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Assume that you are a gym owner and that all of your clients have reached their desired weight, but no one is aware that you were the one who assisted them. So, doing your work in a wholesome way is not enough to reach people; advertising it through displaying your work is equally crucial to attracting additional customers. 

Likewise, case studies can be a great idea for website developers to demonstrate their ability to create successful projects and to gain the trust from potential clients.

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Gaining the trust and assurance of prospective clients can be one of the most difficult tasks that a designer has to face. If the clients have no prior experience with your work, they could be hesitant to give their project to an unfamiliar individual or agency. By showcasing the successes of previous projects, it gives clients confidence that this team has the necessary expertise to deliver successful results. 

These studies can also provide credibility to the website developer, as they can serve as evidence of their skills and the value they bring to businesses. To build up their confidence, it is important to make sure that you take the necessary steps to assure them that your design will be both aesthetically pleasing and beneficial to their business.

1. Spexster Web

Spexster is a startup founded by filmmakers that connect videographers with advertisers. The site is designed to provide a marketplace for videographers to sell their spec videos. It is the first platform that offers instant ads for free and is open to all users. 

This marketplace functions as a platform for advertisers to search for existing videos for their marketing campaigns. They can provide the videographer with their branding materials and request minor edits to create the final product.

Website Design, Website Development Case Study Ideas (Spexster) - ColorWhistle
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When this project started, SPINX Digital found that there were no competitors for their business. Their concept differentiated them from the crowd. So, the designing part was crucial because no one had done this before to refer. The Spinster team brought a lot of creative ideas to prioritize the essential features. Due to the unique flow and features needed for the marketplace, programming for this site is a complex one.

The website was created from the ground up on a bespoke.NET platform. The design of each element of the site encourages visitor interaction and is customized to guide visitors further into the user experience. Developing and launching Spexster required a lot of hard work, but the result is something to be proud of and has brought financial rewards.

In this case study, they have clearly explained the discovery, UX strategy, build, test and launch, and result phases of the Spexster site.

2. BetterCloud

BetterCloud is a company that offers solutions for IT departments to improve their employees’ experience, protect their data, and increase efficiency in their operations. It is a leading provider of SaaS Operations. They came to Huemor to consolidate their old website, company’s image and for their own navigation management to position them shoulder to shoulder with the competitors. 

Each product page is designed to both highlight the unique features of the product and address the challenges potential customers may be facing. The page is designed to be flexible so that it can be easily adapted to create new landing pages for future products.

IT Firm Website Design, Website Development Case Study Ideas (Better Cloud) - ColorWhistle
Screenshot taken by author

They increased demo sign-ups by more than 50% after this web development process, had a 17% bounce rate, and had an average session duration that was 49% longer.

During this web development, they worked on the homepage, mega menu navigation, product page, solution page, resource center, about us, and careers.

3. Open Banking

The OBIE develops software standards and industry guidelines to promote competition, innovation, and transparency in UK retail banking. A CMA report found that the newer banks find it difficult to access the market and grow. The open banking ecosystem has been allowing customers and small businesses to securely share their account information with third party providers since 2018. These providers use the data to customize their apps and services to fit individual financial situations.

Banking Website Design, Website Development Case Study Ideas (Open Banking) - ColorWhistle
Screenshot taken by author

93digital led the development of Open Banking, including its discovery, UX design, digital marketing, and communications. The website has been redesigned to emphasize the ecosystem and partnerships in order to support a B2B2C model. The website now encourages new B2B participants to connect and enroll in open banking and has also made Open Banking the primary destination for B2B open banking news and insights, as well as advertising important services to visitors.

93digital updated UX and the site map, WP Engine enterprise hosting, Google tag manager setup, the app store, the regulated providers directory, data API integrations, the document library, and content migration. 

As a result, Open Banking has become a leading source of B2B open banking news and insights, as well as effectively promoting its services to visitors.

4. Kitimat Bound

Kitimat Bound offers a wealth of information for tourists and locals about the adventures, work opportunities, and lifestyle in Kitimat.

Objectives of this Project

  • Enhance the visual appeal and usability of the website
  • Streamline the organization and navigation of the site
  • Build on the existing Search Engine Optimization strategies
  • Make sure the website is responsive
  • Use WordPress as the platform for managing content
  • Increase the number of visitors who become contacts, job seekers, or residents by improving the site’s conversion rate
Tourist Website Design, Website Development Case Study Ideas (Kitimat) - ColorWhistle
Source – Screenshot taken by author

5. Aspirity Tech

Aspirity Tech offers a wide range of IT services, including consulting, software development, and quality assurance. They approached ColorWhistle for a comprehensive website development project, including a logo and web design. The company wanted a website with a strong, elegant appeal. The entire website has been rebuilt from the ground up, resulting in a more user-friendly experience than before.

Objectives of the Project

Logo Designing Process – Visual appeal of the logo on print materials must be good.

Designing Process – Website to be designed with micro-interactions and animations.

WordPress Development Process – Requested that the job listing be automatically displayed on the website, specifically the one that was posted on LinkedIn.

IT Consulting Website Design, Website Development Case Study Ideas (Aspirity) - ColorWhistle
Screenshot taken by author

Development and Result

  • Unlike other website development, we at ColorWhistle, put more time and effort into their design, particularly the design phase and logo design services 
  • We used full SVG animated banners and animated CTA buttons throughout the website
  • After receiving approval for the design, it was sent to the development team. Our team developed a highly responsive website with necessary micro animations and interactions
  • For the LinkedIn job listing feature, our team implemented it using the LinkedIn API
  • The result of our work was that the website went live according to plan and had a performance level of over 90% for desktop users

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Case studies can help build trust with possible clients and convince them by showing the success of previous projects that the website development team has the skills and expertise to deliver successful results. Additionally, they can provide credibility and build trust with potential clients, as they can see the success of the team’s work with other businesses. This can help attract potential clients by providing evidence of the developer’s skills and capabilities, as well as the value they can provide to a business.

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According to a survey, 94% of respondents reported that the web design of a website plays a role in their first impression of the site.

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