a multilingual website for a wider reach. These WordPress translation plugins can help in boosting your search engine rankings. If you are a blogger or an e-commerce website then converting your website to a multilingual one will be a better option and is also suitable for travel websites. Explore and choose the best translation plugin for your business website.

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