Branding Case Studies – An Exhaustive List

Branding is the soul of a business! 

Accounts management, marketing, resources management, and financial stability, all these contribute to the evolution of any business. However, without branding, all these will just remain as concepts. So, as you embark on your vision of starting a business, ‘branding’ comes first. 

Starting from giving a business a name, followed by a logo, a message to convey, values to deliver, to setting a vision & mission, everything comes into play. Without branding, people will never know that a business like it ever existed. 

Conveying brand values will create awareness among potential customers and help to acquire brand positioning. Ultimately, these will pull sales into the pipeline! 

Many businesses are putting a lot of effort and creativity to show off their brand’s look-and-feel on their packaging, notebooks, vehicles, t-shirts, and so on. We’ve curated such branding case studies in this post, you’ll find these as useful insights in your branding journey.     

Let’s dive right in.

01. Dooly 

Name of the Brand: Dooly

“We want to create a movement, stand for something, and be different. We are flipping enterprise software on its head. We want to be bold in our approach and build a rebellion”.

– Dooly Team

Website: | Case Study: Read

02. Vecteezy

Name of the Brand: Vecteezy

“This latest evolution of our brand better reflects who we are and what we do. We’re excited for this new look and everything it represents!”

– Shawn Rubel, CEO, Eezy

Website: | Case Study: Read

03. ShipBob

Name of the Brand: ShipBob

“The positive feedback from our customers and prospective customers on the website was instantaneous. It was great for our team internally and the BB Agency to receive such glowing reviews, but it was the data on conversion rates that I focused on. We actually saw a 27% lift in conversion rates blended across all traffic sources”.

-Casey Armstrong, CMO at ShipBob

Website: | Case Study Read

04. InvoiceNxt

Name of the Brand: InvoiceNxt 

“InvoiceNxt logo features a smart dual-meaning design concept. The icon shows a monogram of I & N letters and a checkmark (✓). The Checkmark symbol visually communicates successfully fulfilled early payment requests, improved SME’s cash flow, and implementation of ESG-concepts across the supply chain”.

– Branding Team

Website: | Case Study: Read

05. Vertobase

Name of the Brand: Vertobase

“To make a brand stand out from the competition, the goal was to create signature identity that perfectly represents Vertobase brand ideals: QUICK, INTELLIGENT, MODERN”.

– Branding Team

Website: | Case Study: Read

06. Avasam

Name of the Brand: Avasam

Website: | Case Study: Read

07. Single Grain

Name of the Brand: Single Grain

Website: | Case Study: Read

08. LaunchDarkly

Name of the Brand: LaunchDarkly

“Through UI design, we brought the brand to life and worked to position LaunchDarkly as setting the bar for the future of modern development, including employing stylized visuals and expert visual hierarchy”.

– Branding Team

Website: | Case Study: Read

09. LovetheSales

Name of the Brand: LovetheSales

“The Orizon team is excellent. They put in an incredible amount of effort on our project and delivered something we’re really happy with. Would highly recommend”.

– Mark Solomon, Founder & CPO at Love the Sales

Website: | Case Study: Read

10. Salesloft

Name of the Brand: Salesloft

“Undoubtedly, we were ONE TEAM on this incredible journey and it turned out better than my wildest dream!”

– Sydney Sloan, CMO, Salesloft

Website: | Case Study: Read


Name of the Brand:

Website: | Case Study: Read

12. Patriot Software

Name of the Brand: Patriot Software

“We are growing! The new brand has been amazing, truly. A fresh perspective/look has really helped in all the ways internally and externally”.

– Michael Wheeler, President, Patriot Software

Website: | Case Study: Read

13. Kion

Name of the Brand: Kion

“Focus Lab has been such a valuable partner in this rebranding project. They helped us develop the right messaging, design, and assets to craft our new identiy. We couldn’t be happier with the Focus team and their work for us”.

– Brian Price, CEO and co-founder, Kion

Website: | Case Study: Read

14. Reify Health

Name of the Brand: Reify Health

“Focus Lab’s capacity to translate the complexities of our mission, identity, and value prop into a beautiful, clean, and meaningful identity was simply outstanding”.

– Kent Sirpi, VP of Marketing, Reify Health

Website: | Case Study: Read

15. Rows

Name of the Brand: Rows

“I’ve gotten 30 to 50 personal emails from people saying how cool the new brand is and how awesome it is that we had the guts to rebrand”.

– Humberto Ayres Pereira, Founder & CEO, Rows

Website: | Case Study: Read

16. Asapp

Name of the Brand: Asapp

“A note to say thank you as we close [on a] partnership that resulted in something as innovative as it is befitting”.

