31+ Voice Search Statistics To Make You More Visible

We’re in an age of ‘Bidding Farewell to Typing’…

With the evolution of voice assistants like Alexa, Google Home, etc., we’re practiced to and more obsessed with voice recognition technology. In this fast-paced tech era, we all are full-packed with different chores and so do our customers.

In whatsoever activity you’re occupied with, perhaps, official tasks, household works, birthday events, festive parties, new year eves, or others, just shout out your queries and get answers falling at your hands, in a matter of minutes!     

In such a way, voice search is satisfying its users! We no need to compile the perks of the voice search feature, looking at the current trends, you might already be aware of all these.    

  • Hey, Google! How’s the weather today? 
  • Siri, read today’s news! 
  • Alexa, show me some top picks of Nike…

Being a business person, if you haven’t optimized your webpage content for voice search, then there is no better time than now. Do you want to know why? Look at these interesting statistics that we’ve rolled out below… 

Ta-Ta, Bye-Bye, Typing!!! 

Voice Search Statistics

  • Only browsers account for more mobile searches than voice search
  • 52% of people use voice search while driving
  • 65% of consumers ages 25-49 years old talk to their voice-enabled devices daily
  • A study conducted by Uberall found that 21% of respondents were using voice search on a weekly basis
  • 27% of people use voice search on mobile
  • The average voice search result is 29 words in length
  • 36.6% of US residents use voice assistants
  • 123.5 million people used voice assistants in the year 2022. In comparison, there were 132 million voice assistant users in the year 2021
  • Voice search results tend to load faster by 52% than the average search results
  • Only 1.71% of the exact keywords appear in the title tag of the results displayed through voice search


By 2030, the AI-based and voice recognition market should reach $27.3 billion globally.

Voice Search SEO Statistics

  • After analyzing 10,000 Google Home search results, Brian Dean found that it takes an average of 4.6 seconds for a voice search result page to load
  • The average voice search result contains only 29 words
  • Nearly 10% of voice search queries begin as actual questions – who, what, when, where, why, how – as compared to only 3.7% of text-based searches
  • 40.7% of all answers from voice search are pulled from a Featured Snippet
  • Google Voice search result pages have an average of 2,312 words


Voice Search Usage Statistics

Different Age Groups using Voice Searches from Different Devices Statistics - ColorWhistle
  • 58.6% of US consumers have used voice search. While 41.4% of people have not used Voice search
  • 68% of people use digital assistants to search for quick facts
  • The most popular age group that uses voice search is 18-34. 77% of them said that they use voice search on smartphones, while 37% of them used voice search on tablets
  • Besides, 34% of them used voice search on desktop
  • 72% of people used voice assistance in the past 6 months


  • 50% of the US population uses voice search features daily
  • 71% of consumers prefer to conduct queries by voice instead of typing
  • 51% of all online shoppers in the US use voice assistants to help them research products
  • More than one-third of consumers say voice ads are less intrusive and more engaging than ads on TV, print, online, and social media
  • More than one-quarter of the global online population is using the voice search feature on their mobile devices
  • 72% of US consumers are engaging with voice search through digital assistants
  • The top activity carried out using voice assistants is checking the weather, done by 17% of consumers


Voice-driven shopping could hit $40 billion by 2022.

Number of Voice Assistants Users

The following infographic displays the number of voice assistant users in the past few years

Digital Assistants Used by Consumers

Voice-activated digital helpers like Siri, Alexa, and Google Assistant have brought a big change to how we use computers. It’s like having a smart friend who can answer your questions, do tasks for you, and help you shop online, all by just listening to your voice. 

This makes it much simpler for people to use computers and the Internet.

By the end of 2021, the smart speaker market will be more than 25.6 million people

Voice Assistant Stats

Siri Voice Search Stats

  • By 2023, as many as 8 billion devices will have voice assistant capabilities.
  • Smart speakers will outnumber tablets by the end of 2021.
  • 65% of Amazon Echo and Google Homeowners say they can’t imagine going back to not having a smart speaker.
  • Microsoft’s Cortana has a 2% US market penetration.
  • Smart speakers rely on complex artificial intelligence (AI) technologies and listen to natural language sound waves before converting them into words.


Google Voice Search Statistics

  • Google speech recognition is now available for voice assistant users in more than 100 languages.
  • Four hundred million devices now support Google Assistant.
  • When it comes to accuracy, Google Home answers 81% of smart speaker queries accurately.

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If you’re looking for effective ways to make your content eligible for the voice search feature, here are some tips. 

  • Include more specific, targeted, long-tail keywords
  • Tweak your statements into question-answer format
  • Optimize content for mobile devices – This will become an added advantage
  • Try to write content in a more conversational tone
  • Don’t forget to furbish your GMB profile as most of the voice searches are with local intent
  • Introduce your content to Schema markup
  • And many more

Go ahead and try these on your business website. Don’t forget to come back and share with us your experience in the comments below. 

And moreover, if you have any questions, do reach our ColorWhistle team either by message or call at +91 (944).278.9110 (or) +1 (919).234.5140, our answers might give you clarity! 🙂 

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