Branding Trends – A Sneak Peek!

Change is essential for life, and so is for your brand! 🙂 

Does your brand’s logo, graphics, color, and look-and-feel have gone outdated? Then, it’s time to explore the current branding trends… 

Branding is a lifetime commitment. It’s not something you do once and settle down. You’ve to look for trends and upgrade your logos, taglines, and designs inline with them. 

Popular rebranding stories of Coca-Cola, Dunkin’ Donuts, Domino’s, and whatnot, all convey the importance of brands adhering to the changing trends.

In this article, we’ll walk you through some of the branding trends that tell you what changes will bring about impacts on your brand’s profile.

1. Mascots

Mascots are nothing but the fictional characters or avatars you use for representing a brand. These may serve as a brand’s ambassador too! So, choose them wisely! 🙂

As we previously mentioned in the above trend, people like interactions. They would greatly like a brand if it gives them a humanized feeling. 

For which, these mascots are a great option. While choosing a mascot for a brand, you should be cautious of whether it looks good on every platform or not.

Branding Trends – A Sneak Peek! (Mascots - Behance) - ColorWhistle
Via Behance
Branding Trends – A Sneak Peek! (Mascots - Dribble) - ColorWhistle
Via Dribble

2. Get Classy with Messy Designs

Since the pandemic hit, all of our offices were swapped to home spaces indeed. No formal dress code, we were comfortable with our dearest pajamas and T-shirts. Gone are the days of formal suits, blazers, ties, boots, and you name it. 

This casualism has not left branding as well. Breaking the symmetry and other rules in formal designs, casual designs have set a new hallmark in the branding industry. Messy artworks, clumsy fonts, and ametueur kinda designs are rolling out today posing a casual attitude…

Branding Trends – A Sneak Peek! (Messy Designs - Behance) - ColorWhistle
Via Behance
Branding Trends – A Sneak Peek! (Messy Designs - Dribble) - ColorWhistle
Via Dribble

3. Monograms are always Magical

In today’s tech-driven era, the mundane operations of working for brands have been faded out. There has come many flexible freelancing opportunities which empower individuals to work at their own convenience. This has encouraged many individuals start their own personal brands. 

You can help such modern freelancing individuals & startup brands to represent their brands in a simple yet strong way. This is made possible using stylish monograms. Say for example, you can create monogram logos with the initials of brand names. 

And you can get these fit into the social media profiles, business cards, packages, and others. 

Branding Trends – A Sneak Peek! (Avda) - ColorWhistle
Via Behance
Branding Trends – A Sneak Peek! (LS) - ColorWhistle
Via Behance
Branding Trends – A Sneak Peek! (Christian Booker) - ColorWhistle
Via Behance

4. Gift Your Users a Personal Touch

Users of today’s generation have turned their spotlight toward designs that give natural and realistic look-and-feel. You can bring this in your designs using handwritten lettering fonts and illustrations.  

And moreover, brands are sending complimentary messages that are actually hand-written, leaving a person-touch to you & your customers as well!  

There are multiple handwritten fonts, unlike the Sans & Serif fonts, these give a more personal look-and-feel. Brands that are behind creativity like photography, artistry, or child care groups can make use of these handwritten typography fonts in their websites. 

Branding Trends – A Sneak Peek! (Salmon) - ColorWhistle
Via Behance
Branding Trends – A Sneak Peek! (Surrealism) - ColorWhistle
Via Behance
Branding Trends – A Sneak Peek! (Little travel) - ColorWhistle
Via Dribble
Branding Trends – A Sneak Peek! (Travel) - ColorWhistle
Via Dribble

5. Interactions Evoke Engagement

For a business, user-experience is the prime thing. Interactive designs bridge the gap between the users and your content by empowering them to actively engage with your brand. 

Users consider interactive websites as their home, they’ve the independence to do whatever they love to do. They like to interact and get over excited when they’re reverted back for what was triggered.  

People are fond of interacting with brands using live chats, polls, surveys, liking or commenting on an article, social media sharing, clickable icons, and so on.      

Moreover, interactive designs are win-win for both you and your users. As users interact, you’ll be able to record their interactions using various tools. As users interact, you’ll get to know their interests. With these insights, you can see where, when, & how users show engagement, improvise these particular areas if needed, and offer them a more personalized experience. 

Via Dribbble

6. Eco-friendly Look 

You’ll be aware of our environmental conditions through adverse global warming, uncertain climatic conditions, and so on. The air we breathe in, the water we drink, and the food we intake, are all polluted.  

Just as a token of love toward preserving the environment, people are now consciously trying to use environment-friendly products. A small change in items they consume in daily lives like, plastic-free bottles, organic soaps, eco-friendly vehicles, cloth handbags, and such products. 

As a brand, you can give a little hope to people that you’re not against the “Going-green theme”… When you place such a commitment, you’ll be a partaker of preserving your environment and also gain more customers to your brand. Striking two mangoes with one stone! 🙂

Branding Trends – A Sneak Peek! (Beyond Meat) - ColorWhistle
Source: Beyond Meat
Branding Trends – A Sneak Peek! (Green Toys) - ColorWhistle
Source: Green Toys

7. The Nostalgic 80’s Neon 

Neon designs – the visuals with vibrant colors just popping out from the dark background. Since the 80s pop & disco culture, neon colors were enticing audiences from the backdrops of resorts like Las Vegas, shows like Miami Vice, events, parties, etc. 

These eye-grabbing neon color palettes are not out of people’s minds, they still get inspired from off these eye-grabbing neon color palettes. You can bring back the 80s vibes of the retro colors, boom boxes, and rock music in this 21st century by giving a splashy bright neon look. 

These neon designs were popular in 2023, it’s continuing to be in trends also in 2024!

Branding Trends – A Sneak Peek! (Cyber) - ColorWhistle
Via Dribble
Branding Trends – A Sneak Peek! (Bruce lee) - ColorWhistle
Via Behance
Branding Trends – A Sneak Peek! (Behance) - ColorWhistle
Via Behance
Branding Trends – A Sneak Peek! (Liquid Kandy) - ColorWhistle
Via Behance
Branding Trends – A Sneak Peek! (AVR) - ColorWhistle
Via Behance
Branding Trends – A Sneak Peek! (Nostalgic - Behance) - ColorWhistle
Via Behance

8. Bring in the Bots

Graphic designs in branding are evolving… We’ve come to an era of embracing AR/VR, tech and futuristic animations. These tech-friendly designs are used to bring in the energy and vibe of this new era. 

Just using vibrant ultraviolet colors, dynamic patterns, twisty lines, you can give your brand a future-proof design look. 

Branding Trends – A Sneak Peek! (Urearc) - ColorWhistle
Via Dribble
Branding Trends – A Sneak Peek! ( Projectx) - ColorWhistle
Via Dribble

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What’s Next? 

So yes, all these we consider as trends that are going to rule the branding industry. We can call this the “year of versatile branding”, because you can see both the 80s vibes and the futuristic tech adoptions. 

Every trend is unique in its own way, it’s good that you optimize your branding by adhering to the trends. But, if you just bring all of these elements into your branding, then it might become a big mess! 

To know which trends suit your brand, you can take up professional assistance from branding service providers. We, at ColorWhistle, can help you in this regard, offering expertise not only in versatile branding but also in social media graphic design. Feel free to give us a call +1 (210) 787 3600 (or) +91 (944).278.9110 or drop us a message. Let’s work together for your branding! 🙂 

Also, we’ve written so many blogs about branding, if you’re interested in reading branding-related blogs, you can check out our blogs page. 

“Every interaction in any form is branding” – Seth Godin

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