– Brad Stell, Head of Design, Asapp

Website: | Case Study: Read

17. Real Thread

Name of the Brand: Real Thread

“The focus that you guys have on just brands is really awesome and helps the process and the experience on this side”.


Website: | Case Study: Read

18. Zello

Name of the Brand: Zello

“We are delighted with the result. The brand story and the visual identity phase have been remarkably effective”.

– Bill Moore, CEO, Zello

Website: | Case Study: Read

19. 15Five

Name of the Brand: 15Five

“We couldn’t have done it without you, Focus Lab. You have been such an incredible partner over the past 12 months. Thank you to all of the amazing team who worked with us!”


Website: | Case Study: Read

20. TRU Colors

Name of the Brand: TRU Colors

“We fight against the odds every day to change perceptions — of ourselves and with others — and create unity to build a more prosperous and peaceful life for our families and our community”.


Website: | Case Study:Read

21. Keymaster Games

Name of the Brand: Keymaster Games

“The brand positioning work executed during this project was the deciding factor in a six-figure deal from Target, putting our latest game on their shelves”.


Website: | Case Study: Read

22. Aptible

Name of the Brand: Aptible

Branding Case Studies (Aptible) - ColorWhistle

“I can’t tell you how frequently it comes up from recruiting prospects, sales calls, to applicants for open positions. We stand out”.

– Skylar Anderson, VP of Design, Aptible

Website: | Case Study:Read

23. Sendlane

Name of the Brand: Sendlane

Branding Case Studies (Sendlane) - ColorWhistle

“They’re very experienced and know what they’re doing as designers. If you listen to them, they will help elevate your brand and achieve your goals”.

– CEO at Sendlane

Website: | Case Study: Read

24. Haystack

Name of the Brand: Haystack

Branding Case Studies (Haystack) - ColorWhistle

“Through collaboration, they delivered a project we are proud to call ours”.

– Product Designer, Haystack

Website: | Case Study: Read

25. IMMO Capital

Name of the Brand: IMMO Capital

Branding Case Studies (Immo) - ColorWhistle

“In collaboration with the IMMO team we created a new content strategy that was based on competitor research and user data. With these guidelines in place we were able to focus on the website architecture and customer experience”.

– IMMO Branding Team

Website: | Case Study: Read

26. Decode

Name of the Brand: Decode

Branding Case Studies (Decode) - ColorWhistle

“They built perfect design & web guidelines for our in-house team to follow, exactly what we needed to maintain a consistent brand on multiple channels”.

– Marko Strizic, Co-founder and CEO at Decode

Website: | Case Study:Read

27. Iconosquare

Name of the Brand: Iconosquare

Branding Case Studies (IconoSquare) - ColorWhistle

“The updated website is big step forward – combining attractive design with a seamless, immersive experience. Tweaks to the feature categories and the onboarding experience have all contributed to making the sign-up experience easier, more enjoyable and more likely to convert”.

– IconoSquare Branding Team

Website: | Case Study:Read

28. Polco

Name of the Brand: Polco

“We explored a brand refresh for the joint company before pivoting to a more dramatic rebrand to capitalize on the exciting momentum of their newly combined strengths”.

– Polco Branding Team

Website: | Case Study:Read


Name of the Brand:

“I love our new branding. Now that it’s out in the wild and we’ve started replacing it everywhere, it just feels like the brand we’ve always wanted to represent ourselves to the world”.

– Emery Wells, CEO,

Website: | Case Study: Read

30. Serverless

Name of the Brand: Serverless

“By designing simple, powerful content dressed in the brand’s rabble-rousing uniform, we created a cogent and inciting user experience. Front-end development added dynamic shifts that helped unfurl the story of progress”.

– Serverless Branding Team

Website: | Case Study:Read

Winding Up Our Branding Case Studies

“Transfer your business values to the branding cup and serve them to your prospects, let them have delight”…

Branding actually bridges the gap between you and your customers. So, branding cannot be taken for granted. It’s a journey. After reading through these branding case studies, you would have understood how to effectively show off your branding on your packagings, postal cards, gift boxes, anywhere & everywhere. 

Ofcourse, be it anything, marketing, client management, resources management, ‘branding’ leads the way! So, you cannot take branding just like that! Your brand needs a face for the world to see, and our smart & creative branding professionals at ColorWhistle can assist you through the way. 
You can reach us via message or call us at +1 (919) 234 5140 (or) +91 (944).278.9110. Let’s together sculpt your brand identity! 🙂 

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